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Q & A with a Remnant Catholic Sedevacantist

John C. Pontrello

March 8, 2019

Earlier this week I had a chance to sit down with an end-times Remnant Catholic Sedevacantist and ask questions about his church.  Here is our Q & A session.



JP: According to the dogmatic teachings on indefectibility of the Church of Rome, much of what the Sedevacantists posit clearly contradicts indefectibility.


Sede: I don’t get it. How do we contradict indefectibility?


JP: Well, for starters, you guys believe the Holy See defected. 


Sede: No we don’t! You just don’t know how to make proper distinctions.  


JP: If the Holy See didn’t defect, then why are you are not in communion with it? 

Sede: We are! We "Remnant Catholic Sedevacantists" are always in communion with the Holy See because it’s eternal; it’s just that the guys in Rome are not the real members of it.


JP: Oh I see. And where are the real members?


Sede: They don’t exist yet.


JP: What do you mean they don’t exist? And what’s with the “yet” part?


Sede: I mean our guys haven’t gotten around to making them yet… but they will.     


JP: What? Who are your guys?


Sede:  I told you. We’re the "Remnant Catholic Sedevacantists." 


JP: Ok, but how do the "Remnant Catholic Sedevacantists" go about making all the important members of the Holy See? 


Sede:  It’s really simple. First we make a pope and then he makes all the rest.


JP:  Back up a second.  Are you saying that if all the members of the Holy See disappeared it would not be considered defection?


Sede: That’s right.  How can the Roman Church defect if it’s indefectible? If it wasn’t indefectible then it would be defectible, which it isn’t.


JP: Humor me. IF the Church could defect what would it look like?


Sede: It's impossible to say. But again, it could never happen.


JP: What if the pope, all the members of the Holy See, college of cardinals etc. all became public heretics and occupied the Holy Roman See for more than half a century.  And what if all the bishops throughout the world and most of the religious, priests, deacons, and laymen remained in communion with the heretical hierarchy and also became public heretics. And what if the new hierarchy invalidated most of the sacraments so that the faithful were tricked into receiving fake sacraments that had no grace.  And what if most of the priests and bishops were really just ordinary laymen.  And what if they made fake saints and told you to pray to them.  And what if the hierarchy ruling in Rome went on to change the Church’s perennial doctrines, disciplines, and liturgy so that they could no longer be considered Catholic. And what if the only people who still professed the true faith had no Holy See, apostolic succession, visibility, unity, authority, jurisdiction, or mission?  If all of the above happened, would that be a defection? 


Sede:  Not at all.  Your problem is you don't understand the Roman Catholic Church or its theologians. The church is indefectible. Even if all of the above happened that doesn’t mean the "Remnant Catholic Sedevacantist Church" defects.  Don’t you see?  The true indefectible church is everywhere there are "Remnant Catholic Sedevacantists." 


JP:  So how will you go about making a pope?


Sede: Theologians we approve of said that the "Remnant Catholic Sedevacantist Church" can hold an imperfect council and elect a pope. This is what we’ve been working on for some time.


JP: Some time? Hasn’t it been more than half a century? 


Sede: Yeah well it took a little while to figure some things out.


JP: But wasn’t this tried about 2 dozen or more times already with embarrassing results?


Sede: All of those people were crazy.


JP: Well you know people say the same thing about you.


Sede: Only the antichrist’s minions but we expect it because God put the Remnant Catholic Sedevacantists here to do battle with them and save the Church in these end times. That’s why I’m here by the way. Not sure if I mentioned my role or not.


JP: But none of your Sede bishops received their consecrations with the consent of a pope, so according to the Catholic Church they are illicit and in some cases, possibly even invalid too.  Moreover, your guys all admit they have no authority or jurisdiction so how can they elect a bishop of Rome?


Sede: The Church supplies jurisdiction in these extraordinary times.


JP: Which Church is that?


Sede: The Roman Church.


JP: You mean the one that lost all its living members? 


Sede: Not all of them.  There are a few guys here and there I think.


JP: laymen right? 


Sede: yeah so.

JP: But the governing hierarchy of the Roman Church is entirely occupied by heretics, apostates, satanists, modernists, non-Catholics, antichrists, and schismatics.  Isn't that defection? 

Sede:  They're not the governing hierarchy of the true Church! That's the whole point you don't get!  And don't ask me again where they are because I already told you we haven't made them yet!

JP:  So where exactly is the Church of Rome and what church is it that the heretics are presently ruling?  

Sede:  You're purposely trying to be difficult.  I'm starting to really regret throwing chunks of sausage to a dog.  The Church of Rome is still there morally, just not visibly entirely.  I mean some parts are still visible but others are not.  It just needs restoration but that is not the same thing as a defection.  As for the church in Rome that the heretics are presently ruling?  That's the false counter church that was predicted to come in the last days and eclipse the true Church- US!    


JP: Fascinating.  I also find it fascinating that the Roman Church actually supplies jurisdiction to laymen in say Florida for example to become the clergy of the Diocese of Rome and yet they can remain in Florida.


Sede: Extraordinary times call for contradictory measures. Besides it's all for our greater glory.


JP: Did you just say “contradictory” measures? 


Sede:  Freudian slip, I meant contradictory “means.”    


JP: There are so many questions I can ask that I am not sure which way to go next. 


Sede: That’s because you're a Greek heretic schismatic apostate naval worshiper.


JP: I think you meant to say “navel” not naval. You see a navy is part of a nation’s armed…


Sede:  I KNOW WHAT A NAVY IS!  What is important is that you obviously lost the grace to see straight. This is really simple for people of faith to understand. There are some laymen in Rome so it didn’t technically defect and besides, Rome isn’t always necessary anyways. It’s really all about the pope.   


JP: Don’t you think it is strange that you place so much emphasis on the importance of the pope and yet you haven’t had one for 61 years now? 


Sede:  Do you know what you are? You’re an apostate schismatic whore of babylon, that’s what you are. But I will still pray for you. 


JP:  Ok, let’s refrain from name calling so I can understand this better.  Back to the election of a pope.  How will your pope have the primacy if the primacy is attached to Rome and only Rome?


Sede: You misunderstand this.  Rome only has the primacy because popes give it up to Rome.


JP: So where does the primacy go after a pope dies? 


Sede: It goes to the next pope.


JP: What if there is no pope for a half century or so, where is the primacy then?


Sede: In that case nobody knows for sure where the primacy is and we usually won’t find out until the next pope arrives. Unlike you Greek apostates we have faith in Fatima.  


JP: But I thought only bishops of Rome could be popes.  Isn’t that what the dogma says? 


Sede: You have to read it and make the proper nuisances, inflections, genuflections, etc. 


JP: Help me. How does the next pope become bishop of Rome? 


Sede: He goes to Rome. Popes can do that you know. Take Peter for example. He’s the rock with the keys.  He made Rome what it is today.     


JP: But Rome’s not even Catholic anymore. Are you saying Peter is responsible?


Sede: I meant the Church of Rome up until 1958 when the last true successor of Peter reigned. 


JP:  So what happened to Peter after 1958? 


Sede: Did you not read the prophecies on this?  They are clear. Catholic saints have prophesied about Rome defecting for centuries.


JP: But these prophecies contradict Catholic dogma.  The teachings of the Church are clear that the Church of Rome can never defect.  


Sede: Well obviously the prophecies don’t contradict dogma because it all happened and the Church is still infallible and indefectible.  I’m living proof.


JP:  But the Vatican Council said Peter never abandons the Church of Rome and you are saying that he did. I’m just trying to understand this apparent contradiction.  


Sede: You’re starting to get on my nerves. Let’s move on.     


JP: All right, back to the pope.  The teachings of the Church say a man has to be elected to Rome by Roman clergy.  You don't have Roman Clergy. 


Sede: You’re confusing the Diocese of Rome with the Roman Diocese.  The former isn’t technically the Roman Church, the latter is.  Anyways, you’re getting all confused with insignificant details. The bottom line is the guy elected becomes bishop of the Roman Church but not the Diocese of Rome technically unless the members of that particular diocese are the ones who elect him in which case he also becomes bishop of the Diocese too.


JP: I have no idea what you just said.  Could you explain it more clearly?


Sede:  The pope is the man who becomes the papacy.


JP: Wow, this is more complicated than I thought and I’m beginning to think it is because I am talking to a "Remnant Catholic Sedevacantist" and not a Roman Catholic. 


Sede: You got it wrong heretic.  The true Church is the "Remnant Catholic Sedevacantist Church." That’s what I represent and saving pathetic losers like you is what I’m all about.    


JP: Thanks for that information but let’s try to stay focused on the Church. So the office of Peter isn’t bound to the Diocese of Rome, Italy like the Vatican Council specifically said?


Sede: The spirit blows where it will.


JP: But I’m still confused because the Church says that the primacy is with the Roman Church. I can’t help but notice that what you are saying seems contradictory. 


Sede: This doesn’t surprise me that you’re focusing on all the wrong details. The office of Peter is always with the pope and where the pope is there is the office of Peter. As for the primacy? That’s just a term for the pope.  The office is what is important.    


JP: So your guys, the "Remnant Catholic Sedevacantists," will elect a pope and suddenly he will have the office? 


Sede: Yup. 


JP: How does that work?


Sede: I told you, wherever Remnant Catholic Sedevacantists are, there is the Roman Church.


JP: So Peter’s office is anywhere?


Sede: Not anywhere that would be silly. Just with the "Remnant Catholic Sedevacantists" not heretics.


JP: By heretics you mean one billion people that belong to the Roman Church under Pope Francis right?


Sede: Them and others- including you. Anyone not in communication with the "Remnant Catholic Sedevacantists" is being punished by God with spiritual blindness.   


JP: Um, I think you meant to say “communion” right?   


Sede: Communion is what we eat not what we do. Again, you don’t understand the properly communicable distinctions because you’re a schismatic.     


JP:  Just relax.  Ok, so you elect a pope, he suddenly has the office, and then what?


Sede: Then the true pope will restore the Holy See back at Rome. You know, make cardinals, offices, congregations, tribunals, etc. Then he will abolish Vatican II and all the fake saints. He will also give the Roman See the primacy. Oh yeah I almost forgot, the true pope will also restore the indefectibility to the Church.  This will totally vindicate us and make you all look like the faithless reprobates that you are.  When you're burning in hell don't say I didn't warn you.  


JP: Wait a second.  How can something be indefectible if indefectibility has to be restored? Isn’t that a contradiction? 


Sede: You have to make the proper distinctions.  The whole "Remnant Catholic Sedevacantist Church" is indefectible but the see of Rome is only indefectible after a pope gives Rome the primacy and by Rome I don’t necessarily mean the diocese – I mean the chair technically speaking.


JP:  Yes, but if the Roman see is supposed to be indefectible, then it can’t defect right?


Sede: that’s just the thing; Indefectibility is in a sense conditional when properly understood. In theology it’s called conditional indefection and it was first introduced to the Catholic Church by world renowned theologian Guerard de Lauriers in his Cassiciacum Thesis just after Vatican II.  It’s complicated stuff that I don’t expect schismatics to get.     


JP: Wasn't de Lauriers excommunicated from the Church?  


Sede:  Not the real Church, the imposter sect. 


JP: Back to indefectibility, it’s still contradictory to call something indefectible if it can defect.


Sede: This is over your head.  Let’s move on.


JP: Ok.  My next question is why should your true pope bother to restore Rome at all?  Why not make the Holy See in Kansas or Nova Scotia or wherever your guys elect him?  By the way, I did offer to hold your election at my house.  That would be pretty awesome if my house had the primacy... just sayin.  


Sede: I’m glad this is a joke to you!  Do you not know how grave this situation is?  Souls are having steak and they should be praying the rosary. One thing I can promise you is that a schismatic like you would never have the primacy. 


JP: I do understand how grave this is and that’s why I want to get back to the Q & A.  Just answer my last two questions.


Sede: Only bishops of Rome – not the diocese - can be vicars of Christ! This is so clear only an apostate Greek like you could miss it.   


JP:  You said your guys could make a pope without Rome so now I’m confused again. 


Sede: You misunderstand the "Remnant Catholic Sedevacantist" teaching as usual. I’m not going to explain it again. Moving on...


JP:  I guess my next question is why is it taking you guys so long (61 years) to elect your pope and fix the church? 


Sede:  Because there is no agreement among the "Remnant Catholic Sedevacantists." I’m sorry to have to admit that but unfortunately we’re splintered into dozens of fighting factions, you know like the Protestants. In fact almost all sedevacantists are heretics.


JP: Yes, I confirmed this for myself.  Many Remnant Sede websites have long lists of "Remnant Catholic Sedevacantist" heretics posted there. 


Sede: Yep and you’re on some of them.  Keep it up and you’ll be on all of them.  We never miss an opportunity to expose ourselves.  That’s what Remnant Sedevacantists are all about- full exposure.   


JP:  But I still think it is odd that there is such disunity with you guys. Doesn’t the "Remnant Catholic Sedevacantist Church" have unity as one of its four marks? 


Sede: Of course! We only disagree on minor things. 


JP: You mean like how to elect a pope and save billions of souls?


Sede: Shut up. 


JP: I’m just asking because billions and billions of souls are going to hell while you guys seem to concentrate on Pope Francis.


Sede: You know, one time I won an award in something and by God I’ll use it if I have to!


JP: Ok calm down I’m just trying to understand you.  It just seems to me that electing a pope would be a top priority for your guys and 61 years is a very long time you have to admit.


Sede: First of all, quit calling Francis pope.  He's NOT pope, he's "pope."  Don't you know what quotations are for?  Secondly, HOW THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO ELECT A POPE IF THE REMNANT CATHOLIC SEDEVACANTISTS DISAGREE ON HOW TO ELECT A POPE?!


JP:  No disagreement from me but I’m curious, why are there so many different varieties of the "Remnant Catholic Sedevacantist Church" and why is there so little agreement on the important issues like how to elect a pope?


Sede:  I’m sorry I have to explain the obvious to you but it’s not surprising.  THE REASON WE CANNOT AGREE ON HOW TO ELECT A POPE IS BECAUSE THERE’S NO POPE DUH!  As I said, everything I am saying goes right over your head.  


JP: Well I think that’s all for now.  Thanks for answering all of my questions I do appreciate it.  One last question though.  Any recommendations on what people need to do to save their souls? 


Sede:  Go to my website and buy my book. It’s all in there.


JP: Your book must be very important.  So would you say your book contains information vital for our salvation? 


Sede: Oh you bet it does. And the thing is - time is short. I can't emphasize this enough.  We are near the end for sure.  People NEED to get this information in their hands. 


JP:  I noticed you charge $57.99 for that book plus $12.50 S & H.  Wow that's steep.  I'm just wondering why you charge money for a book that has vital soul saving information in it.  


Sede: Why shouldn’t I charge money? It cost me time and money to make it.  Besides everyone who orders a copy gets to be on my mailing list.  Sometimes I even run specials on bulk orders.  


JP: Did you write your book to save souls? 


Sede:  Of course! That’s what God asked me to do.   


JP:  I’m pretty sure if God asks someone to do something in an emergency crisis situation like this, where the whole world is on the brink of eternal damnation, He wouldn’t like it too much if that person sold the information.  Isn’t selling vital salvation information kind of like a priest charging a fee to receive the sacraments? 


Sede:  That’s ridiculous. You wrote a book and you charge money for it.


JP:  But I didn’t write my book to save souls, you did. I’m also not the one running around telling everyone they need my information if they want to go to heaven.  Again, that would be you. 


Sede: Well everyone else charges money for their end-times books. 


JP: Very true but no one else is you on judgment day.  I can’t help but wonder how God feels about people turning a profit on the end-times. Given the dire situation you say we are in, how do you feel about giving copies of your book away and making it available on your website for free?  Just think of all the souls you could reach if no one had to pay for it!    


***At this point the Remnant Catholic Sedevacantist called me a bad name, said I'm going to hell, told me I'd remain in his prayers, and abruptly terminated the interview.  



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