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Why Vatican II's Clash

with Sedevacantism

Supports Eastern Orthodoxy



Ever since the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) Catholics have remained divided. Was Vatican II the work of the Holy Spirit or the devil? Over the past fifty years traditional Catholics have taken the latter position, citing mountains of contradictions pertaining to the Church’s perennial doctrines, worship and disciplines. One

traditional Catholic sect called Sedevacantists claims Vatican II was invalid and all post-Vatican II popes

illegitimate for publicly espousing heresies.   Citing the Church’s teachings and laws that declare heretics and non-Catholics are not members of the Church, the Sedevacantists have become formidable opponents in the Vatican II controversy.  But are they correct?  Is the Holy See vacant as the Sedevacantists claim?  The real answers to these questions may surprise you. 


In his new book THE SEDEVACANTIST DELUSION John C. Pontrello addresses the Vatican II problem at a time when the divisions among traditionalists and modernists is reaching a climax.   In response to a crisis that pits Catholics against Catholics the author dismantles the Sedevacantist arguments and proves that this movement is just another splinter sect from the Holy See in Rome.   But that is where the book makes a surprising twist. 


As more and more Catholics discover that their Church has been caught contradicting itself in matters that should have qualified under its umbrellas of Infallibility and Indefectibility The Sedevacantist Delusion introduces an explanation that requires readers to reconsider the historical origins of its claims. The problem, as the author views it, is that Catholics are compelled to defend fundamental beliefs about the Church that are false. Consequently, Catholics on both sides of the Vatican II controversy are wrong even when they are right. The author writes, “…the Sedevacantists will then understand that Vatican II was the work of neither Satan nor the Holy Ghost but rather, like the great schism between the East and West, the First Vatican Council and numerous other landmark moments throughout the ages…just politics.” Enjoy The Sedevacantist Delusion as it takes its readers through a systematic deconstruction of Sedevacantism and simultaneously one of the greatest myths in the history of Christianity- Infallibility.

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This book is a "WOW" !!!

              By little effe on October 12, 2015

Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?  Good night!  After reading

this very well written and researched piece, you’ll wonder the same

thing about the Church and its history of propaganda.

By Amazon Customer on December 18, 2015

Masterpiece of clarity . . .

By John J. Jingleheimerschmidt on February 21, 2016

The Author does an excellent job absolutely destroying the  Sedevacantist       camp with thorough and concise research.

By Phil A. on May 29, 2016

Brilliant work!  ...this book was extremely well written, supported its positions convincingly, and was remarkably thought provoking so I am giving it five stars.

By Amazon Customer on December 31, 2015


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