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December 20, 2023 ~ I added some additional comments and thoughts to the Ladislaus post.  

December 8, 2023 ~ Stay tuned for some additional thoughts on my friend Ladislaus.  I was going to let this go but he's made some statements I want to address. 

November 17, 2023~  An inquisition is on at  Some folks including the moderator are accusing me of creating accounts and posting.   For the record: none were or are me.  I visit from time to time because it has a lot of good content.  But I have never posted or commented there.  I am not a member.

November 12, 2023 ~I'm going to post two books I consider must reads for all Orthodox Christians.

1. F.A.Q.s About the G.O.C. by Demetrios Alibertis, published by Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies, Etna CA  This book was just published and may not appear on the website yet. You can order via phone. $11.99.

2. The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad & The Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece: A History by Subdeacon Nektarios Harrison, M.A.  This excellent book can be purchased on Amazon.  I believe I paid $15. 

November 12, 2023 (evening) ~Speaking of, someone started another interesting thread titled: "What Does Sedeprivationism Actually Solve?"  Listen to this answer by another member of the blog, DecemRationis: 


"It doesn't. It attempts to solve the Crisis problem, but as with most man-made solutions regrading problems in the Church (e.g., Protestantism, and the long lines of heretics and heresies) which are not from God, it fails.  It posits genuine hierarchs who it then divests of the power of true hierarchs. So it provides a variation of the R & R "cardboard" pope (thank you, Father Cekada). Its distinction from R & R is that it provides a "cardboard" pope with no authority whatsoever - except keeping the seat warm. So they can't be accused of their dreaded "sifting," which they accuse the R & R of doing: they reject everything the cardboard pope says and does, except his making of other "cardboards," e.g. bishops."

I couldn't have said it better.  Sedeprivationism (partial pope theory) is a bunch of nonsense.

November 12, 2023~ I want to throw a shout out to some members of the trad blog for promoting my book recently.  A special thank you to member Ladislaus who went above & beyond my expectations by sending more converts our way.  Idiot.

November 5, 2023 ~ This is one of the best documentaries I've seen in years.   It's over 12 hours but it is a must watch.   The title is "Europa: the Last Battle."  I found it on Bitchute located here:

If anyone wants to buy the DVD you can do that here:

October 23, 2023 ~ Here are two more videos on Alex Jones.  Is AJ Bill Hicks?  You decide:

Part 1:

Part 2:


October 21, 2023 ~ Is Alex Jones Bill Hicks?

And here's another video:


September 24, 2023 ~ Metropolitan Demetrius of the GOC

September 24, 2023 ~ Metropolitan Demetrius of the GOC











April 11, 2023 ~ Metropolitan Demetrius of the GOC.  

April 11, 2023 ~ TradCats can be cruel.  I'm not stating something new here.  I was in the movement and got to experience it. Of course I dished it out too.  I thought of this tonight because I just read something about Michael Voris of Church Militant.  As per the usual, some trads were ripping on him for this or that.  This guy takes non-stop beatings from the trad community.  One thing that he gets beat up for is his admitted homosexuality in his past.   Some years ago when the news came out, the trads were particularly brutal towards him and this bothered me.  I couldn't stand listening to these so-called Christians crucifying this guy for the sins of his past which he had publicly renounced, and I felt bad for him.  So I sent him an email and thanked him for his courageous admission and repentance of his former lifestyle.   Think about the stupidity of Christians refusing to forgive a guy for his past sins.  In what world is that OK?  Crazy.  Well, that's how it goes in TradLand.  Anyhow, it takes a lot of courage to do what he did.  Often times we Christians really forget that we are all sinners.   It's a good idea to think on our own lives and realize how badly we have all fallen short.   I myself, have much to account for.  Pray for me, a sinner.   

April 6, 2023 ~ Some time ago I said that John Salza and Robert Siscoe would become Orthodox within 5 years.  I retract that statement.  Papists have been defending their schism for 1,000 years and the broad array of material including forgeries to support Rome is endless.  I have found that Roman Catholics, especially apologists and authors, are married to the concept of Rome as the foundation of Christ's Church on earth.  While I hope these two gents convert and use their talents for Orthodoxy, I doubt it will happen.   

March 19, 2023 ~

A blogger named DecemRationis started a thread on titled "Indefectibility requires a hierarchy with the power of jurisdiction."


Excellent post.  I’ve been watching it to see where it goes.  Last look it was buried.  The OP (no it’s not me) made a case that a legitimate hierarchy with jurisdiction must always exist in the RCC.  He went on to state that this is a problem which sedes and certain other trads cannot explain away.  One blogger “Ladislau” gave an explanation that appears to have closed the thread:


“Yes, a hierarchy is of essence to the constitution of the Church.  But so is a body of essence to a human being.  But those souls who have been in heaven with their bodies still remain essentially human even if temporarily deprived of their bodies.  Saying that a hierarchy of is essence to the Church is not to prove that at any given moment of time there couldn't be a lack of an ACTUAL hierarchy."

Brilliant.  A hierarchy is of essence to the constitution of the Church but…it doesn't always have to be a real one.  Sometimes it could be an imaginary hierarchy duh.  This is the kind of stupidity that dominates traditional Catholicism.  DecemRationis should press this issue because it’s important.  He shouldn’t let this dude have the last word.     

February 1, 2023 ~ A few years ago I wrote a piece on 911 and included in the piece how the NFL is scripted.  I pulled the piece and others (at least temporarily) for good personal reasons but my opinion remains the same.  In fact, here is the latest piece of information (former player Arian Foster) confirming how the NFL games are scripted:  Arian Foster adds gas to NFL's biggest conspiracy theory: 'The league is scripted' (

January 18, 2023 ~ I would say this is a must watch video.  I watched it at 1.5 x speed.

MARIA ZEEE and Dr ANNA MIHALCEA - Nanotech in vaccines plus the Quantum realm & DETOXING (

January 3, 2023 ~ Wow.  So last night's Bills game turned out to be something.  Guy drops dead on the field and they supposedly restart his heart.  Almost immediately the "fact checkers" were out to explain exactly what occurred.  Something real strange about the way it all went down.  Was it staged?  Is the boy dead?  Lots of questions.   Regardless, they will do what they can to control the narrative.   And I also had to add this video by Jake the Asshole.  Ever wonder how these NFL players have been making these seemingly impossible one-handed grabs?   Watch this...

January 2, 2023 ~ First post of the new year.  Well, I made it so that's good.  I just wanted to mention this guy who goes by "Jake the Asshole" on YouTube and Bit Chute.  I've been watching his videos on the NFL for most of this season and he does great work exposing the National Fakeball League.  I am sorry to say that the games are scripted.  It really stinks for us Bills fans because this looks like a year we make it far into the playoffs and possibly even to the Super Bowl.  So I still watch the games even though they are scripted. I still manage to enjoy them because I love the game.  Great athletes still make great plays, scripted or not, and I don't know the outcomes of games so it is not much different from watching a TV show or movie you have never seen before.   Bills VS Bengals tonight should be entertaining.  I actually get the most fun out of looking for all of the fake scripted plays and seeing if Jake finds the same ones.   Happy 2023!  

December 18, 2022 evening evening ~ Must watch:  Gene-Altering Vaccines- What Will Happen Next? | Todd Callender & Maryam Henein (

December 18, 2022 Evening ~ Remember the X Files predicted 911 just months before the event?  Here's another one from 2016: 


December 18, 2022 ~   Just some more thoughts on my 12/9 post.  I stated that there is an active agenda to wipe out a huge portion of the population and that the vaxxes are integral to that plan.  And that by 2030, many people in our own circles will be dead.  I also said that the unvaxxed are not safe because the plan is multifaceted.  If they don't succeed one way they'll get us another way.   


And what is so hard to believe about this?  Is it really so hard to believe that evil, Godless men desire to control the world?  And that once the technologies exist to pull it off, that these men would employ them?  I guess it doesn't matter if people believe it because it will happen regardless.  How do I know?  Am I some kind of prophet?  No.  I know because, as I said, the people running the show told us, repeatedly, in numerous ways over many decades and we have every reason to believe them.  Heck, they built a giant modern day Stonehenge in Georgia that remained on display for the world from 1980 till this year.  The first inscription on the Guidestones was to maintain the population under 500 million.  Hello?  What, did you think somebody built this for fun?   A practical joker?  He had nothing better to do with his wealth than build a 20' tall 238,000 Lb granite monument?    

I realize people want to hear positive news.  They like people to blow smoke and fill them with Hopium.  They want to hear that we can win this and that the people are going to rise up and take back our countries one by one.  We'll show them who's boss in the next election.  While I am all for resistance and doing what we can to delay or prolong the present evils, I am also a realist.  We aren't going to stop this machine at this point and if anyone has any doubts just rewind the past three years and recall how all the tough guys with guns and neck tattoos wore masks and lined up for the tests and shots.   If the governors had mandated the people to hand over their firearms in order to stop the spread and love their neighbors, they would have done it.  Sure, there would be pockets of resistance but by and large it would have happened.  Convid showed us the real state of affairs and that goes for most churches too.   You see, this thing is not going to be reversed and we are not going to rise up and stop it.  That time is long gone friends.   This is why I ended that piece on a Christian note and why I will do it again now.  If you want good news and you need to hear a message of hope, open your Bibles.  It's all there for Christians.  Earth is not our permanent residence.  We're just pilgrims.   St. Paul writes:  "for here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city to come.”  The Jews won't comprehend St. Paul, but we Christians should.   


December 17, 2022 ~ Here's this clown explaining how to reduce world population:  Nothing to see here, just Bill Gates explaining how we need to lower the population of earth to save the planet | Not the Bee


Good stuff.  He's urging us to improve our health so that we can reduce world population.  Huh?  How does that make sense?  It only makes sense when you realize he's lying.  In this clip, he doesn't say how we are to do this, although he does in other videos.  He wants us to keep taking his vaccines and other drugs- from birth to death.  That's what he means by "improving health."   This man is a wicked tool of the devil who is pushing vaccines to thin the herd.   Always keep in mind that the clowns most concerned with reducing world population are the same clowns recommending vaccines. 

November 30, 2022 ~ I tried my best to use this platform to warn people about the scamdemic agenda and above all not to voluntarily inject that poison into your arms.  I cared man.  I have an audience here and so I felt morally obligated to say it loud and clear.  I told you all what this was really about from the beginning.  I hope a lot of you listened and believed me.  Now, death is coming.  Every day the news is growing of young people and old, many in top health and in the primes of their lives, dead before their bodies hit the floor.  I do not mean to say that those of us who didn't get the poison are safe.  I believe we are all at risk because this wicked agenda is multifaceted.  We may escape some rounds but by 2030 it is likely many of us will be gone, vaxxed or unvaxxed.  If you haven't seen these documentaries yet, do so before they are scrubbed from the web:

Died Suddenly 2022 (Documentary World Premiere) (

 1000 Athletes Have Suddenly Died or Suffered Heart Disease from March 2021 to June 2022 (


November 28, 2022 ~ I just posted a short piece on god's Catholic dogma provider Mike Bizzaro, a sedevacantist vacancy pusher who thinks the papacy has been vacant since 1914.  

November 24, 2022 ~ Holidays are really difficult for very many people.  Christmas time records the highest suicide rates of the year.  There are all these expectations.  But for people with broken or messed up family situations Holidays are like a knife in the heart.  For many people, Holidays exploit the emptiness they have inside themselves.

Novemember 17, 2022 ~ Well, Twitter is over.  I terminated my account the other night.  I'll still refer to Twitter for information, but I'm not the right kind of person to interact with strangers on the platform.  I even inadvertently insulted a guy who read my book and still reads this website.   Twitter is designed to work like a drug by stimulating the portions of the brain by receiving likes and follows.  Conversely, if you don't receive positive feedback it is designed to make you feel bad and crave the positive reinforcement.  It's undoubtedly why everyone is hypnotized by their phones.   I purposely only followed one person because I didn't want my feed bombarded with crap.   Still happened.  Anyways, I had some interesting twitter exchanges with sedevacantists.  Wow, even I had forgotten how brainwashed a lot of these guys are.  It is really something to behold.  If they only knew how stupid they look.   They cannot see the contradictions of their own positions.  The sedes who have no bishop are hilarious and they're the most toxic.   These clowns are missing not one but all four marks of the Church and lots of other things.  I can prove it all day long and yet they persist in their delusion.   At least one of them blocked me when I pressed him for the name of his bishop.  They don't like that question.  But I shouldn't say they are a lost cause because I continue to hear from sedes who read my book and convert.  There's a slow and steady stream still to this day, thank God.   It takes time.  There's a period of denial that these guys have to work through once confronted with their contradictions.   Also, I have been impressed with Father Desposito of Most Holy Trinity Seminary.  This man has been destroying "tolalism" with his version of the Cassiciacum Thesis.  What I like most about his thinking is that he acknowledges many of the points I have been making for the past ten years.   The Thesis is growing because of Sanborn's illicit operation but I'm going to show why it's bunk just the same in the future.  Even still Desposito is doing good work in refuting a large faction of the Sede movement.  I see a new sede war emerging.   

November 10, 2022 ~ The research I'm currently doing for my next writing project has convinced me more than ever, that Roman Catholic theologians are the Church's criminal defense attorneys, employed to whitewash certain clearly stated magisterial teachings of councils & papal encyclicals.  

October 26, 2022 ~ I joined Twitter a few days ago.  I did it for an important reason but I'm already regretting it.  The platform is ridiculously interactive and time consuming, especially if you like to win arguments.  It didn't take long to get blocked lol.  I'll probably have more to say about twitter in the future. 

September 28, 2022 ~ I'm not sure what to make of this." / Twitter

September 28, 2022 ~ A couple of years ago a sedevacantist personality cult did a hit piece on Jay Dyer.  They needed to put something out in order to slow sede defections to Orthodoxy.  They cherry picked items that might make him look bad (such as images).  The idea is that an image of Jay with an upside down cross would deter people from reading his material.  Nothing is more convincing to shallow minds than images.  That's why Jay should wear a black hoodie and call himself "Brother."   His street cred would up instantly.

September 23, 2022 ~ Here is something I learned early on in my journey towards Orthodox Christianity:  don't come to Orthodoxy unless and until you are ready to be taught and led by the Church.  Don't come with your own contemporary ideas and opinions and expect to change the Church.  Don't expect the Church to bend and become what you want her to be.  No.  Only come to orthodoxy when you are docile and humble and ready to be humbled and led.  The Church changes you, not the other way around. If you think you can become Orthodox and cling to the modern world forget it.  There are many other religions that you should look at.  Orthodoxy is not the one.  Come if and when you are ready and willing to change.   And be prepared because it's not an easy path.   

September 10, 2022 ~ I recently called out Alex Jones again.  And check out his intelligence family tree:  The CIA Background And Assets In Alex Jones Family? Look... ( 

Here is a good breakdown which I agree with:  Alex Jones Helps Destroy Free Speech During Fake Sandy Hook Trial (

August 24, 2022 ~ John Salza and Robert Siscoe are supposed to be close to publishing their next book, which now turns against and exposes their former position (SSPX) or recognize & resist traditionalism.  PREDICTION:  Within 5 years of the publication of their upcoming book, these two authors will again publish a book denouncing Roman Catholicism and championing Orthodox Christianity.  Why do I say this? Because their new position, which they tout as a middle / balanced position between the "excesses" on the left and right, is unsustainable.  Just remember I called this.  

August 18, 2022 ~ I just stumbled upon richard ibranyi’s website for the first time in a while.  He’s the guy who takes the alleged papal interregnum back to the 12th Century. I knew he pronounced himself and his buddy as the two witnesses of the apocalypse, but I was not aware that he has a few pieces pronouncing himself "the sole RC authority on earth."  Here are some links:  


On RJMI’s Position & Authority

See RJMI article RJMI’s Position and Authority.

See RJMI letter On RJMI and Mary’s Little Remnant.

See RJMI letter RJMI’s Authority to Rule Catholics.


You see folks?  This is why I have been saying and writing for years to stay the hell away from sedevacantists- all of them. They’re all delusional and the worst of them are megalomaniacs that grow crazier with the passing years.  I’ve told you that this movement is a dangerous movement.  Something really bad happens to all those who remain in it.  If you have any doubts about what you have seen or experienced once you entered that dark world, trust your instincts and get out before you can’t.  That’s my advice to anyone enticed by the sedevacantist delusion.

August 7, 2022 ~ In case anyone missed this, Alex Jones confessed in court during his defamation trial that Sandie Hoke was "100% real."   Game over.  I've been on to AJ for years.  Now he's in damage control mode.  Too late Jones.   Here's Miles Mathis' take on AJ:   jones4.pdf (


August 6, 2022 ~ I picked this off from Makow's latest article in the reader comment section: 


"Here in Hamilton I hear 3 to 5 ambulances a day,.  It's been going on for over a year.  Nothing is reported in the news.  They are dying from the shots.  I can't tell you how horrible it is; I feel like I'm living in a horror movie.  Everything seems normal, but ambulances are blaring all the time and nobody talks about it.  I feel like Moses and I close the curtains and say Dear Lord let death  and the evil one's pestilence pass over me. It is the mark of the beast. God is obviously separating his people from the black death mask initiates.   I say the Lords Prayer often.  It is the only thing that keeps me going.They don't need to drag us out of our beds and round us up like animals and send us to death camps or shoot us in the Katyn forest, they are committing genocide on the quietl"


August 3, 2022 ~ Steve Speray just published his part II against the home alone position on his website:   Steve's arguments are a nice effort but they still fail.  But so do the home aloners.  They're both so convinced that the RCC can't be a false church, that they're forced into self-defeating positions in order to try and save it.   If you're a sede who supports illicit chapels and clergy, you've just destroyed the papal system.  Can they not see that?  Yeah I know, they claim their clergy and chapels are not ïllicit."   Whatever.  But... "the church would have defected otherwise."  Yes that's exactly right.  But guess what, their position also amounts to defection.  If you have to create a parallel hierarchy to Rome because Rome defected (heresy) then the whole system has disproven itself.  Think about this.  If sedes can create their own chapels and clergy then the papacy was never needed in the first place.  Nor would a papacy ever be needed in the future.  Why?  Because sedes in and of themselves provide all that is necessary for salvation.  They demonstrate this every single day which is just one reason it supports Orthodox Christian ecclesiology.   It's also why so many sedes and tradcats are converting to the Orthodox church.  Sedevacantism leads to Orthodoxy.  

August 1, 2022 ~ I just learned that David Bawden (antipope Michael) is dying from a cerebral brain hemorrhage.  I just want to say that I have corresponded with this man in the past (briefly) and he always came across as a gentleman.  If he dies I believe a lot of people who have interacted with him would say something along those lines.  He was surely a delusional individual, but also one of the nicer ones.  Kyrie Eleison.   

July 27, 2022 ~ Regarding the Home Alone sedevacantist position:  I’ve been saying for years that it is the closest position to the truth that one can hold once you go sede.  Some people don’t understand where I am coming from with that.  I’ll try to explain: 


The reality is "home alone" sedes are people who have passed sedevacantism 101 and other undergrad sede courses.  Most of them were deeply invested in the sede movement and came to discover that something was wrong with creating their own hierarchy and churches.  This demonstrates strong character on their part.  In general, they are more honest than the others and this honesty is what advances them.  Some will ask, how can staying home alone and avoiding all sede bishops, priests, sacraments, and chapels be called an advancement?  It’s an advancement because it should be the last stage of sedevacantism before graduation.   After graduation many sedes will find the path to Orthodoxy Christianity.       

July 27, 2022 ~ I have a few short comments to make on Home Alone sedeism, which I'll post within the next few days.  I also had another round with the Home Alone sede who insists he's not a sede.  I tried to send a reply to his last email but he blocked me.  I know he reads my site so here is the email i just tried to send:  


"You don't see. That's one of your problems.  You can make all the public declarations of faith (papism) that you like but at the end of the day that church you believe in defected.  And not just in one area but numerous areas simultaneously.  It's really not defensible, especially with home alone.   Theresa Benns did not err in naming her website "Betrayed Catholics."  She's spot on. You were betrayed by Roman Catholicism.  Here, this one's for you...Indefectible Toaster | author-blog ("

Orthodox Christians, I ask you to pray for this man.  If you read this site, take 20 seconds of your life and say a short prayer for him.  He seems like a good guy caught up in the delusion.    


July 25, 2022 ~  ​Summer is a time that I do not typically write much.  But today I wanted to mention that I was contacted by an angry sedevacantist who insisted he was not a sedevacantist (I’m serious).  He hates sedevacantists.  He's a Stojieist, named after the late William Strojie who also didn’t know he was a sedevacantist.  So we had a series of short exchanges that ended like most of them.  After telling this guy that his position equals defection of the Church, and that he is in denial about it, he became really pissed and wrote a final email to me.  Here's a few lines:

“I know you don't believe it any longer, but there is only one True Church.  Christ established the Catholic Church under Peter.  And no, he is not a "first among equals"; he holds the supremacy.


Cum Ex Apostalatus is everything that we see today coming from what appears to be the top. The true Pope at the time, Pope Paul IV, had the perspicacity from the Holy Ghost to predict what could -- and eventually, would occur.


There is no doubt in my mind about the oneness of Christ's Church, and that there is no salvation outside of it, either.  No doubt whatsoever.  My loyalties haven't changed.


But, this has just devolved into another religious argument, just as people have all the time with the Novus Ordo, Protestants, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc. etc., so we can conclude it here.”



As you can see, this no-nonsense guy is firm on the truth.  And what is the truth?  Well first, that the pope holds "the supremacy" (not to be confused with the primacy).  The truth is also that there is no hierarchy, no priesthood, no sacraments, no actual church, etc.  Very smart guy as you can see.  I’m still not sure why he emailed me in the first place.  To convert me? 


But all may not be lost for the fool.  I just learned that Bob Dimond of the MHFM prophecy corporation made a new video predicting that the imaginary papal vacancy will last 70 years. How does he come up with this?  He says it’s prophesied in the Old Testament.  And how will the vacancy be restored?  Jesus will return to earth and take his throne back in the Vatican.  BTW, if Jesus doesn’t return in 2028, Dimond bought himself an extra 7 years because he isn’t sure if 70 years begins in 1958 at the death of Pope Pius XII or 1965 at the close of Vatican II, although he thinks 1958 is more likely.  So, the papacy will be restored by Jesus in either 2028 or 2035 according to a true prophet for our times.   Hopefully the Home Aloners (who insist they are not sedevacantists) will be able to hold out that long.  The rest of the sede world is fine with or without a restoration of the papacy since they've proven it's not necessary.    

June 6, 2022 ~ Here's a local Walmart baby formula aisle.  


June 6, 2022 ~ Regarding one of the victim fathers going after James Fetzhur for his book exposing the false flag at Sandee Huk, one has to ask the question: if Fetzhur is lying, why should anyone in volved in the event care?  Just ignore the quack right?  But these guys don't ignore the "quacks" and "conspiracy theorists." They take them very seriously.   They work fast and tirelessly to suppress alternative narratives which is always a giveaway.  If you have the truth you have nothing to hide and are not afraid of people like Jim.  But the liar suppresses truth and destroys evidence quickly.  Crime scenes are quickly washed clean and new buildings are erected.  I just read how millions of dollars have been raised for the Buffalo shooting victims' families.  Big bucks are involved in these events and not just from fund raisers and private donations.  I wonder how long it will be before the supermarket is torn down and a brand new state of the art shopping center is erected in its place? 


June 5, 2022 ~


Brief follow-up to my last post:   Gov. Kathy Hochul announced that 10 new gun control bills were introduced to the state legislature.  When I tell people that an event was faked they often respond with "but why would our government do something like that?"  My answer is that we only need to pay attention to the new legislation that follows or how the politicians and media use the events to sell their agendas.  The other point objectors raise is with regard to the victims and funerals.  As I am not on the inside of these ops, I cannot say exactly how they pull off the victims, survivors, funerals etc.  but I have some ideas.   We must understand that victims are the most important part of these operations.  They need the public to become emotionally involved in these events, which is why children are often used.  Nothing tugs at the hearts of the public more than the killing of children- unless we're talking abortion or genital mutilation.  Also, I have a PDF of Jim Fetzur's book "nobodydied@sandyhuk".  I intentionally misspelled the names because one of the fake parents of the hoax is perusing the internet daily in search and destroy mode.  He is currently involved in a legal battle with the author and consequently the book has been pulled.  If I could post it here I would.  


On another note, in my June 2 post, I talked about trad cats who have attempted to set up "true Catholic communities" (compounds).  This never works because the individuals who attempt to lead these groups are almost always delusional megalomaniacs.  And so they always end up being abusive cults.  Off the top of my head I think of Schukardt's cult which was one of the first but there were many others.  N. Martin Gwynne (whom I think is still wanted in the US for child abuse related charges) also attempted this same feat with his buddy John Daly.  Ask people who were there how these situations turned out.  There are many others, some of which are still in existence today.  As I said, if you are inspired to join one of these groups you were warned of how it would end right here.   You must understand that these personality cults keep coming because there is a market for them ever since the Roman see defected.  Opportunities became plentiful once the Roman Catholic Church was crushed by her enemies at around the mid-point of the 20th century.  If you are a traditional Catholic you must understand that there is no such thing as a "true" Catholic remnant outside of the Roman see.  Zip zero nada.  If you are not in communion with the Roman See then it is way past time that you woke up to the real reasons why that is.   

June 3, 2022 ~ I live about fifteen minutes from the shooting at the Tops grocery market in Buffalo, NY.  I called this event as a hoax before I looked at the evidence because I believe ALL of these mass shootings are faked.  I must have watched the shooter's helmet cam video a dozen times before they pulled it from all platforms.  They pulled it because it's devastating to their narrative.  I can tell you without hesitation that this is another fake.  Some readers may recall the Buffalo Police incident on the steps of Buffalo City Hall at the peak of the BLM protests.  In that staged event an older protester was pushed backwards by marching policemen and he allegedly hit the back of his head on the concrete.  Immediately, a gallon of fake blood poured out of his ear!  That's how stupid they think we are.  Interestingly, there was more blood from the man's ear than from the 13 victims, including some at close range, with an AR15 at the grocery store.  Actually, there was no identifiable blood or bodily damage in the entire film which was the first thing that leaped out at me.  At one point in the film the shooter blasts a round into the face of a victim lying in front of him and the victim jerks but there is nothing to indicate she was actually shot.  It appears that they filmed with an air gun first and intended to add effects after but for whatever reason we never see the effects with the exception of the five rounds the shooter fires into the exterior store window.  But I will also say that they have these events down to a science, especially concerning the victims and the PR.  I am convinced many of these events use CGI, just like the digital planes inserted on 911.  I can't answer all of the questions concerning the victims although I did some background checking on some.  It appears to be an interesting cast of characters allegedly killed.  For example, one person shows to have been employed by the world's largest defense contractor Lockheed Martin.  Another alleged "victim" invented a car that runs on water and another one had ties to the state government.  But the implications of these events are enormous and tell the tragic situation we are in today.  The tragedy is not that crazed people are running around shooting innocent civilians in public venues.  The real tragedy is that we are all victims of a relentless terror campaign orchestrated by our governments which involves actors in government, media and law enforcement.   As a result, Klaus Schwab's Communist reset advances.  

June 2, 2022 ~ I’m pretty sure the individual depicted below wrote the latest negative review of my book on Amazon.  If it’s not him it’s one of his smitten disciples.  I recognize his cult’s language and style.  I also read that he is actively trying to recruit sedevacantists to relocate to Italy where he is allegedly forming a compound.  I called it a long time ago.  This dude has all the traits.  Look, if you’re tempted to join a traditional Catholic group in these times it’s really in your best interest to consult with some of the people who have already done it, got burned, and are still around to tell their stories. They could save you a lot of hurt.  But if you are stupid enough to become a disciple of this self-aggrandizing narcissistic lunatic just do me a favor and write to me about your experiences after you escape.  Escape? Yeah, you don’t just shake hands and walk out of a cult.  Those who do escape this guy’s compound will likely have had their genitals sheared off on a previous attempt.  Also, if anyone knows who his bishop is or what sede chapel he attends, write to me.  I’d like to have a look at his hierarchy.  If I can get some more information on this clown’s operation, I might be persuaded to do another piece on him. 

Filotto Knight.jpg

May 9, 2022 ~ I just read something on communion in the Hand in the RCC.  I had to make a quick comment.  There are very many people who have attempted to justify this post Vatican ii Change in the mode of reception of holy communion.  I've read all kinds of things throughout the years and I just want to say that the change was made in order to subvert belief in the real presence.  The reformers intended to reduce what was holy and sacred whenever and wherever they could. This was a torpedo into the side of the ship.  Catholics by and large went along with it, most happily.  Destroy. That's what it was intended to do.  Communion, taught to be the Body and Blood of Christ, was a major problem for the ecumenists.  It had to be dealt with.  The faith of the people would be altered step by step.   

May 6, 2022 ~  Metropolitan Demetrius 

April 21, 2022 ~ Around this time of year, I like to write something about Orthodox Holy Week and Pascha and how it must be experienced to begin to comprehend.  I offer this again today.  Today is Holy Thursday.  If you are an Orthodox inquirer, an Orthodox denier, or just a skeptic in general, I invite you to go to a service and experience the living Church for yourself.  But I would also like to say that transferring to an “Old Calendarist” jurisdiction last Pentecost Sunday was, to this point in time, one of the best spiritual decisions I ever made.  The Church I presently belong to is unlike anything I have experienced before.  There is something transformative, good, and Holy taking place here, among the people, and it is undeniable.  What the future holds I could never say but for now, today, I have much gratitude that I am able to be a part of this. Thanks to my good Sedevacantist friend (Peter) who first brought this Church to my attention many years ago.  I hope to see you there someday, Pete. 

March 23, 2022 ~ I just read this from a tradcat blogger who was trying to figure out why the pope is attempting to re-do the Fatima consecration of Russia for a 9th time: 


"Interestingly, by the time Our Lady came to request the consecration of Russian in 1929, there was no Russia as a country.  USSR was established in 1922.  So that was probably a hint that the consecration wouldn't actually take place until "Russia" was a country again."

Ah yes “Our Lady” was “hinting.”   The real consecration wouldn’t happen until the next century under Jorge Bergolio.   Nobody could figure this out until now?  Come on.   

March 15, 2022 ~  Pope Francis will consecrate Russia & Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on March 25th.  Traditional Catholics are super excited.  This is the one!  This one will stick you'll see.    All the Fatima naysayers and ex-Catholics will be sorry come March 25th.  Just you watch.

I also wonder what this is really all about.  

March 13, 2022 ~ Two reports which prove graphene oxide is in the injections:


Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene & Parasites in CoV-19 Vaccines (


March 12, 2022 ~ Regarding the Betrayal of Orthodoxy (1969, 2000):

March 12, 2022 ~  Been a long time since I've posted anything.   Not much to say lately.  Convid went away all at once and was replaced by a fake war.   Many of the businesses including sporting venues are suddenly reversing their injection policy lol.   Probably due to all the deaths and injuries we're seeing among the jabbed.   The numbers are off the charts but most people are in denial.   All those priests and bishops advocating for the jab, are they proud of what they supported now?  Pride and arrogance are a predominant trait among just anyone you know these days.   The media and government dropped their loyal supporters and now many of the prideful are doubling down.  Waiting for a new variant to blame when they get news of another dead relative.   I think the world needs this cleansing.  We are collectively so far from God that we are getting our just deserts.  The Great Reset is still on- marching full speed ahead and we aren't going to stop it at this point.  No turning this thing around; it must run its course.   Orthodox Christians who were smart enough to run from their convid temples and find Orthodox clergy need to just pray that God gives them the fortitude and courage to endure what looks to be coming down the pike.  Sorry my outlook is gloomy but I've always been a realist.  Putin certainly looks like the good guy in the present conflict but I won't fall for it.  I don't care how "Orthodox" he appears, I don't buy his act and never did.  I'm not in communion with the Moscow Patriarchate either.  My parish is former ROCOR.  My parish formed when ROCOR capitulated to Moscow in 2007.  I have many friends in ROCOR but I don't see a lasting city there.  I hope they won't forget that Karill and Putin were both pro death jab and pro scamdemic.  I told one friend who belongs to ROCOR not to get too comfortable.   We're living in very difficult times.  

January 31, 2022 ~ Metropolitan Demetrius ...














January 30, 2022 ~ 

Doctor Detects ​MAC Addresses in  COVID Vaccinated Individuals ​With Bluetooth Applications



Dr Luis Miguel De Benito, a digestive physician with a PhD in molecular biology, has recorded an excerpt of an experiment he conducted which has found what would appear to be mysterious MAC addresses detected in vaccinated individuals with Bluetooth applications.

Although it may sound very futuristic, we have heard from Klaus Schwab, founder, and chairman of The World Economic Forum (WEF), that humans beings will soon receive a chip in their body in order to merge with the digital world, this was recorded in an interview with Swiss channel RTS on the 10th January 2016.

In the same interview, he was asked when there would be implantable chips, Schwab replied, “certainly in the next ten years, first, we will wear them in our clothes, and then we could imagine that we will implant them in our brains or on our skin (source).

Klaus Schwab

Schwab, designer, and promoter of The Great Reset  he is also the guy we have  repeatedly heard saying that “COVID -19 is “a rare but narrow window of opportunity to rethink, reinvent, reset our world.”

This “Window of opportunity” was created through the construction of the plandemic, which has essentially been a Trojan horse used to usher in Schwab’s plans.


January 29, 2022 ~ I hear and read reports of vax tragedies daily.  They are too frequent for mainstream names and personalities to miss.  Every day.  Listen to text I just received from a close friend:  

"a lady in her 40s (vaxxed) who lives close to my old employer.  Dead from heart attack while shoveling snow.  Husband found her in a snowbank."  

The masses still do not get it.  They remain in a trance state.   And yet, as I have written numerous times, us unvaxxed are not out of the woods.  My wife just informed me of a 30 something acquaintance (unvaxxed) who was just hospitalized with blood clots and bi-lateral pneumonia.  Sorry but blood clots are not from any coronavirus folks.  We are being poisoned.  The vaxxed took poison directly into their bodies while the remainder of us are being sickened by other related means.  As I said before, EMF, is most likely the real weapon we are facing.  Those of us who have a certain degree of graphene accumulated in our cells are at high risk. 

I see that many truthers are downplaying and outright ridiculing the graphene-hydrogel-EMF connection.  They are calling this conspiracy theory from tin-foil hatters.  This is a strong indication of controlled opposition at work.  The false opposition need us to believe in a virus.  But the truth is there is no virus.  This is not good news.  At least a virus narrative offers some hope of natural immunity.  But if we are being constantly attacked by silent tech weaponry, we have limited means to defend ourselves.  And good luck trying to convince others of the real danger.  EMFs go through your homes, automobiles and yes, even your N95s.  We are increasingly vulnerable to this enemy.   They got us. 

January 29, 2022 ~ Another sedevacantist squabble is brewing.  This one is about the una cum issue.  Mr. Stephen Heiner, founder of "True Restoration" wrote an article condemning the CMRI and Bp Pivarunas for allowing una cum Mass attendance if no other option is available.  Heiner is correct.  If you espouse Sedevacantism, una cum should never be an option since the position of sedevacantism means that Francis is not the true pope.  This is a huge matter.  Sedevacantists have already done their homework to arrive at this position and so it is never a matter of confusion.  Sedevacantism is a black and white issue.  Either he is pope or he is not pope.  If he is the pope then it is correct to recognize him as such in prayer.  If he is not the pope then to do so is a falsification and compromise of one’s faith.  This should be a no–brainer but the issue becomes complicated by the many ecumenists who dominate the trad movement.  These softie ecumenist sedes feel non una cum is just too difficult.  They say, “oh you only have an SSPX chapel close to you? OK then go ahead and snatch some grace and just ignore the little matter about the pope.”  This is all wrong.  I have a couple of home alone sede friends who haven’t been to a trad Mass since the 1980s.  Now I think their position is also wrong for other reasons but at least they are consistent and steadfast.  The spineless ecumenists only cause more confusion and weaken the movement.  The implications of una cum masses by sedes is that they really do recognize that the real RCC is still in Rome.  And they are correct.    

January 20, 2022 ~ In this 60 min. video Dr. Andrew Kaufmann refutes the claim that the virus has been isolated...

January 17, 2022 ~  The poisoning of the world continues and I am now aware of more information that has come to light.  There is no question graphene is in the shots but there are also micro-components.  This is the real reason they need us all vaxxed. They are inserting micro-technologies into our bodies.   Henry Makow published my comments and link to a must see bitchute video:

Reader--  "Please watch to end.  Incredible images and explanations.  In sum, graphene micro-bubbles (via injections) self assemble, absorb into cells, and when the right frequency is emitted, they will burst, spilling its contents and causing  symptoms (including death) which will be blamed on a non-existent virus / variant.  Also, certain areas (i.e., cities, schools, nursing homes, neighborhoods, etc.) can be hit with waves which will give an appearance of a viral outbreak in that particular location.  But it is not a virus.  The  vaxxed and probably even many unvaxxed have graphene microbubbles in their bodies.  These are ticking time bombs. "

NOTE: 5G will be live on Wednesday.  If this guy is right, we could see serious casualties starting Wed.


January 8, 2022 ~ TradCats just can’t get over the fact that the one and only RCC defected.  It’s over but they cling to a narrative in a similar way as those who have fallen for the scamdemic.  Both groups are in a form of delusional psychosis.  They believe something despite evidence to the contrary.  This is a sickness. 


January 4, 2022 ~  If anybody has a account would you thank the member named "Miser Peccator" for his exhaustive thread "Is Covid Graphene instead of a Virus?"  While he didn't introduce me to the subject his work has helped to put this on the "to be dealt with now file" in my brain.  This guy or gal needs to be commended for the entire thread filled with fantastic information.  Cathinfo is a place dominated by obnoxious know-it-alls but people like Miser make the blog a good resource for information as we all navigate world events.  Of course Miser has had a share of criticism.  Check this out: just today someone took issue with the thread.  Miser responded like a true pro.  I had to copy this short exchange here for everyone to see:


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Re: Is Covid Graphene Instead of A Virus?

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People really need to stop with all of this nonsense about graphene, black goo, 5G mind-control and the like. 

Do you ever stop and pay attention to the people who promote these really extravagant claims. Mike Adams aka The Health Ranger, Alex jones, "Dr" Carrie Madej, Stew Peters (who literally came out of nowhere all of a sudden with a large following), and more - they are all shabbos goys who will defend Jєωry to their last. Almost without exception.

The jabs are evil due to their abortion tainted nature and the toxic ingredients that cause adverse reactions and deaths. We don't need to make the globalist conspiracy any more fantastic than that. It is quite simple really. But the rest of it is tinfoil disinformation just to distract us from the wider issues at play. 

Given that the Q-Anon phenomenon is so recent I don't know how people - least of all Trad Catholics who should be more discerning - are falling for this stunt again, especially given that those promoting this rubbish clearly have Jєωιѕн handlers!



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Re: Is Covid Graphene Instead of A Virus?

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Quote from: DigitalLogos on Yesterday at 08:59:06 PM

Of course. I'm not saying I'm leaving my judgment with real zombies, but rather, I will be watching to see an increase "outbreaks" when 5G goes live.

5G is a means for facilitating the expansion of the surveillance and control grid of the NWO with more state of the art technologies such as facial recognition, efficient biometric ID smart-phone apps, etc. It is not for mind control or activating nano-particles in your body!


Miser Peccator

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Re: Is Covid Graphene Instead of A Virus?

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Quote from: FiannFdla on Today at 09:43:43 AM

"5G is a means for facilitating the expansion of the surveillance and control grid of the NWO with more state of the art technologies such as facial recognition, efficient biometric ID smart-phone apps, etc. It is not for mind control or activating nano-particles in your body!"

I agree with you that we shouldn't listen to Stew Peters or Carrie Madej etc.

I don't listen to them.  I research the evidence they provide.

I compiled many pages in this thread of the actual medical journals for people to see for themselves.  Have you read them?

I provided the actual government docuмents from Canada, Japan, UK, Germany, Chile etc. at the Blockchain Slavery thread.  Did you read those?

I provided some of the actual patents at that thread as well.  Have you read them?

Are you familiar with the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
Have you read the docuмents on the Great Reset at the WEF including their plan for the Internet of Bodies?
Have you listened to Klaus Schwab describe his plans for the Internet of Bodies?
Have you seen the Internet of Bodies programs being implemented in schools by Goldman Sachs?
Do you understand social impact investment bonds?
Have you read all of the hundreds of medical journals on Bio Nano technology? 
Have you read the Pfizer and Moderna patents?
Are you familiar with digital pills?  Why did the FDA approve those?
Have you watched NIH director, Michael Collins, explain his plan?

If they don't plan to access our thoughts then why did the government of Chile pass an "Inception Law"??

Here is a docuмent from Rand Corporation describing how 5G is central to the plan for the Internet of Bodies.

The reason for the big push for 5G is not so we get faster music downloads.

The reason is they need it to power the Internet of Bodies!

JP Miser smoked him and in a way that showed patience and charity.  I'm not sure I could have handled it that way.  Bravo Miser.  I hope he or she keeps the helpful information coming.  There are many people who appreciate the efforts. 

ATTENTION: La Quinta Columna found a micro-router in the Pfizer.  Watch HERE

January 2, 2022 ~  First post of 2022.  ​​It is already shaping up to be another year of the advancing Communist takeover of the world... for the few of us who recognize it.  For some reason my web host does not allow uploads of Bit-chute videos so I  can only provide links.  THIS short 1 minute video is a must see.  I also took a few minutes out to transcribe it.  Pay very close attention to what this piece of garbage says: 

“In the biological destruction there are the organized tempests on the magnetic fields, what will follow is the contamination of the bloodstreams of mankind, creating intentional infections.  This will be enforced via laws that will make vaccination mandatory.  And these vaccines will make possible to control people.  The vaccines will have liquid crystals that will become hosted in the brain cells, which will become micro receivers of electromagnetic fields where waves of very very low frequencies will be sent.  And through these low frequency waves people will be unable to think, you’ll be turned into a zombie. Don’t think of this as an hypothesis… this has been done.  Think of Rwanda.”

Let's break this down.  First, frequency weapons were already perfected as far back as 1994 and one of it's uses was to "sicken" human cells.  This technology can explain how and why some people were collapsing and dying due to plummeting oxygen levels and blood clotting BEFORE the vaccines came out at the end of 2020.  In all probability they were simply hitting select target areas in order to jump start the fake pandemic.  Next, they called it a pandemic and used their powers of mass mind control through the media to whip the world into a frenzy.  The goal was to set the stage for injections called vaccines that were developed long in advance.  The fake pandemic fear campaign manipulated the people to beg for the protection of injections against a fictional virus called Covid-19.  As Mr. Gilbert said above, the plan is to inject matter into our cells that will take mass mind control to a whole new level by the interaction of what becomes embedded in our cells and the frequency weapons that now stand erect every half mile or so throughout much of the world.  Ha, and you thought these towers were all about sending cute texts and selfies to your friends.  Lastly, if you haven't looked into the Rwandan genocide, it is probably a good idea.  Gilbert was more or less boasting of the success of these energy weapons in causing the horrific blood and rape bath that ensued.  This Wikipedia article contains this interesting paragraph:


Genocidal killings began the following day. Soldiers, police, and militia quickly executed key Tutsi and moderate Hutu military and political leaders who could have assumed control in the ensuing power vacuum. Checkpoints and barricades were erected to screen all holders of the national ID card of Rwanda, which contained ethnic classifications. This enabled government forces to systematically identify and kill Tutsi.

And so we see how VAXX ID cards are already being used to identify those targeted for extermination.  The injected are already and will continue to be manipulated into sheer hatred for the unvaxxed.  Being brainwashed into believing they are selfish sickness spreaders they will assist the Communist governments in weeding them out of society.  Folks we are all in grave danger. 

December 30, 2021 ~ Update to last post.  THIS 20 minutes video is great.  This is the Science Showing How Masks, Covid Jabs, & 5G Microwave Radiation are Connected.  Watch and share.


December 30, 2021 ~ One question that I have asked is how can the cause of covid sickness be radiation and graphene when we can determine a spreading or transmission effect.  We all know a friend or family member who got sick and then others close to him or her became sick shortly thereafter.  Doesn't this prove a virus or other germ transmission?  The Spanish M.D. Dr. Sevillano answers this question HERE.  In this video he says


"this material (graphene) is radio-modulable.  There is a clustering phenomenon at the moment when an antenna radiates to the people and to the whole group that carries the material in its body. ... you have to take into account that this material radiates.  It multiplies by a thousand the signals it receives from then antenna...A person exposed to this type of wave is multiplying the signals coming from the antenna and is getting sick simultaneously.   And be careful because he could be irradiating and "infecting"  people around him. ...That person is damaging the people around him without passing any microbes to them." 

December 29, 2021 ~  I published an article the other day "We are Being Poisoned."  I haven't been this into a topic since sedevacantism.   Here is an excellent explanation. The video is 20 minutes and is worth your time.  Watch and share:

December 17, 2021 ~ “Remember that in 1984 the daily, constant, never ending contradictions are not the result of “incompetent leaders,” but intentional psychological warfare intent on breaking your will and spirit.” ~ Jay Dyer

December 11, 2021 ~  This video must be shared:  Christine Massey Explosive Truth - Covid-19 SARS 2 is a Global Lie (  In summary:  this biostatistician has submitted requests for proof of SARS COV 2 isolation to 137 institutions in 25 countries under the freedom of information act and has received ZERO proof. There is no convid 19.  Therefore there is no test for it, no variants, no vaccine, and no booster shot for it.  We're being played by very clever evildoers.  The virus is a red herring which has been played up in movies, books, media, politicians, etc. or decades.  Conclusion:  They're making us sick by other means.  

December 10, 2021 ~ The reports continue to pour in of untimely deaths around the world from the deadly injection.  The latest round includes young healthy athletes dropping.  We are witnessing one of the greatest crimes against humanity the world has ever seen.  Whoever took these shots, unless they received a placebo, destroyed their immune systems.  More than likely they now have VAIDS – vaccine auto-immuno deficiency syndrome.    

Lonely but not alone....png

December 4, 2021 ~  Hey Griff Ruby how's that papal conclave coming along?  You wrote multiple books on sedevacantism and had so much to say in your last effort that it stretched into two volumes "sede Vacante" and STILL no resurrected RCC and no pope.  Come on Griff, where's that big resurrection you've been writing about for decades?

Griff's another idealistic dreamer of the movement that still believes in Santa Clause.  He's been leaving cookies and milk out every Christmas eve for years and still doesn't get it.  He thinks the RCC would be fixed if all the rogue sedevacantist bishops got together and held an imperfect council to elect a pope.  Well let's get on with it already Griff.  It's time to prove to the whole world that remnant sedevacantists are the real Roman Catholic Church of the ages.  Yet instead of getting closer to that goal they are only drifting further away, especially now with the schism between Bps Sanborn and Dolan.  From 2018: "The Upcoming Sede Conclave."

December 1, 2021 ~  Encore presentation

November 25, 2021 ~  I have a few thoughts on my mind today.  First, as opposed to 2020, people are really getting sick, and this includes both injected and those who are not injected.  I am aware of many clergy suffering with sickness, some of whom are not marked.  Two trad cat priests just died in the hospital.  Unfortunately, they went to the hospital, which are quickly becoming known as institutions for assisted suicide.   Their go-to protocol of Remdesivir / ventilator are in fact killing people.  If you get sick with convid illness, get meds from America’s Frontline Doctors.  I told you about this before.  I also told you all not to wait until mass sickness arrives but many have done just that.  Now good doctors are backed up. 

As for the illness itself I remain perplexed as to the real cause.  You will tell me it is a respiratory virus and I will tell you that no such virus has ever been proven to exist.  Multiple attempts to obtain this mystery virus has thus far proven for not.  Is there a real virus?  If so why have so many professional failed to produce it?  Something is up.  People are getting sick and this includes both marked and non-marked people as mentioned above.  Is this some sort of spreading / shedding / transmission effect from the majority of people with whom we interact with daily who have been marked?  Is this a frequency assault?  We just do not know at this point.  In all likelihood we will not figure this out before massive amounts of people are dead.   

I recently paid a visit to  I am not a member of this tradcat blog but I discovered some excellent topics to be found there.  One person who uses the handle “miser pecator” has an entire thread on graphene oxide which I think is worth reading in its entirety.  Congratulations to this person who has taken his valuable time to dig into this story and post a lot of great information. It turns out that the Stew Peters show just interviewed a former Pfizer employee whistleblower who released emails specifying that Pfizer knew of a graphene component and instructed this info to be buried.   Another interesting article I just read is that there are actually three variations of any particular vial you are given: 1,2, or 3.  You want #1 because this is allegedly the placebo.  I do not know if this is true but it makes much sense to me.  It just may be the case that a great many people who have not suffered adverse events had received a placebo and they should count their blessings.   But with mandatory boosters here, these folks are not off the hook.  Another reason is that if you are the culprit behind these chemicals you certainly don’t want to kill everyone who takes it, at least not all at once.  It would be extremely beneficial for a large number of people to receive the placebo because these people will be the best advocates for vaccination of the masses.  We have to remember that these people are cunning and highly intelligent.  Make no mistake this plan was conceived decades ago and they know exactly what they are doing at this exact time.  They also know well what our collective responses will be.  If anyone thinks they can outsmart these folks fo-get-a-bout-it.   They know how stupid and gullible the peoples of the world are at this point.  That’s why they promote death shots with free beer and lottery tickets.  They know there are enough idiots who will take the poison in exchange.  Sad. 

More information has arisen regarding the Bishop Sanborn VS Bishop Dolan squabble.  Apparently, Sanborn is somewhat indifferent to the mark and the bigger picture looming in the background.  So some of this has to do with opposing views on the scamdemic etc.  Indeed the scamdemic is responsible for massive divisions in all aspects of society and clergy are no exception.   

Last but not least I have had a few recent short email correspondences with Robert Siscoe.  I have to say I cannot argue against his condemnation of the SSPX for lack of jurisdiction.  Many smart people already concluded this a long long time ago.  If you are going to defend Roman Catholicism, you will eventually have to arrive back in Rome one way or the other.  There is no exception to this friends.  You are a delusional fool if you think you can oppose the Roman See and call yourself Catholic.  There is only way out and you know where it is.    

November 15, 2021 ~ Another major split has begun among sedevacantists.  Bp Dan Dolan of OH and Bp Don Sanborn of FL have been confreres since the early 1970s.  Sanborn holds the sedeprivationist position and Dolan does not - this is the cause of the public dispute.  I'll just say that the real cause of this dispute is not Dolan causing trouble.  The real cause is the flawed theories designed to cover up Rome's defection.  Nothing works.  Sooner or later they must turn on each other.  Bp Sanborn explains his side:












November 9, 2021 ~ Must watch 11 minutes.

November 11, 2021 ~  Cancers, unexpected sicknesses, and deaths continue to occur in my circles.  One person I know has been documenting his sudden cancer as well as the rapid decline of his father.  Both are injected / marked.  To this point he has not made a connection.  But I don't consider myself out of the woods.  I was very ill only a few months ago and that is a good reminder to me that we are dealing with evils we do not fully understand.   

cambodia death graph.png

October 17, 2021 ~ I now personally know of more people DEAD from receiving "the mark" than from whatever Covid19 is.  Most recently a 68 year old fully marked mechanic DEAD from sudden stroke.  Cancers are also popping up in my circles.  In the past two months I know two younger women diagnosed with breast cancer, another with lung cancer (never smoked), a neighbor with lung cancer, and a friend with a brain tumor.  All were fully marked.  Does the mark inhibit the body's natural defenses against cancers and other diseases?  Dr. Ryan Cole reported 20 x increase in cancer in his patients after being marked.  If you received the mark or plan to receive it I hope you have a will and a life insurance policy.   I got a bad feeling about this.  

October 16, 2021 ~ From Cuba, most vaccinated country in the world (aside from Gibraltar) with 207 doses per 100 people.  jp: I've seen similar charts for other countries.  The correlation between sickness and death and the introduction of the "mark" is indisputable.  That's why they're making up new variants to blame.  We are witnessing great evil.  

cuba vax deaths.png

October 12, 2021 ~  I haven't had much time to post lately.  Warmer weather months here in Western NY are usually busy.  Here's an article that resonated with me:  Coping With Shattered Illusions

October 1, 2021 ~ Tradcats waiting for a Catholic bishop of Rome don’t have to wait for what will never come.  Instead just bypass the Roman Communion canonically.   Introducing... His Holiness Papa Rutherford:

His Holiness descends “from the See of Utrecht, which was granted autonomy in 1145 by Pope Eugene III and confirmed in 1520 by Pope Saint Leo X in the Bull Debitum Pastoralis, this right becoming known as the Leonine Privilege. As the sole successor of Pope Saint Leo X and temporal successor of St. Peter the Apostle, the Patriarchate is fully Catholic and holds the same canonical authority as the Roman Communion (Vatican). The Patriarchate is the ecclesiastical successor to temporal Rome, the temporal patrimony of the Roman Empire claimed historically by right of the papacy. The succession passed to the Patriarchate after Benedict XVI by right of Rome and Florence, with the Papa-Prince (Anglican Patriarch and Coadjutor of Rome) with papal authority as temporal successor of St. Peter, and the Bishop of Rome as spiritual successor of St. Peter and de facto sovereign of the Vatican City-State."


PS: Under Papa Rutherford you also get to keep the Latin Mass and the Baltimore Catechism. More info found HERE

Papa Rutherford.jpg

September 12, 2021 ~ My friend Paul Trinca made this music/video:



September 11, 2021 ~ 

I read a recent thread about how “Old Calendarists” are akin to Sedevacantists.  It was a shot against Old Calendarists.  Here are a few thoughts on the statement:

First, both Old Calendarists and Sedevacantists refuse to call themselves members of the same body as those who have intentionally altered and undermined their faith.  In this sense, equating Old Calendarists with Sedevacantists is a compliment. 

Sedevacantism is the right idea but the wrong system.  It fails because it proves defection of the RCC in multiple areas and as such is self-refuting.  This is where Orthodox ecclesiology blows the RC system away.  Orthodox ecclesiology is built upon Jesus Christ. Recall the words of the Apostle Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians “For other foundation no man can lay, but that which is laid; which is Christ Jesus."  Roman Catholicism laid another foundation in the papal system.  This faux foundation was exposed again most recently with Vatican II.  Now, borrowing directly from Orthodox ecclesiology the sedevacantists try to salvage their system by looking back to Rome’s original foundation in Christ as the real glue that holds it all together.  But it absolutely doesn't work here.  They have no recourse to antiquity now, especially because their faux foundation is dogmatic.   


Orthodox Ecclesiology is not anything like RC.  In Orthodoxy, the Church is whole and complete (Catholic) in each Eucharistic community.  Such a church is not a part of a greater whole that is only complete when adjoined to a particular see and its bishop or Patriarch.  It’s already whole (i.e. Catholic) in and of itself.  Again, sedevacantism attempts to borrow this idea but it fails.  Roman Catholics are not in the true Church of Christ unless they are united to Rome, not metaphorically but actually.  Of course sedes are not in communion with Rome because they believe Rome is no longer Catholic.  This problem cannot exist in Orthodoxy.  Those who attempt to denigrate “Old Calendarism” similarly are trying to re-define “canonicity” as a form of subordinationism that does not exist in the Orthodox Church.     

September 7 ~ Globalists, Communists, Banksters, etc. are names used to hide the ethno-religious people whom they serve.  It is not surprising that a great many people that we often turn to for "truth" on alternative media outlets are among the club.  I have suspected for a long time that the goal is to facilitate our disdain and hatred for our governments.  Why?  Because this particular group has plans to replace them all.  You have to hate what you have before you'll accept a new one.  So many "truthers" are not really our friends in the grand scheme of things.   They are working for a higher cause and some of the big names and faces out there (who never seem to be censored) have been promised a seat at the table. 

I have been a frequent visitor of Henry Makow for many many years.  Henry puts out a ton of great info daily but I don't really trust him.  I have friends banned from twitter for minor offenses and yet HM is still there pumping out his material day in and day out for years.  Recently he was suspended from twitter and switched over to GAB but that didn't last long.  He's back on Twitter doing the same old thing.  Come on.  He also claims his calling in life is to expose the truth and yet he fully accepts the six mill narrative. Huge red flag. But I believe these are the times we have been warned about for millennia. 


September 1, 2021 ~  I watched this video by RC Bro. Bugnolo and decided to post it here for others to watch.  I am not sure his take (based upon many medical professionals) will unfold as predicted but his words and delivery are sobering and worth hearing.


August 31, 2021 ~ On Pentecost Sunday I was received into a traditional (Old Calendar) jurisdiction. This formally severed communion with New Calendar jurisdictions and the spiritual rot of ecumenism. That's all I'll say publicly at this time.    

In other news, a local OCA Church (Orthodox Church of America) has sponsored the county health department AT THE CHURCH to administer injections.  This is outrageous!  So if any of the injections maim or cause death will the diocese be held liable?  It should, especially since the vaccine manufacturers are exempt from all liability.   If any adverse reactions should occur I hope the parish, the priest, and the bishop of this diocese get sued.   

August 28, 2021 ~  I keep thinking about the video I linked below and all those who got the jab.  Kyrie Eleison on these souls and all of us because the non-vaxed have their own problems with which to contend.  I've been warning readers of this site not to take this injection.  I warned everyone that this is all a ruse and that we're being manipulated and coerced into our own demise.  I wonder how many people have visited this site and laughed me off as a loony conspiracy theorist?  Surely many.  I will continue to sound the alarm as long as this site exists.   If the stuff I post helps you, pass it along and help someone else. 

August 28, 2021 ~  This is worth 17 minutes of your time.  You can speed it up to 1.25 x.

August 20, 2021 ~  Don't get worked up over Afghanistan.  It's all theater.  The events we all saw on TV were staged.  I thought this the second I saw an alleged person fall from the plane.  FAKE FAKE FAKE. I used to work for an aviation company and we loaded 757s and other planes for UPS.  You couldn't go near those engines or you'd get sucked in and splattered all over the runway.  These events are orchestrated, just like the so-called "insurrection" at the US Capitol building.  Taliban is CIA.  What you should pay attention to is the global Communist coup that is killing, maiming, and enslaving us.  The vise is tightening.  What happened to nations like Russia in 1917 is happening on a global scale.  Wake up.  Also, a friend just sent me an important video on graphene HERE.  This pulls a lot of things together including the mandatory masking and testing as all contain this dangerous substance.  Watch and share...

August 14, 2021 ~ I now know of several fully vaxed people who are suffering with very serious health problems, the latest a stroke.  One person had passed away.  Lord have mercy on these suffering people and on all of us for what I believe has commenced.  

August 14, 2021 ~  Steve Skojec on sedevacantism:


"it's a made up replacement Church created in the imaginations of those who can't deal with the scandal of the real one. It reminds me of when kids are playing war, and the little guy who gets killed pops up and says, "I'm a new guy!"

August 14, 2021 ~ Father Peter Heers produced this excellent video.  Watch and share. You can watch at 1.25 or 1.5 speed if needed.  40 min.  

August 13, 2021 ~ Steve Skojec.  I received a few emails from people asking me to check out some of his recent tweets.  So I did.  Before this I can’t say I ever read anything he wrote although I probably did.  Excellent writer.  What I got out of Steve’s recent posts is that he’s an honest man.  He’s having that moment I have written about before on this site.  The moment that you suddenly see what you didn’t or couldn’t see before and it slaps you hard across the face.  So hard in fact that you feel compelled to roll with it and see where it takes you.  He gets that the Novus Ordo is a humanist liturgy designed for a humanist church and he's questioning whether the Catholic Church is in fact what she claims to be.  How many people are honest enough with themselves to question if what they believed all their lives is wrong?  How many people are capable of that level of honesty?  Steve is.  Now the sedevacantists are upset with him.  They think that if he just embraced sedevacantism all of this doubting would end.  That’s probably true, the doubting would end but who ever said you can’t have total and complete conviction in something false?  Based on what I read, Steve has sedevacantism pegged for what it is- fantasy.   Keep on going Steve!  

August 11, 2021 ~ Why are parents keeping their children in schools that mandate masks?  What's going on in schools is child abuse.  Pull them out and figure out how to home school.  And if that means losing some income, a car, or vacations too bad.  Schools are indoctrination camps for the party anyhow.  If you want to raise children with Christian morality good luck competing with the party system that owns your children 8 hours a day.  Get your children out or innocent little Mary will be all inked up and talkin bout "gettin some" from her transgender partner before you know it.    

August 9, 2021 ~ I live near a public park with a bike path.  Not a day goes by without seeing a good number of Muslims.  Entire Muslim families out to enjoy nature.  When I was young it was common to see Catholic nuns in public and you recognized them by their habits.  Remember habits? 

I don’t see Catholic nuns anymore.  They're extinct.  Replaced by Islam.  This is the product of Vatican II.  Vatican II obliterated religious vocations.  My graduation from a Franciscan High School in the 1988 was the last of the Friars and that was a good thing because they were a gay fraternity and everyone knew it.  Some of them showed up on the front page of the Buffalo news a few years ago after finally being called to justice.  Anyhow my point is that true Catholic vocations went extinct in the years following the council.  

One time back when I was a sedevacantist I went to Niagara Falls for the day and there were a good number of Muslims and Jews present. That day I got into an elevator that descends to the lower Niagara for the attraction "Cave of the Winds."  I was accompanied with another Sedevacantist and we were wearing Pope Pius XII regulated clothing on an 85 degree summer day.   When we got into the elevator there were a total of 6 people on board- two Muslims, two Jews, and two Sedevacantists.  We all looked at each other's attire but nobody said a word.  It was kinda funny.  

Anyhow, yesterday I was at a public park and beach.  As I walked the upper boardwalk overlooking the beach what do I see everywhere?  Tattoos.  Pagan Amerika.   Readers of my site know how I feel about tattoos because I've said some things about that before.   The barbarism that Christianity once suppressed has returned with a vengeance.  Our narcissistic society can't wait to get "inked" just to fit in with the rest of degenerate America.  But then, as I'm walking along the top deck what do I see in front of me leaning over the railing?  A Muslim woman covered from head to toe overlooking a group of Muslim children playing soccer on the beach below.  I thought to myself, "here's all these tattoos and now these Muslims but nowhere in sight is an identifiable Christian."  This bothered me so I made sure my beautiful cross was displayed over my shirt. 

Vatican II decimated vocations but Roman Catholicism’s gay colonization over centuries created much animosity for the collar and the cross today.  The Church’s symbols are a reminder to very many people of terrible abuses carried out on countless people.  This has also created a problem for would-be converts to Orthodox Christianity.  I can’t tell you how many people ignore Eastern Orthodoxy because they assume it’s just another version of the RCC which they want no part of.   But Orthodoxy is growing.  I look forward to seeing Orthodox crosses in public places.    


August 8, 2021 ~  It's interesting to read reactions of traditional Catholics when they discover that the Church of Rome isn't the only nominal Christian church that enemies of Christ would bother to infiltrate and subvert.   They can't understand critical posts of Orthodoxy like the ones I made below because they cannot see beyond Rome (even in their schism) and so they're confounded as to why and how Orthodox Christianity has been enduring infiltration and subversion arguably longer than Rome.     

August 7, 2021 ~ I just read this: 

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, a friend from inside the Vatican Walls tells us – and naturally the news still needs to be verified – that the reigning Pontiff wants to return to concerning himself with Intercommunion, that is, making it possible for the faithful of other non-Catholic Christian confessions to participate in the Eucharist.

It is said that the one being charged with this task is the new Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship, the Franciscan Archbishop Vittorio Francesco Viola, formerly bishop of Tortona and a teacher at the Liturgical Institute of Sant’Anselmo in Rome. He is to organize a reserved commission in September that will have two months to give the results of its work directly to the Pope.

The methodology – bypassing the organisms, Congregations, and Councils authorized to deal with these specific topics – is very appealing to Pope Bergoglio. If this news is confirmed, we would have to ask why it is all being done in such a hurry.

One of the possible reasons could be the German Synod, where the theme of Inter-communion with Protestants has been placed on the agenda. In Germany there have already been some steps taken in this direction by a few bishops. Pope Bergoglio has not expressed himself clearly on this topic, but in a 2018 meeting he invited those concerned to arrive at a unanimous decision.


Well, this is not news to me.  I'm posting it for my friends and enemies who visit this site especially Orthodox Christians who suffer denial.  Ecumenism establishes "intercommunion."  At this point, 56 years of Vatican II garbage, and most Catholics are ready to fully embrace it.  In general, the Orthodox will write about the abomination but will do nothing about it in practice and most will remain in communion with their apostate hierarchs because "we have to stay in the fold ya know."  

August 5, 2021 ~ Recently I was having a discussion with an Orthodox friend about traditionalist Orthodox organizations who refuse anything to do with the new calendar innovation and the ecumenist heresy.  During the conversation he mentioned how he feels it is his duty to “stay within the fold.”  To this I replied, “do you mean the one world ecumenical fold that refuses to baptize converts and communes Catholics, Protestants and Masons?”  Of course there are other items I could add to the list.  And thanks to Convid we now have another set of “folds” to add to the World Orthodox ecumenical tent.  Indeed many are talking about the necessity to leave their current jurisdictions in search of Orthodox shepherds and priests (which I agree they need do).   I just think it’s hypocritical that these people find it necessary to run from their current priests and bishops over the Convid scam but they are very quick to judge the traditional Orthodox who refused to accept the New Calendar innovation despite the fact that it had been repeatedly condemned in synods for centuries as well as the ecumenist heresy for which it paved the way.  The people who speak this way need to be careful about not parroting the company line on who is in schism especially as they find themselves on the brink of it.   


August 3, 2021 ~ I was reading a twitter thread written by an apologist who styles himself a “traditional Catholic.”  In that thread he was attacking “rad trads” for doing damage to inquirers of the Catholic Church and effectively turning them away from the faith.  By “rad trads” he means sedevacantists.  But it is not the rad trads who are doing damage to Catholic inquirers.  It‘s the papal system that is turning them away.  But the R & R trad apologist is most concerned about sedevacantism because he knows sedevacantism leads to Eastern Orthodoxy faster and more effectively than any other position.  That’s what he’s trying to combat.   This man wants Catholics to adopt his position: recognize and resist traditionalism (as if resisting the living magisterium could be traditional).  Recognize & Resist trad apologists are tiresome. In fact, all three groups, (Novus Ordo modernists under the pope, R & R traddies, & sedes) refute each other perfectly.  Try as they might apologists of whatever stripe cannot stop the steady flow of converts to Eastern Orthodoxy. 

July 25, 2021 ~ Sedevacantists invented a phrase several years ago that goes like this:  "Sedevacantism is not a solution; it's a diagnosis."  By this, sedevacantists hope to avoid answering difficult questions that exposes their contradictions and heresies.  But this statement is a lie. Sedevacantism is not any kind of diagnosis of the current Roman Church.  The real diagnosis for the current Roman Church is DEFECTION. 

If you are a traditional Roman Catholic the only diagnosis that fits is defection and it collapses the whole Roman System.  But unlike sedevacantism, there is a real solution to what many have called the present crisis of the Holy See and it is Orthodoxy.  The Orthodox Church offers the only way out for tradcats and sooner or later they will have no choice but to admit it.  I hear from such people.  Sometimes it takes years for them to come around but eventually they do.  The tradcat gatekeepers can only temporarily restrain a mass exodus from their groups and they know it.  So they attack Orthodoxy in a vain attempt to destroy the ark.  Misery loves company.  Tradcat gatekeepers (R&R & sedes) desire you to remain stranded with them on an island somewhere in 1958.  They also need your financial support to maintain the dream.  

July 15, 2021 ~ I have said this repeatedly over many years, even before I became an Orthodox Christian, that world Orthodoxy is enduring the same assault as as that of the Roman Church.  Same enemies, same tactics, same wreckage.  One of the major issues today is baptism.  Having been aware of the problem of not requiring baptism for converts, I insisted on receiving baptism (triple immersion) in 2017.  This confused the parish I was involved with at the time because their policy was to receive converts from Rome and many Protestant sects by Chrismation only.  In fact none of the converts of that parish had been correctly baptized.  Thankfully I had a priest who understood my concerns.  


The problem with not baptizing converts has everything to do with the heresy of ecumenism. The unsaid message is baptism exists in heterodox and so they too are members of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church but with some deficiencies.  Same heresy as that taught by the Catholics at Vatican II.  If I had not been baptized into Orthodoxy, I would do what I had to do to rectify this error even many years after the fact.  And if a parish priest refused me I would leave that parish and find another priest.   One other thing I want to mention is that converts should want to be baptized.  It is unthinkable that so many look at baptism as a redundant step that they are happy to skip.     

July 14, 2021 ~  I haven't written much lately on the scamdemic.  I lost faith in the American people as a whole.  They collectively allowed themselves to be brainwashed or coerced.  This is a character problem.  For those with whom I do connect, this article by Devvy Kidd is one of better compilations I've read lately so I am linking it HERE.  Twenty years of patents, forecasts, and corruption surrounding the major players and their organizations and the masses are still clueless.  

I also posted a page with medicines that help.  How can I support medicines for a virus that doesn't exist?  Because the symptoms exist.  The cause or causes are uncertain.  The fact that medicines exist which eradicate the symptoms with nearly 100% success dispels the entire narrative including the "emergency use authorization" for experimental injections.  We are learning more every day.  

July 5, 2021 ~ 

"The incessant RC excuse that Pope Francis’ numerous heresies and actions of apostasy don't count because it “wasn’t infallible” is ludicrous: this would mean heresy somehow requires the ability to infallibly bind people, which would mean no one but the pope could be a heretic."  

Jay Dyer

July 1, 2021 ~  This gentleman made a nice video review of my book: 












I don't know him but I thank him and pray for him on his journey and I ask the same of all who read here.    

July 1, 2021 ~  This is exactly the kind of person the sedevacantist movement attracts:

Someone should remind this fruitcake that it's proper to wear a bra when you take your shirt off in public.

June 14, 2021 ~ The first real vaccine wasn't until 1796, when the founder of vaccines and noted Freemason Edward Jenner inoculated a small boy against smallpox.  Think about this:  the human race survived thousands of years- through plagues, wars, natural catastrophes, and even the Great Flood but we are supposed to believe that we wouldn't be here today if it weren't for vaccines.  What a crock.  I know several people who are vaccine injured this very day and these from conventional vaccines.  If you haven't seen the movies "Vaxxed and Vaxxed II" I hope you will add them to your watch list.  How many people really believe the human race would not have survived were it not for vaccines? Personally, I believe I would be much healthier today but of course there's no way to prove it.  On a related note, as people rush off to get their injections and proudly post it on Facebook, I can't help but think that the very same people who are on record advocating for massive global population reduction are the same people behind the CONVID VAX.  Think about that.  They have made you believe that although they want most people dead they are trying to save you from CONVID.  

June 2, 2021 ~ Scott from the converted my Filotto (Kurgan) article into two videos found here:  &  Thanks Scott.  

May 30, 2021 ~ The sedevacantist creature who goes by the name of Andrea Catalano (see pic below) has suddenly been making appearances in my inbox.  He originally wrote to me, demanding that I answer his question, "is Bergoglio a Catholic"?  Here is my last response to him: "I'm giving you the impression that I have much to say?  But I don't have much to say to devils which is why this is frustrating you.  I recognized your demon from the very first moment I saw your name in my inbox.  You are possessed.  Now stay away from me. "

Salem's Lot Mr. Barlow.jpeg

May 21, 2021 ~  Was the Protestant Reformation staged?  Was it a Jewish conspiracy?  Were Martin Luther and Pope Leo X Jews?  In a 9-page geneology study on Luther Miles Mathis answers these questions.  Mathis writes: 

"But let's skip ahead. On Halloween, 1517, he allegedly nailed his 95 Theses to the door of All Saints Church in Wittenberg. How old was he? That's right, 33. And who ordered Luther examined at the Diet of Augsburg? That would be Frederick III, Elector of Saxony, whose maternal grandfather was Duke of Bavaria. His paternal grandmother was Margaret of Austria, sister of the Holy Roman Emperor. As I just showed you, Luther was closely related to this Elector of Saxony, once again indicating this was all staged. Frederick was just pretending to prosecute a cousin. Why? Because it was a big project against Rome, similar to the upcoming project against Rome in England, led by Henry VIII in 1527—just nine years later. As more indication this was all staged, we find that the Papal Legate Cardinal Cajetan had been ordered by the Pope to arrest Luther if he didn't recant, but this did not happen. Frederick allowed Luther to escape. And you know who else allowed Luther to escape? Pope Leo X, who was also in on the scam. Remember, his real name was Giovanni de' Medici, and the de' Medicis were also crypto-Jews who had infiltrated the papacy in order to destroy it. What most people still don't understand is that the Reformation came about by Jews attacking Rome both from within and without. As usual, they had their people playing both sides. This is precisely why the Reformation succeeded so easily: at that time the papacy had already been infiltrated by the Medicis, so the attackers outside the cathedral were guaranteed to win. The Medici pope put up a false opposition, which explains why Henry VIII was able to succeed where his grandfathers had failed. It explains why the Holy Roman Emperor Charles was able to succeed where his predecessors had failed. It explains why Rome continued to crumble up until the French Revolution, when it finally suffered its coup de grace. It has been nothing but a front since then."  



May 18, 2021 ~ I was reading a sede thread.  Someone criticized Sedevacantists for offering no possibility of a having a future pope.  Of course sedes are adamant that they can get another pope but we all know they cannot.  They can talk all they want but it's all nonsense.  If sedes are going to tell the world that they can do something then they need to do it not theorize about it.  Remember, if the Sedevacantists could produce a legitimate Roman Pontiff they would have done it a long time ago.   This is just one reason why no one should espouse sedevacantism.  It's a dead end.   


May 16, 2021 ~ Two minutes.  Watch this:

May 13, 2021 ~ Amanda Vollmer:

May 9, 2021 ~  I just became aware of "THE KURGANATE":  As predicted in my recent piece “Filotto”, the nut-job is actually trying to form a compound in Italy.  ALL Sedevacantist schismatics are encouraged to sell all they have, fly to Italy, and have partial communion with the wacko.  Filotto writes:

“So… the Kurganate will aim to have walls and crusaders manning them even as the fields are being worked and made fruitful.”

Nothing surprises me anymore.  Yes, Filotto plans to form you into a knight crusader and put you to work in the fields and on his walls.  However, you are NOT invited on to filotto’s personal compound and you cannot enjoy full communion with him until you prove yourself worthy of his Lordship which entails a rigorous screening process overseen by none other than Filotto himself.  Wow what a great opportunity for Sedevacantists.  Read all about it at his personal blog:   

May 8, 2021 ~  Polish Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his brother were  just arrested by the Canadian Communist police on the street.  What a disgrace Canada has become.  And the US is not far behind.  I applaud this brave man for standing up for what he believes in and now he will pay the price behind bars.  If only Orthodox Christian bishops and priests had such courage.  As I said before, most of them will hand us over to the authorities.

May 7, 2021 ~ Pay attention to your local and national mainstream news and notice how many times they show clips of a person receiving a shot in the arm.  This is a very effective mind control technique.  They want us to see this image over and over and over and over.  The more times we actually see a person getting a shot in the arm the more we will become desensitized and conditioned to accept it.  This technique is so effective that even those who are adamantly opposed to receiving the VAX can eventually be re-conditioned.  Our evil schemers know exactly what they are doing.  They are using various forms of mind control on us.  


May 1, 2021 ~  Look out Filotto's henchmen are coming after me! Here's a review on Amazon: 

Customer Review


Northman Returns

1.0 out of 5 stars Cucked Author

Reviewed in the United States on March 22, 2021

Verified Purchase

Props for going after Novus Ordo. Thumbs down for cucking & shilling for the Communist loving Orhtodox.  
Go listen to Father Gregory Hesse to get the proper perspective on the issue of the implosion of the false parallel Catholic Church & stop contributing to the attacks & collapse of the west.

So why do I think this is one of Filotto's idiot disciples? Two reasons. First, the name "Northman" gives it away. Filotto's fan base consists of lost little boys who play Dungeons & Dragons and fantasy role playing games.  Like their idiot leader they fantasize about being warriors, knights, crusaders etc.  Second, "Northman" is about as smart as Filotto.  He tells me I should "go listen to Fr. Gregory Hesse to get the proper perspective on the issue of the false parallel Catholic Church."  Yeah that's who I should consult lol.  Hesse was ordained in the new rite of ordination at St. Peter's Basilica in 1981.  According to Filotto's Sedevacantist position, "Fr" Hess was not an ordained priest but instead a fake priest due to defects in the new rite of ordination. He then worked for Cardinal Stickler at the Vatican for several years.  Hesse was also chummy with the fake Father Nichola$ Gruner and a promoter of the fake Fatima secrets.  How's that perspective Northman?     


April 29, 2021 ~ And now we are learning that non-vaxxed individuals are suffering ill effects from just being around vaccinated people by what some are calling a "shedding" phenomenon.  Literally thousands of people have already come forth and reported symptoms ranging from heavy periods with profuse bleeding to clotting.  I shouldn't have to say that this is a huge problem.  I warned people not to get this wicked chemical cocktail for over a year, even before they had a vax, and now we are learning that just avoiding the shot is not enough.  How ironic that we may now be in a dire situation where those of us who will not take the vax must avoid contact with those who have.   

Even still, I can't tell you how many people I know who have already taken the jab.  Many stated that they didn't want to take it but that they wanted to return to some semblance of the life they had before masks etc.  Others just want to travel and enjoy their Summer so they agreed to put this garbage into their veins.  Ladies and gentlemen let me make this clear: They do not care about you or me.  The population needs to be culled because there are way to many people using up too many natural resources in their warped view.  These "gene therapy" shots are designed to destroy reproduction and terminate lives prematurely through cancers and other things that we have not yet seen.  If traveling and going to a concert or football game is more important to you then the world is far better off without you.       

April 21, 2021 ~ Readers may remember the excellent interview with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi that I posted here last year.  Here is his latest and it is chilling.  Want to know why people are dying from blood clotting after getting Vaxxed?  Watch this:

In that interview, he references an English segment of his new book for download.  Here is the PDF:

April 10, 2021 ~  There is no such thing as cold / flu season- there is only low vitamin D season. Here is the deal: They are intentionally blocking the sun with their daily global geoengineering operations so as to destroy or at least compromise our natural immune systems.  Blocking the sun will lower the body's crucial Vitamin D level and make us susceptible to disease.  They are culling the population in a myriad of ways. Truly diabolical.  Now listen up.  If you are sick with convid (AKA the flu) there is a cure called Ivermectin (thanks bro Vinny for the tip).  Watch THIS VIDEO of Dr. Ryan Cole and share to save lives.

April 7, 2021 ~ Great summary of where we stand today:

April 3, 2021 ~  So, I've been thinking about our current situation.  Not good.  I've been warning people for over a year now.  Communism is here.  I have said this before and I'll keep saying it until this website disappears- this was a global coup.  But more importantly, this VAXX thing is weighing on me.   Most of the people in my immediate circles are happily getting the jab.  This is a real problem.  These gene therapies have nothing to do with inoculation.  The people behind this global coup are Communists and Eugenicists.  They are on record advocating for massive population reduction.  Do you understand?  They don't care about you and me.  The VAXX is not here to save lives people.  It is here to end them.  Now it is early on in the campaign so we do not know the effects of this experimental mRNA gene altering concoction but one thing is clear: they didn't work this hard and come this far to inoculate the people from disease.  Everything rolling out is for nefarious purposes.  I suspect that young girls who get this satanic jab will not be able to conceive.  I believe mass sterilization is part of the plan.  The VAX doesn't have to wipe out large percentages of the population in one fell swoop.  If it halts reproduction it will have done more for the enemy's cause than abortion.  But sterilization is only one of the things I believe this wicked VAXX is designed to do and none of them are good for you and me.  Here in NY, those of us who are not going to get the VAXX voluntarily will not be able to participate in society.  This began with the roll-out of the vaccine passport yesterday.  Today I read that Cornell University is going to force VAX in September.  They want the chemical cocktail in our bodies desperately.  Can you not see this?  The TV ads, the media, the politicians are all indoctrinating us 24-7.   This is a massive conditioning campaign.  Yet if there were a real threat of death from a virus they would not have to work this hard to convince us of it.  We would know it.  Wake up.  They want every man, woman, and child to have this toxic chemical shot into their bodies and they are not going to stop until they succeed.   I am warning readers of this site not to take the VAX and to fight back any way they can.  

April 3, 2021 ~  This is what Christians must do now...

April 1, 2021 ~  I was reading an interesting twitter thread this morning.  Another ex-sedevacantist on his way to Orthodox Christianity mentioned a certain sedevacantist bishop who offered to ordain him based upon a phone call to that bishop.  I happen to know the bishop and can attest to the truthfulness of his statement.  That same bishop once offered to ordain me based on my very first phone call to him.  Needless to say I was stunned that someone would offer to ordain me to the priesthood without knowing anything about me but it is a true story.   I don't feel a need to disclose the bishop's name.   That was more than ten years ago now.  By this time I could probably be a sedevacantist pseudo-bishop if I had stuck with it.  

March 28, 2021 ~  My post from March 24 which linked to Dr. Lee Merritt did not specify to which video I was referring.  The video is "Hydroxychloroquine Works–They Lie" and it is approximately 1 hour.  

March 24, 2021 ~  This is one of the best refutations of the scamdemic I've seen to date.   Dr. Merritt obliterates the official narrative.  Share with the sheep in your life.

March 21, 2021 ~  In the Filotto piece I meant to set the link to his video at the segment where he "liquidates" three members of his audience.  The link is now queued up HERE  and the liquidation segment runs approximately 6 minutes through 1:34:00.  

March 6, 2021 ~  Somebody just notified me of a video refuting (Most Holy Family Monastery) that will premier in four hours.

March 6, 2021 ~ I posted part II to my refutation of the deluded fool Filotto.  But it won't close his mouth.  A narcissist does not change.  ~  jp       


March 1, 2021 ~  I just posted the first part of my response to Filotto's book.  I'm not sure when the second part will be complete but stay tuned.  

February 28, 2021 ~ Excellent documentary to watch and share: 

February 19, 2021 ~  Check this 3 minute video out.  This virologist is suing the CDC for perpetrating a hoax.  There is no virus:

February 16, 2021~ I attempted to comment on an Orthodox blog but it was not posted by the moderator as of yet.  The article to which I was commenting was a letter written by several anonymous OCA priests and it was very good.  Here is my comment: 


Maybe someone can explain what canon allows a bishop to force the faithful to self-suffocate in church? What canon allows a bishop to demand that non-medical personnel check temperatures at the front doors or sign-in for contact tracing purposes? What canon allows bishops to refuse entrance for refusing to obey the above demands? What canon allows bishops to support medical tyranny in the church? What canon allows bishops to dictate how you behave towards fellow members of the faith community including hugging, hand holding, kissing, touching one another and sitting or standing close to another human being? What canon allows bishops and priests to practice medicine?

As far as I am concerned these priests and bishops attempting these practices should be sued for 1. discrimination and 2. illegal practice of medicine. That’s how you deal with secularized clergy.

February 13, 2021 ~ I became aware of a trash-mouth Sedevacantist named Giuseppe Filotto “The Kurgan” in 2019 after he made a defamatory YouTube video about Jay Dyer.  Filotto’s MO was to get his name in front of Dyer’s sizable audience and provoke a debate.  But while it’s customary for apologists to study theirs and their opponent’s positions before debating, this guy couldn’t care less. Soon after Filotto got saved in born-again Sedevacantism he leaped into the Traditional Catholic arena with his rubber sword and plastic helmet and threatened to conquer the movement.  Except he forgot to wear pants.      


The debate went as expected.  Filotto had nothing to back up his mouth.  At one point Dyer embarrassed the Sedevacantist by introducing him to Denzinger’s Sources of Catholic Dogma.  Filotto downplayed it, implying that Denzinger is a meaningless resource to him.  That’s when Dyer seemed to lose interest.  Clearly Filotto was an inept opponent.  From then on Dyer just slapped him around the ring. When it was all said and done the debate exposed big bad Kurgan as a smack-talking pretender. ​ 


But Filotto’s extraordinarily high opinion of himself couldn’t be quelled.  Since his debate flop he’s been attempting a comeback in TradCat fantasy world. In addition to doing what he does best, trash-talk, he also put his trash into print. Recently he published a book titled “Reclaiming the Catholic Church: The True History of Vatican II and the Visible Remnant of the Real Catholic Church now that the Vatican is a Pederast Infested Hive of Impostors.”  I had little interest in the book until I found out that it features a section - “John Pontrello- Self-Deceiving Deceiver.”  Probably against my better judgment I took the bait and ordered the book. If I respond I will post it here.   Don't expect much effort on my part- Filotto is an imbecile.  ~ jp

February 13, 2021 ~  Who needs a break from the insanity?  I do...

February 11, 2021 ~  Here's how a false flag works: 




















February 4, 2021 ~ Send these links to people you care about.  The culling of the elderly is underway:



January 31, 2021 ~  We are pretty much done in America.  The American people are just plain stupid.  In another era I would say there is hope through education but not in this one.  Education makes "sophisticated" modern man into Communists.  And since the churches have been infiltrated there is not a lot to hope for.   People who think like me are going to be outed and arrested in a gas station near you.  This is "free" America in 2021:

January 30, 2021 ~ Traditional Catholicism is an attempt at Catholicism without Rome and it’s self-refuting.  All of its sizes and variations have been refuted.  It lingers around because too many people refuse to sever their emotional ties to Roman Catholicism.  The indisputable fact is Roman Catholicism disproved itself with Vatican II and that cannot be undone; not by a future converted pope, not by a conclave, not by an act of divine intervention, and not even by the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ.  The papacy was defeated by its enemies in 1965.  It's over.  ~ jp

January 27, 2021 ~ Here's a nice reminder of how we've all been played by the global medical terrorists:

January 27, 2021 ~  I have singled out the Antiochian Church recently but the Antiochians are not the only canonical jurisdiction to betray the faithful and Christ.  All of them are doing this including ROCOR which placed itself under the Moscow Patriarchate in 2007.  Some readers may be familiar with the arrest of a Russian Orthodox priest for speaking out against the fake pandemic.  NHL star Pavel Datsyuk has written a letter to Putin requesting intervention.  ~jp

January 27, 2021 ~ On December 23 I sent a two page letter to the metropolitan bishop of the Antiocian Archdiocese of North America.  To date I have not received a response.  In the future I may post the letter.  In the meantime, this same Metropolitan issued a pastoral letter to the clergy on January 18.  Readers can find the letter here.  I will comment on three paragraphs from the letter:

"Our directives have been clear that you must strongly encourage the wearing of masks by the faithful. We stopped short of using the terms “mandatory” or “required” because there are legitimate health reasons given by WHO and CDC that may preclude some people from wearing them. We did not stop short of mandating masks because we wanted to provide a loophole for our parishes to get around the directive.  Our expectation is that all the faithful will wear the face-coverings in church, and we expect our clergy not to encourage their flocks to disobey the letter and the spirit of our directives. "


jp:  So the Met is cracking down on what some may consider "a loophole to get around his directive" that all must wear self-suffocation devices.   Get that?  Some are trying to "get around" his order NOT to breath oxygen uninhibited through our noses and mouths.  How dare we breathe as God made us!  And he only "stopped short of mandating them" because the medical terrorist cabal  said there may be some legitimate reasons for breathing.   The Met believes he has the authority to mandate self-suffocation devices.  Now there is idiotic talk of wearing two masks from the terrorist cabal and no doubt this Metropolitan will attempt to enforce it.   

The Antiochian Met is fully on board with the unjust, unfair, backwards, and evil belief that all men are to be treated as sick and dangerous before proven healthy.  Who gets to decide if a person is sick?  Well definitely not you or me because what do we know about our own bodies?   In the New World Order we can't determine our health.  And neither can the stooge taking your temperature at the front doors of the church since you still have to wear a face diaper even if you pass through his security inspection.  This is complete and utter madness and the Antiochian Metropolitan is fully on board.  

"Finally, we hear reports that there are clergy encouraging the faithful not to receive the vaccines. Some cite ethical questions raised about possible connections the vaccines have to aborted fetuses, some about whether the vaccines are safe, and some about conspiracy theories. The bishops’ meeting discussed these questions at length. The two vaccines being offered in the United States did not use fetal cells in either their development or production. While there was confirmatory testing done on a stem cell line tracing back to the 1970s, neither I nor any of the bishops believe this indirect connection is an impediment to the faithful receiving these vaccines in good conscience. Whether or not the vaccine is safe or adequately tested is a question beyond the scientific knowledge and training of our bishops or clergy; this conversation should solely be between the faithful and their doctors. 

jp:  If a bishop or priest can order the faithful to wear self-suffocation devices then why can't they encourge them not to get the VAXX?  In both cases the bishop or priest has made it their business to engage in illegal practice of medicine.   In other words, if the VAXX is a personal matter between patient and doctor then why isn't wearing masks a personal matter between patient and doctor?   Perhaps it is time that lawsuits are filed against the churches for  1) illegal practice of medicine 2) discrimination against people who choose not to wear masks or social distance.          


"As for the conspiracy theories, I do not believe this warrants discussion other than to say this is unacceptable for our clergy to engage in such things.  I would like to point out that you are a priest of this Archdiocese, and you venerate my name on the antimension before offering the Holy Anaphora. You owe obedience to Christ and the Gospels, the Mother Church of Antioch, this Archdiocese, and my office as the Metropolitan Archbishop not to internet personalities you find on Facebook and YouTube – whether they be priests, bishops, or monastic elders. 

jp:  I'm not sure what he considers "conspiracy theory."  Does not the Orthodox Church believe in conspiracy theories?  The entire Bible from Genesis to the Apocalypse is a conspiracy and we are supposed to ignore them when they occur?  The fact is this whole Con-Vid operation is a conspiracy that this Metropolitan is aiding and abetting. 

My suspicion is he's referring to Fr. Peter Heers and some of his guests who oppose medical tyranny in the temple of God.  This is the state of "canonical" Orthodoxy in the world today.   ~ jp 

January 23, 2021 ~  I've received several emails in the past few weeks and I haven't responded because I've been tied up with many things including work.  My apologies.  I will get to this site and post some things that have been on my mind in the next couple of days.  ~ jp

January 21, 2021 ~

January 19, 2021 ~ I just listed 18 Catholic movies for sale.  Have not set a price yet but I am open to offers.  Also I am selling one set of adult ice hockey equipment for $150.  This includes helmet w/ shield, shoulder pads, elbow pads, knee/shin pads, hockey pants, 3 pair of socks, and a CCM hockey bag.  I think my ice hockey days are behind me.  ~ jp


January 2, 2021 ~ *NYS BILL A416*

On January 6 New York Assemblymen will be asked to vote on a bill that will authorize the Governor and/or health officials to seize custody of New Yorkers, imprison, and force vaccinate them without due process.


I was in my attic today rummaging through old boxes of stuff looking for something and I stumbled on an old Sedevacantist article written by Barbara J. Linaburg titled "Epikeia Sent Me." I always liked this short piece and I will put it on my website within the next day or so.  Unfortunately, the page is missing a portion and I have no way to restore it so I'll do the best I can.  It illustrates the mindset of Home Alone Sedevantists, which I eventually became after much interaction with the makeshift Sede clergy who took it upon themselves to steel the sacrament of Holy Orders.   In addition, I stumbled upon some boxes of Catholic stuff.  I will probably put some items up for sale.  One item of particular beauty is a large Crucifix that any Catholic or TradCat would want to have.  Stay tuned for information.  ~ jp


January 2, 2021 ~ Catherine Austin Fitts explains how the plan is organized and the end game HERE. We have five major operations taking place all working together unbeknownst to the general population who are distracted by the invisible virus narrative:


1. Tech building the clouds / telecommunications

2. Military installing the satellites

3. Big Pharma making "injectibles"

4. Media / Propoganda

5. Central Bankers implementing crypto-system


The diabolical end game of these operations = Complete control (slavery) of the entire human race.   This clip is part of larger documentary film that will be released late January "" and it will probably be disappeared from youtube shortly so watch and share while you can.  ~ jp


December 29, 2020 ~ The time for Christians to unite against the Communist coup is now while we still have some semblance of free speech.  The platforms we have been using will be rendered obsolete soon due to ongoing censorship.  Then they will target our texts, emails, and websites.  Once we lose the ability to communicate we will be stranded and then victimized by fake news which will used to demoralize us.  There are very many Christians and others standing up against the evildoers but it will seem there are none once we are cut off from non-state approved communications.  This is happening.  ~jp

December 29, 2020 ~ From yesterday's Rappoport's article:


"It seems to me people should renounce their religion, if they’re unwilling to go to the wall for it.  Just admit that what true faith requires is too much."

December 28, 2020 ~ Jon Rappoport:"Where are all the Religious Leaders?"

December 28, 2020 ~  I encourage all Christians who are opposed to CON-vid "safety" protocols being imposed on the faithful as a condition for participation in community worship to stand up and do something about it.  I have written letters to priests and just last week I wrote a letter to the Metropolitan of the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America and laid out my case.  Among other things I asked for two services to be held in all parishes- one for those afraid of a virus and a second for those who are not.  I informed His Eminence that I will not allow non-medical parishioners to take my temperature, record my name on sign-in registrations or force me to wear a mask and equated these tyrannical practices to violation of my privacy, unauthorized practice of medicine, and discrimination for attempting to enforce these practices.  I also criticized the policies of forbidding Icon veneration, tampering with administration and reception of Holy Communion, social distancing etc.  The time to take a stand is now.  If we allow medical tyranny to encroach into the places of worship then we deserve much worse and "much worse" is looming over us right now.   Stand up for your faith, your Church, and your rights now or else prepare to lose them all permanently.  Quit being apathetic, disinterested, lazy, cowardly fence sitters.   Write letters to important people, withhold money, spam them with intelligent articles that refute the official narrative.  Do your part to help wake them up.  Stop being obedient slaves and stand up to this outrageous tyranny.  Too many people died for what we have both as Orthodox Christians and United States of America citizens. Stand up and fight for what you cherish and love.  Put your frustration into action, take off those stupid slave rags and act like you are a free human person made in the image and likeness of God. ~jp

December 19, 2020 ~ I am interested in claims of dogma and how they come to be. I am also sensitive to how those who defy dogma are attacked.  I always appreciate thinkers who attack dogmas from the point of origin. I did this in my book "the sedevacantist delusion" with respect to the so-called divine institution of the papacy.  I also followed this line of thinking with the 911 destruction of the WTC.  If there were no planes then there was no terrorist attack - period.  As Ace Baker and others like him easily demonstrated, the hijacked planes were digitally inserted on live TV.  Therefore, before we even get into the melting point of steel and top temps for ignited kerosene fuel or the failure of America's military defense systems, we must attack the fundamental dogma that has been planted into our minds from day one- existence of the planes.  From there, the rest of the story tanks.   And so it is with the pandemic. With the so-called pandemic there are two dogmas that are not allowed to be questioned- at all.  1. that a new virus called COVID19 was discovered.  2. That the spread of this new virus has caused global pandemic.  If we are not allowed to question the very existence of COVID19 then we will be pulled into either the official narrative or the controlled opposition which will always uphold some aspects of the official narrative and stymie true independent thinking.  This is why I am interested in the work of Jon Rappoport of  He has been exposing the lack of scientific proof of the existence of the COVID19 all along.  He just did it again HERE.  Why is this not gaining traction in alternative media or with so-called independent truth reporters?  If an isolated virus exists then it should be easy enough to prove and verify in labs around the world.  Where is it? ~ jp

December 17, 2020 ~ As expected, YouTube's Communist censorship continues.  They pulled the excellent interview with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi.  They fear light.  If anyone missed it, I found it again HERE.

December 13, 2020~ Here is the TradCat Twitter quote of the week:

"Yeah the current Pope sucks, but we have had worse Popes in the past. Some in the Renaissance even had kids. The Church lives on. What is important is not the person occupying the office but the office itself."

LOL! This breaks me up.  According to these folks, Jesus didn't institute a person & successors; just an office.  And if heretics occupy the office for, oh I don't know, say the next 75, 100, or 1,000 years? No big deal since all that really counts is the office itself.   But the good news is that the office can potentially be occupied once again by someone other than a heretic, even if it takes 1,000 years.  Awesome.  Get lost with this nonsense trads.  ~ jp


December 11, 2020 ~ Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi:


This vid interview is "must see."

Dr. Bhakdi shatters the COVID narrative.  I ask you to give this your time and then share with others.  If you are on social media or have websites, please share. Our collective ignorance must be fixed or we are all going down at the hands of these liar politicians. ~ jp

This is a short FOX NEWS segment:

December 7, 2020 ~ I've been telling people for 10 months that this would lead to a mandatory VAXX and most people scoffed at the idea.  Here's the Bill for NYS

December 7, 2020 ~ I have a moral duty to use this platform to warn readers of this website about the fake pandemic and the global coup we are experiencing.  This is not about a pandemic.  The lockstep of global governments from the top down with businesses and even churches did not suddenly happen by chance.  This orchestrated lockstep occurred because these people were placed in offices and leadership roles in advance so that when the time came to pull off any number of operations such as the convid, they would follow instructions and carry out their roles.  The people have been betrayed.  Also, for all those Trumpers out there, DT is in on the fix.  His Operation Warp Speed is coming for you and yours.  Wake up.  Educate yourselves from good alternative sources about the real agenda unfolding.  DO NOT TAKE THE VAXX. ~jp

December 4, 2020 ~ I mentioned a landmark legal case taking place in the state of OH.  This case is important for the rest of the country because it goes to the heart of the whole con, which is the governor's emergency declaration.   Here is the complaint  ~ jp













November 16, 2020 ~  Where do Orthodox Christians who don't believe in the convid go to worship?  Is there a church for us?  There are none near me.  Everywhere I look Ortho Churches tell me I must believe in something that I don't believe in in order to go there.  I'm told I must believe in and accept the convid if I am to publicly worship and receive the Holy Mysteries.  But I don't believe in it so what do I do?  Pretend?  Fake it?  As it stands I must accept and believe in the Convid religion or stay away.  I choose to stay far away.  This new Convid religion is not Orthodox.  I will never accept it.  ~ jp   

November 12, 2020 ~  In the past I wrote that most Sedevacantists would eventually gravitate towards Sedeprivationism.  I saw this coming because I refuted Sedevacantism in key areas and left them no choice.  They would have to invest in a new version of the RCC that exists devoid of its essential properties, excepting only a material occupancy.  How did I know this?  Because they know that people like me know that they absolutely require some claim to succession as well as a means to elect a Roman Pontiff or they're finished.  I haven't written much on this subject because of lack of time & interest but mostly because it's completely chimerical.  If your Roman Catholic Church hinges on the splitting of the papacy then you got nothing.  Like all versions of Traditional Catholicism, Sedeprivationism only "appears" to work through its omissions and divisions.  This is about the best they can do and it fails like all the others.  I hope to write more on this in the future.  ~ jp


November 7, 2020 ~ Elections are rigged.  Don't believe me?  Here's one way outcomes are manipulated (this one caught on CNN live):

November 7, 2020 ~ It should be obvious that we've been taken over.  A revolution has transpired and yet many readers of this site still think this is about a pandemic and our safety.  No, the pandemic was created as the means to usher in the great global reset (AKA New World Order).  I should mention that Christianity belongs to the old world order and so part of the goal is to destroy it.  That's why all Christian churches have been targeted for infiltration and gradual subversion.  The churches that will not change and adopt to the new world will be eliminated.  Only compromised churches will be allowed to exist but even that will be on a temporary basis.  The road ahead for Christians is going to get increasingly nasty.  ~ jp 

November 4, 2020 ~ And so a big contested election is now underway.  Who could have saw that coming?  I caution astute readers of this site not to get emotionally involved in this show because that is what it is - theater.  Do you really believe our owners would leave elections up to the people?  I hate to break the bad news folks but elections are rigged.  Yup.  I know many Christians are emotionally invested in the outcome of this rigged presidential election (aka the right VS left paradigm) and it saddens me.  We want to believe in it so much that we will actually convince ourselves it's real.  What is real is Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset that is fast underway.  Regardless of which actor gets the nod the agendas march forward.  Here is one of my all time favorite skits from Carlin  (Caution: Carlin is vulgar so you are now warned before you click):  

October 30, 2020 ~  On Sept. 28, I commented about how Roe V Wade would never be overturned.  I am sure that offended decent hope-filled Christians who place their trust in the Republican party.  I just wanted to offer a little reality check with all the election hoopla and Trump's appointment to the Supreme Court.  A friend sent me Chuck Baldwin's recent article.  Here's a sobering excerpt: 


"...I hear Christians constantly say the reason they vote for Donald Trump (or for any other Republican presidential nominee) is because he is “pro-life.” Really?

As I have pointed out several times: Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans controlled the entire federal government—including the Supreme Court—for the first two years of his administration. G.W. Bush and Republicans controlled the entire federal government for 4.6 years. Did either of them overturn Roe? No, they did not. They did not even try to overturn Roe. Please try telling the 3.5 million babies who were surgically aborted and the 56 million babies who were chemically aborted since Trump took office how “pro-life” he is.

And never forget that Republican-appointed judges have been a majority on the Supreme Court since before Roe v Wade was decided in 1973. That’s 50 consecutive years of a Republican-dominated Court. That’s right: A Republican-majority court gave us Roe, and 50 years of Republican-majority courts have kept Roe intact. Since when have we ever needed Democrats to legalize abortion-on-demand or keep it legal?"

That puts the abortion debate in perspective doesn't it?  Politics is a farce.  The illusion of choice when in reality we have no choice. ~ jp   

October 27, 2020 ~  In the event this website disappears I just want to say that I did what I could to inform my readers of what is really going on.  You should know that at this time ordinary law abiding citizens in other countries are being "arrested" and detained in quarantine facilities against their will.  Read that again and reflect on what it means.  Canada is building COVID detainment facilities across the country and my country has had FEMA facilities for quite some time.  In case you're high on the new COVID religion here is a short video to sober you up:  ~jp

October 27, 2020 ~ Pope Francis may have done more to advance Orthodox Christianity than any other V2 era pope.  His pontificate has overseen the demolition of Roman Catholicism in ways even the most liberal minded critics of Catholicism did not expect.  This is the Vicar of Christ on earth leading his flock.  Soon, women's ordinations will come up for serious discussion.  Many people will hop on board with the sedevacantists or R &R trads but there is no lasting city there.  The whole papal fortress has been brought down just as the enemies of the Catholic Church boasted they would do.  Once the papacy is toppled (Vatican 2) all forms and variations of traditional RC are rendered obsolete.  Yet, Christianity marches on in the Orthodox Church and so does the fight.  The same enemies of Roman Catholicism have been sewing their seeds of heresy and division on the Eastern front for a very long time.    ~ jp


October 26, 2020 ~  Winter 2019 - 2020 I had three bouts of flu.  The 3rd came at the beginning of February  this year.  I was sick enough to check myself in to an Urgent Care clinic for chest X-rays.  The Physician's Assistant said my lungs looked strange and that she preferred to diagnose it as pneumonia until the radiologist could evaluate the scans the following morning.  I left the clinic believing I had pneumonia.  The next morn I received a call from the radiology department informing me that, no, I did not have pneumonia but that they would treat it as a viral bronchitis.  I was prescribed another inhaler and a 2nd round of oral steroids.  Having had something that made me pretty sick, I could understand how it could be fatal to elderly people with compromised immune systems.  It is no secret that the flu kills lots of people each year especially in elderly demographics.  Other symptoms besides cough were a slight fever for a couple of days and fatigue.  The cough lasted several weeks and my lungs didn't feel quite normal again for at least two months after the coughing had ceased.  Interestingly, all of this was BEFORE Covid19 allegedly arrived in North America.  I'm telling this for several reasons:  

1.  I no not deny that a respiratory flu exists.  I had "it" and I know many others who had something similar PRIOR to the alleged arrival date of COVID in the North Americas.  Clearly something was and by most accounts is still making its way around.  What the IT is is still a mystery.  Did I have a seasonal flu or did I have whatever they are calling COVID19?  Or are they both the same?  It is unlikely I will ever know the answer to these questions.  I wanted to set the record straight that I am not a denier of a respiratory illness that has been making the rounds in the world.  

2.  If I had COVID19 it didn't kill me just like it doesn't kill 99% of the people allegedly infected in my age group. 

3.  Nobody else that I know of, even those who were around me for the several weeks I was coughing uncontrollably, got sick.  No one.  

4.  Whether a new virus called COVID19 exists or not does not change my positions.  Diseases exist.  They have always existed and they always will exist.  Nobody is going to make them go away and nobody is going to stop humans from getting sick.  No amount of legislation, no amount of mandated lock downs or social distancing, and no vaccinations are going to eradicate sickness, disease, or death from the world.  These have been with us since the fall of man.  Yet here we are.  If diseases and sicknesses were such a threat to the world as the media and politicians would want us to believe, mankind would have been extinct a very long time ago.   My point is sicknesses and diseases do not justify the measures currently being employed by people and their governments.   

5.  People of faith need to reflect on Matthew 10:30-31:

"Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.…." 

Faith is not something we read about and recite during church services; it is something we live in the real world.  God is the author of life and death, not Joe Governor.  When our time is up it is up, whether we are wearing N95 masks or not.  

6.  Corrupt governors and politicians are using fear based mind-control to scare the population and re-condition us into accepting a new way of life based on Communist principles and ideals.  Why?  Because just as sicknesses and diseases have plagued the world since the beginning, so have evil men who desire to enslave and conquer weaker men.  It's all part of the same disease called sin.  That is what we are dealing with today.   Wicked evil men have an agenda to enslave the peoples of the world and this so-called pandemic is a major operation employed to advance it.  Make no mistake this "great reset" based on a pandemic was planned long in advance.  

7.  The founding fathers of the USA understood our fundamental right and desire to be free.  Our form of government was designed to protect the rights of INDIVIDUALS from tyranny.  Many operations in the 20th and 21st Century were orchestrated by men who do not share these ideals.  These events were conducted to nullify them and transfer power from the people to those in power.  The latest operation is COVID19.  This is a multi-phase operation and we are likely only in the beginning phases.  One thing is certain, we will never return to what we had come to know as "normal."  



October 25, 2020 ~  Communist in Office AKA Governor of California laid out the restrictions for celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends.  Among other things they include:

- Must be held *OUTSIDE* 

-Guests may use bathroom inside if sanitized

-Masks on while not eating 

-Singing “strongly discouraged”

-Max of two hours together

-6 feet *mandated* in all directions b/twn all at table & otherwise.


This is the new Amerika.  And most Americans believe this is all about containing a virus that they can't prove exists.  They are that gullible.  The sheeple really think it's OK for the government to tell the people who can come to their homes, how they sit, how they are to eat & drink, and for how long they can gather.  Outrageous!  There is so little outrage from the sheeple, who bought the scam hook line and sinker. The commies are laughing at our collective stupidity and how easy it was to pull off.  I have never been so ashamed to be an American than I am today.  ~ jp

October 22, 2020 ~  Many people are now aware of Event 201, the simulation exercise conducted in October 2019.  Segment 4 "Comunications Discussion & Epilogue" was all about censoring free speech and the methods that can be employed to that end.  Of particular interest, one of the means proposed was to "tap faith-based recruit them also."   Later in the segment, the point was raised again, this time in using religious leaders to help quell resistance to authoritarian dictates from the state: 


“It’s really critical to think about soft power influence…which is other influentials who can call up the head of state or powerful constituencies within those countries.. that we’ve seen this in the context of mobilizing religious leaders in the context of polio… or specific business leaders where you can soften perhaps a very hardline from government through less…more stealth entry points rather than trying to punish them through the international health regulations or something like that.”


What an interesting choice of word - Stealth.  If you want to sell a lie you get the most trusted organizations to sell it for you and that means so-called health experts, media, and church leaders.  Undoubtedly many of the hirelings I mentioned in yesterday's post have been "tapped" to keep their flocks in lock-step with the agenda.  ~jp

October 21, 2020 ~  Fr. Peter Heers just wrote a nice piece “Are Orthodox Christian Bishops Afraid of COVID, the Government, or Both?”  Fr's piece responds to the 10th annual meeting of the Assembly of Canonical Bishops in the USA and it’s document “A Message of Hope from the Assembly of Bishops.”


Fr. Peter offers much deserved criticism of these so-called canonical bishops for a bunch of misses and failures.  Among these, Fr. Peter calls these bishops out for the following:

  • Their lack of hope, which contrasts the title of their document

  • Being shown up by Donald Trump, who does a far better job of inspiring hope to Christians than them. 

  • Camouflaging their own fear of action by criticizing extremists on both ends and pretending to represent a “balanced” position.

  • Their rank hypocrisy in claiming to care about “the least of these” when the lock downs began but proving the opposite by their silence in the wake of what has proven to be highly destructive public health policies.

  • Failing to stand up for religious liberty

  • Failing to defend the the Church as “essential”

  • Setting a precedent for the Church's acquiescence to the state in all future crises. 

  • Deafening silence about upcoming vaccines, the so-called “new normal”, mask mandates in Churches, and Marxist rioting, looting, and subversion of an orderly society including Christian Churches.

Overall, Fr. Peter’s piece is timely and well written.  My only criticism of the article is that Fr. Peter is not harsh enough.  There comes a time when we need to forcibly cast out a money changer in the temple.  We are way past the time for patience with foxes guarding the hen houses.  Orthodoxy has been under assault from within for a very long time.  Too many Orthodox faithful are cocky, arrogant, and totally asleep.  They think that what happened to Roman Catholicism since Vatican II can’t happen to them.  They need to wake up man because its been happening for a very long time.  The New Calendar was imposed 100 years ago already.  That caused serious divisions throughout the Orthodox world and yet Orthodox Christians say it can’t happen to them?  They better wake up fast. 

Orthodox voices like Fr. Peter are doing great work but in my opinion they need to get tougher.  The bishops are showing their true colors and we need to recognize it.  The problem is deep.  These men are not dumb.  They are not ignorant of Orthodoxy.  They are not accidentally undermining the Orthodox faith.  They are not accidentally showing allegiance to the evil doers in governments.  They are hirelings!  COVID is the litmus test for the Church just as 911 is a litmus test for government officials.  You ask them, what is your position on lock downs and masks?  Their answer will tell you who they serve.  ~ jp

October 17, 2020 ~  In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit - May God bless all who visit this website, including random inquirers, friends, and even my enemies and detractors.  Lord Jesus Christ Son of the Living God have mercy on me, a sinner, and every single person who visits here.  May the Lord help us grow in faith and love on the path of truth and salvation.  Pray for me, a sinner.  ~jp


October 16, 2020 ~ It seems there is a lot to say these days.  Not enough hours in them.  Things are happening fast now.  Too many people around me are oblivious to what has happened, why it is happening, and where it is going.   I wish I could help them see this but it is extremely difficult to penetrate the dark spell that's been cast.  ~ jp 

October 15, 2020 ~ Very good documentary HERE

Share with those who profess the COVID Religion.  ~jp

October 15, 2020 ~  Readers of this site may want to read this Makow article. Is this leak a hoax?  Only time will tell.  But it's a fact the Canadian government is creating a network of COVID detainment facilities. When asked for details of these camps the government has refused to answer the peoples' questions.  Check out the Randy Hillier video HERE    What is most interesting to me is that these kinds of facts do not bother the people who have given themselves over to the new COVID religion.  There is a disconnect with these people even as they watch Communism revealed as the "new norm."  They like it, they want it, they are grateful to their rulers for their enslavement since it is "for their own good."  Remember when Communism came by bloodshed and was met with resistance?  That was old school.  Today it comes by deception and is met with applause.  I'm ashamed of Americans and I'm ashamed of most Christians. ~ jp


October 14, 2020 ~ In my 911 piece, I mentioned Ace Baker's fantastic multi-part documentary 911 the Great American Psy Opera.  I recently re-read it and noticed the link didn't work.  Again, parts 6 - 8 are essential viewing.  The whole 4-plus hour doc  is HERE.   

October 12, 2020 ~ New piece published - TRUE OR FALSE SAINT?

October 10, 2020 ~ I was reading an interesting Christian thread recently.  One of the bloggers was advocating for the mask mandate.  Others opposed him and it got pretty heated.  The person advocating for masks and vaccines was insulted a little bit and admonitions about not being "charitable" were made by some.   In some of these circles it is seen as "uncharitable" to inform a Communist sympathizer of what he is.  Yet many of these same kinds of people (particularly traditional Catholics) have no problem with the concept of putting heretics to death.... just as long as you don't call them bad names.  People need to understand that we are in a war.   This is not a small matter.  COVID Christians advocating for mask mandates have knowingly or unknowingly aligned themselves with enemies of truth and freedom.   They think they are doing good but they are under a delusion.   Christians, beware of these maskers.  They are not your friends.  These are of a spirit that will compel them to receive the mark and hand you over to the authorities.   ~jp  

October 8, 2020 ~ The COVID19 virus has yet to be proven to exist.  Don't take my word for it, ask the CDC.  Jon Rappoport dissects the situation in his latest article.  He writes:

"The CDC document is titled, “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.” It is dated July 13, 2020. (Link)  Buried deep in the document, on page 39, in a section titled, “Performance Characteristics,” we have this:


“Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA...”


The key phrase there is: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available…”


Every object that exists can be quantified, which is to say, measured. The use of the term “quantified” in that phrase means: the CDC has no measurable amount of the virus, because it is unavailable. THE CDC HAS NO VIRUS.


A further tip-off is the use of the word ‘isolates.” This means NO ISOLATED VIRUS IS AVAILABLE.







Ladies and gentlemen, I posted this because Rappoport is spot on as usual.  In his 200 plus articles since this scamdemic began, Jon blows it up.  Come on people, gathering a tissue sample from an infected person and isolating the virus should not be difficult. In fact, it's standard protocol for a new virus and this should have been done in China the moment they suspected that a new virus had emerged.  So why wasn't it done?  Lol.  This little problem should be THE story of 2020.  But you won't hear anything about it. You can read Rappoport's full article here.  ~ jp

October 7, 2020 ~ Regarding Pope Francis' latest papal encyclical "Fratelli Tutti" I really just listened to an R & R trad ask the question:  "Is this a valid encyclical?"  Yes this really happened.  And the endless debate over the authority of this encyclical shall now commence.   Oh come on man just give it up already.  ~ jp  

September 28, 2020 ~  This video is must-see for anyone who cares about truth and freedom in these dark times.  This is Peggy Hall's interview with attorney Tom Renz, the man with the stones to sue the governor of Ohio.  Tom Renz is the Jim Garrison of our times.  I hope readers of this site will support him and continue to pay very close attention to this case because the outcome will impact the lives of every American.  We are all victims of this massive fraud.  jp


September 28, 2020 ~ With the death of Justice witch RBG, talk is surfacing about Trump's nominee and the possibility of overturning Roe V Wade.  No chance.  Abortion is a necessary agenda for the elites.  They will never allow it to be overturned.  Not only does it help with their plan of population control but it is their ongoing daily spit in the face of Christianity.  Not going to happen.  


September 13, 2020 ~  For those not yet awake and who have no understanding of why COVID came and still sits on our chests, this article will be helpful. -jp

September 12, 2020 ~ Among those who call themselves mainline Orthodox Christian there are now two competing sets of beliefs.  Each person must choose a side.  You are either a COVID Christian or you are an Orthodox Christian.  You cannot be both.  The beliefs that coincide with the COVID religion are at odds with those of Holy Orthodoxy.  You will know each side by the consistency of their words and actions.  COVID Christians wear a new uniform, their clergy follow strange new rubrics, and their places of worship impose special orders that you must obey in order to enter.  -jp


September 11, 2020 ~ This is an important day.  For many people this was the event that woke them.  It also demonstrated that the right / left, republican / demoncrat paradigm is a farce.  With Trump, this truth somehow got buried again. Many people today believe Trump (the guy who built his Real Estate empire in hymietown and who starred on a television reality show just prior to his selection to the office of the presidency, and the guy who promised us that he would use our own military to administer the VaX when it arrives on the scene) is going to save us from the evils of the demon party.  Politics is a stage show folks, don't fall for it.  Trump can't save us from them- HE IS THEM.  

With the so-called pandemic, if it were real we would see and feel it all around us.  The smell of death would be in the air.  Sickly dying people would be everywhere in our circles.    This never happened.  It's a psychological operation - fear based mind control - an illusion.  - jp 

September 10, 2020 ~ I said that a new virus called COVID19 has never been proven to exist.  (I attempted to post a clip explaining the flaws in their scientific methodology but I was not able to link for some reason).  Jon Rappoport at is another source and there are others.   Think about this critically, IF a new virus has not been proven to exist then how can they test for it?  Moreover, how can pharmaceutical corporations create a vaccine for "it" if they don't know what the "it" is.  As for my statement that the pandemic is a fake, you don't have to be a qualified health professional to know this.  Look around you.  Where are all the deaths?  Where is the overwhelming strain on the health care systems?  Where are all the deathly sick people?  Since this whole thing began I have met only one person who claimed to personally know someone first hand who died of COVID19.  That person was an Orthodox priest and because he showed himself as married to the official narrative from day 1, I remain skeptical to say the least.  I have had several people say they know of someone who died of it, usually someone elderly at a nursing home but it has always been through 2nd hand sources.  Richie From Boston (RFB since banned by You Tube) had a subscriber base of 100,000 on his three channels  and claimed that he had not found anyone who claimed to be a first hand source for a COVID death.   My point is that even if a new virus called COVID19 does exist and is making people sick, or even if it has been the cause of many deaths, it is not a pandemic.  If it is not a pandemic then there is no emergency health crisis.  If there is no emergency health crisis then in addition to deducing a conclusion that government officials and media around the world are lying, all of the measures governments, corporations (including churches) are imposing  and enforcing are unjust, unlawful, and harmful.   This is called tyranny folks.  -jp

September 9, 2020~ There are two major points that I would like to emphasize about this so-called pandemic.  1.  There is no pandemic!  Regardless of whether there is even a newly discovered virus called COVID19, which has never been proven, it has not resulted in a pandemic.  The only things it has resulted in are mass hysteria and crippling of free societies.  The governors, including Governor Nero here in NY, are resetting the world order based on a lie.  They are using the word "pandemic" to justify declaring states of emergency which then allows them to override existing law and procedure.  The effect is that dictators are now ruling the states by executive order.  No legislative branch, no debate, no checks and balances exist.  When challenged they are able to justify themselves with the "state of emergency"  ruse.  It is a brilliant strategy and it's working but it is all a big lie.   Finally, a major law suit in the state of state of OH has been filed, not against the masks etc. but actually challenging the so-called state of emergency decree of the governor.  Our side is striking back.  Again, there is no pandemic nor is there a state of emergency.   2.  EVEN if there was a pandemic, and there is not, the response of the Orthodox churches was pathetic.  They closed churches and mandated "safety" protocols that undermine the faith in several key areas, some of which are outright blasphemy at worst and faithless stupidity at best.   So my problem with the Orthodox Churches in the USA is two-fold:  they followed the lies of the Communists in office and their media apparatus and they imposed ridiculous restrictions including the closing of churches and sterilization of Communion spoons etc.   This is a sign they are not operating with the guidance of the Holy Spirit who was promised by our Savior to lead us in all truth.  -jp 

September 7, 2020 ~  I hope my latest letter receives wide circulation among Orthodox believers.  This is not a joke. I've been sounding the warning bells for months.  It is mind blowing how so many people cannot discern what this is really all about.   This was a pre-planned coup.  It's the great reset our global planners have had in store for us and the so-called pandemic was merely the mode to usher it in.  Now listen very carefully to what I am going to tell you now.  If your priest and bishop are preaching "antisocial distancing" and requiring you to conform to the state Commie mandates then recognize it as a sign that they are not your true friends.  They cannot be trusted with the care of your soul.  They are receiving their marching orders from the Lodges and using the spiritual authority they posses over YOU to keep YOU in line.   -jp 

August 20, 2020 ~ This good man, Jesús Brea, took the time to make a video review my book.  English is found here.  Be sure to check him out on Facebook and Twitter, especially his music.  














August 12, 2020 ~ Readers of this site know I am an admirer of Brother Nathanael Kapner.   He is spot on with just about everything he posts and for that he has made enemies.  I just want to say that Bro Nate was personally helpful to me on my journey to Orthodoxy.  He even went so far as to put me in touch with his bishop in NY, with whom I spoke at length.  I am thankful for Bro Nate's support in the past and am happy to support him and his mission.  Unfortunately, I have found that the majority of the people with whom I have spoken in mainline Ortho churches do not share my sentiments.  They think he's a nutcase.  This is because mainline Orthos are to a great extent out of touch with what is really going on in the world and in the church.  No clue.    

August 7, 2020 ~  Reminder of what a priest should sound like today.  And where is our indignation?   

August 2, 2020 ~  Heroes come real cheap these days- that is if you accept the 4th branch of the American government's version of "hero."  Well, here is a real front lines hero:

August 2, 2020 ~  Check out Germany folks!  Think they had enough or what?

Two things need to start happening in the USA.  1. in the world, employers need to start standing up to the governors now.  They need to stop passing the problem on to the consumer by enforcing masks in their establishments.  Instead, unite with other businesses, hire constitutional attorneys sympathetic to our cause and stand up to these Communists.  2.  In the churches, stop supporting churches that impose these government mandates now.  Stop going and stop sending money.  Withholding money is an extremely powerful weapon to help save what we have left of this country and the freedoms upon which it was built.  Lastly, write to your bishops/ clergy and let them know you are not playing this game anymore and that your support will be on hold until further notice.  The churches need to rise up now.      

August 2, 2020 ~  So what was the purpose of staging the Floyd death and subsequent riots?  Remember, at that time, people were beginning to unite and protest against the lock-downs that were destroying businesses.  People uniting for a common cause is a frightful thing to a Communist cabal and they were ready.   The fake death of a black man by a white cop was designed to stop dead in its tracks any sort of unity among the masses and throw the country into mass chaos.  Meanwhile, Communism was marching full steam ahead.  The people will need to recognize they are being manipulated in order to have any chance of saving the country.  Right now, the fear campaign is winning.  It is unlikely people will be able to see what is really going on while they are in a constant state of fear.   Unfortunately it is getting worse, not better.  People are more brainwashed today than they were a month ago and every store is now mandating masks in order to purchase.  

On another note, I was conversing with an Orthodox friend recently.  I was asked if it is better to forego Holy Communion because of the church's COVID rules or to receive for the greater good of my soul.  My position is no and it is according to my conscience.  While I can certainly understand why people would choose to do so, I will not join them at this time.  This is America and there is a constitution that protects certain rights, some of which are inalienable such as to freely breathe.  How, when, where and why I worship is not up for discussion with government officials.  Therefore, I am not going to strap on a luciferian face diaper and "sign in" to practice my religion and I sure as hell am not going to send money to any church that imposes these restrictions. 

As my readers know, I am greatly disturbed by the actions of the canonical jurisdictions. That the Orthodox hierarchs have not recognized that the government has no authority to regulate, control, or monitor how we gather and worship is enough for me to avoid them.   Every inch acquiesced to the Communists is a yard more of tyranny soon to follow.   I see two possibilities for this wholesale sell out to tyranny and neither are cause for hope.  1.  They truly believe in the pandemic and the measures mandated to combat it.  This is a problem because as anyone can see, there is no pandemic.  But even if there were, it still could not cause them to impose regulations that blaspheme or undermine the faith such as forbidding venerating Icons and sterilizing spoons etc.  These hierarchs don't know this?  Really?  This is a spiritual battle taking place.  It has nothing to do with a virus.  If number one is true than the hierarchies cannot see this, which tells me they are not able to discern truth from lies and the works of light from darkness and it is a cause for great concern.   2.  They know the pandemic is a scam but they are doing their part to support it because their loyalty is to the brotherhood of darkness.   Either way, the faithful of these jurisdictions are in trouble.    They need to take a stand now.  This is just the beginning. 

August 1, 2020 ~  In my July 25th post I mentioned my conversation with a home aloner from the Spokane area who flew to Europe in search of the remaining Pius XII bishops.  That conversation was more than ten years ago.  After thinking about it I may have been wrong about the nature of the European flight.  He may have been in search of the remaining living bishops who were present at Vatican II but refused to sign the documents.  Anyway, the death of the last remaining Pius XII bishop in June of this year is still significant to Sedevacantism and the perpetuity of the church's 4th mark as it is certain that sede bishops do not  carry it.  Remember, there are Sedes who believe that once a heretic renounces his modernist heresies, he is automatically (ipso facto) reinstated into the hierarchy and this is what they were holding out hope for.  But the death of the modernist Bishop Bernardino Pinera Carvallo of Chile is the end of the line of licitly consecrated bishops in the RCC according to the 1958 school of Sedevacantism.  This will require some Sedes to push the vacancy forward a few years and accept John XXIII as the last true pope in order to buy more time.   

July 31, 2020 ~  I don't have an editor. I write when I'm inspired to say something.  Then, a few days later, I find typos and or sloppy grammar and have to clean it up.  

July 29, 2020 ~ Further commentary on tattoos.  As said, I don't like them for the reasons mentioned.  Yet, I have many friends who have tattoos.  I don't judge them for what they did in their pasts anymore than I would want to be judged for what I have done in mine.  My point  is that tattoos ought not to be intentionally displayed in dignified places like the temple of God.  I also believe that baptized Christians who continue to receive tattoos are somewhat disordered spirituality.  A rightly formed Christian conscience includes an attraction to virtues such as  modesty, purity, & humility and an aversion to their counter vices.  The present narcissistic "me culture"  and corresponding "get inked" mentality are symptoms of society's moral decay.   The solution is always repentance and continued conversion to Christ.  If we truly "put on Christ" we should find far more meaningful uses of our bodies.  

July 26, 2020 (evening) ~  Orthodox Churches take note:

July 26, 2020 ~  I also wanted to say a few words on my friend Jay Dyer.  Unlike many other people we all know, Jay is a guy I would characterize as being "himself."  This I find to be an admirable quality.  Many others spend much time trying to be someone other than who they really are in the public arena.  Jay lets it fly.  He's a real person and that says a lot.  Jay also has a great sense of humor and fun / playful side.  These personality traits open him up for attacks from his enemies, some of whom are consumed with envy.  For instance, it's easy to find an unflattering picture of someone like Jay because as I said, such a person isn't worried about being himself.  His detractors will use these things to mount ridiculous character attacks.  The last thing I'll say about Jay is that he is also unafraid to promote other people's work and to give credit to his sources.  Take a look at his long recommending reading list.  Jay always sources his quotes, never passes others' work off as his own, and selflessly offers his platform to a myriad of guests.   I appreciate Jay and the great work he does.   

July 26, 2020 ~ My friend Jerome posted all 4 parts of the interview of Archimandrite Savas Agioreitis by Fr. Peter Heers here

July 25, 2o20 evening ~ Regarding my July 10th post and criticism of canonical Orthodoxy, I want to clarify a few points.  First, I am no ultra pure saint. I have my vices and sins- too many of them it seems.  However, there is a certain expectation that goes with clergy.  These are the men Christians look to for guidance towards salvation.  Speaking for myself, I require a serious priest and by serious I mean he is serious about salvation.  Obviously, listening to a priest preach "social distancing" is not what I am interested in.  I spent most of my life in the Novus Ordo and I cannot recall knowing a serious priest until I went to a Sede chapel.  What a difference.  This was what I was looking for.  If priests and bishops are "of the world" then the people will soon be too.  Contrarily, priests serious about salvation and holiness will inspire laity to be like them.  Most people want to be morally and spiritually uplifted; we get enough of the world just being in it every day.  One of the biggest problems with Vatican II and the Catholic Church was that it flipped the script and became a church "of the world" instead of one which inspired souls to rise out of the world and up toward heaven.  I had enough of that baloney and when I see and experience it as I often do in canonical Orthodoxy, it upsets me.  

As for tattoos, I don't like them.  Never did.  I think this is a symptom of our narcissistic society.  Just like people on Facebook who post hundreds of selfies.  Something's wrong there.  But tattoos are a trend of a culture I detest and it's continuing slide into paganism, barbarism, and moral bankruptcy.  That being said, if people want to go ink up their bodies have at it.  But just don't proudly put your skin art on display in the Divine Liturgy.  Cover them up.  Nobody needs to see other people "express their individuality" in the Communion line.  It's offensive to some people.  One night I was so put off that I wrote an article called "mind if I fart and stink up the room?"  I didn't publish it.  My point was that seeing garbage can be as bad as smelling it.  

As for priests who smoke and drink?  Well, I drink.  But again, I am coming to the Church because I'm sick and need a doctor.  The priests stand in the place of Christ and are acting as his agents, which is why they are held to higher standards.  These secularized canonical Ortho Clergy need to clean it up (especially publicly) and get serious about not only their duties before God and man but especially the times we are living in.  People such as myself need to be inspired by faithful holy men who are serious about being priests, serious about the church they serve in, and serious about eternal salvation.  As the Lord said, nobody can serve two masters.  jp 

July 25, 2020 ~ On June 23, 2020, the last living bishop consecrated by Pope Pius XII, Bishop Bernardino Pinera Carvallo of Chile, died.  I thought this was a big story for tradcats so out of curiosity I perused a few leading tradcat websites for mention of this story and found nothing.  Pretty amazing when you consider that some of these guys don't fail to mention when Pope Francis uses the toilet and how long he stays in there but somehow they missed the official extinction of the Roman Church's Episcopal Order and 4th Mark - Apostolicity.  For at least one school of Sedes (Home Alone) this should be the end of their road trip.  To emphasize how important this was to Home Aloners, I recalled how back in my Sede days, I had a lengthy conversation with a Sede from the Spokane area who told me he borrowed Mel Gibson's private Jet and pilot to fly to Europe in search of these remaining bishops consecrated by Pius XII.  Well, now they're all gone.  But this will not be a problem for the majority Sede population since they already renounced Apostolicity the moment they aligned themselves with pseudo-bishops (men who stole episcopal consecrations).  Hopefully, at least a few of the Home Alone Sedes will wake up with this news.  

July 18, 2020~ All Orthodox Christians, especially clergy, who have been promoting the “Stay Home Stay Safe” mentality issued by the CIO (Communists in Office) owe the Church a serious apology.  You were deceived and helped the deceivers along by parroting their slogans & catch phrases and by enforcing antisocial conditioning in the places of worship.  You have scandalized and continue to scandalize the faithful by your blind obedience to corrupt leaders, including those evil doers planted in the Church who have been working to subvert it.

July 12, 2020 ~  Here is a good example of the abuse humans can expect to receive from masked pod-people when daring to go out in public without wearing a face diaper:

July 11, 2020 ~ A few of my thoughts on mandatory mask wearing.  Why are they imposing this ridiculous order?  Several reasons come to mind.  Here are a few of them:  1. Humiliation.   Nobody enjoys wearing a stupid face diaper.  Not only are they uncomfortable but they restrict breathing.  One of the goals of our owners has been to decimate us on all levels.   All these restrictions and orders are breaking us down and that is exactly what they intend to do.   2.  Conditioning.  We have reached a stage where you cannot have a normal life unless you comply with the mask rule and we are going to have to accept this.  Massive pressure is being put on businesses to force customers to wear them or refuse them entry and services.  This creates self-policing and forced compliance in preparation for what is to come.  As it now stands, nobody will be able to travel, buy, or enter public buildings unless they wear a mask.   Today it is just a mask and tomorrow it will be a vaccine.  The mask rule is a precursor for this and it is slowly conditioning us for obedience to corrupt authority in order to function in society.  Conditioning (brainwashing) is also one of the reasons we are starting to see aggression from mask wearers against those who refuse to wear one.  I myself have already had a few confrontations in shopping centers with other customers.  Thankfully none of them escalated to violence but I can tell you this is going to happen sooner than later as the relentless conditioning (mind control) campaign reaches its intended effect on the masses. Many mask wearers will immediately detest non-mask wearers (humans) because they will believe they are selfish people who don't care about causing sickness to other people and they will see it as their patriotic duty to kick your ass or at least verbally assault you for "putting lives in danger."   We saw this phenomenon with Americans after 911.  Backlash against Muslims and middle eastern people hit a feverish pitch following the 911 hoax.  I told my wife that it is getting to the point that we are putting ourselves at risk of physical assault by not wearing masks in public. 


Dear readers, the fact is this mask "mandate" (see the great work of Peggy Hall on YouTube) has absolutely nothing to do with preventing the spread of a virus. If you haven't figured this out by now then you are a brainwashed fool who cannot discern the signs of these particular times.  For the awake out there, get ready for worse things to come, especially if your governor is a Democrat.  

July 11, 2020 ~  One particular parish in a local Orthodox jurisdiction was actually founded by

Freemasons.  This info I was able to ascertain by researching obituaries.  And of course the families of these founding Masons are still active in that parish.  I am mentioning these facts from my experiences thus far so converts who think they are escaping the Masons of modernist Rome are made aware that this problem is systemic in Orthodox Churches just the same.  You are not going to escape this problem in the Orthodox Church at this point in time.    In fact, the whole Old Calendar VS New Calendar only exists because a Freemason rose to the level of Patriarch in 1923 and imposed the calendar change on the Greeks.  

July 10, 2020 ~ I regret that I have not written much over the past few months.  Sorry to my regular readers.  I have a ton of things I want to write but little time to do it.  My thoughts for today continues my June 30 post. 


I have experienced many Orthodox churches including at least two Old Calendarist churches at length.  One of the first things I experienced in the mainline "canonical" churches is a spirit I was all to familiar with in the Novus Ordo. Both clergy and the laity are (generally speaking) close to those you would find in a typical Novus Ordo parish.  What does this mean?  I mean they are worldly / secularized.  Warm, fuzzy, friendly people but also secularized.  This  worldly spirit permeates these churches.  This is why I have promoted Fr. Peter Heers' work here.  He is speaking a language that the mainline churches do not comprehend.  In fact, in many respects, he is preaching a faith that the mainline Ortho churches do not comprehend.   That is why he is now taking flak from these jurisdictions. 

In these canonical jurisdictions you will certainly find your share of members who believe Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy represent the two lungs of the one Church.  You will also find impious dress, bodily tattoos displayed in Liturgy, smoking & drinking clergy, those who think nothing of communing in churches that the Orthodox Church is not in communion with (Armenian, Coptic, etc.) and a disinterested clergy who know this and say nothing.  Of course, we see the secularized mentality of the Ortho clergy on full display since the COVID scam was perpetrated upon us.  In fact, the first time I heard the words "social distancing" came NOT from the media or a politician but from my parish priest who was all too obvious about his true allegiances.   In many of these churches you will also find your fair share of Freemasons.  These are considered upstanding members of the parish and may even sit on the parish council.  Yes, Masons are communed and buried.  When you ask your priest about the fasting schedule because you are enthusiastic about following your new faith you might hear something like "well, I am not the fasting police."   You will even find women reading the Epistles in DL, in some cases the woman may not even be Orthodox.  You will peruse Facebook pages of your fellow Orthodox parishioners and discover that they are proudly promoting Communist organizations such as BLM and gender neutral ideologies.   You will see all of these things and more at your local "canonical" jurisdiction just like you will in the Novus Ordo.  I know this because I have.  So it should be no surprise when you find these same secularized clergy enforcing all the social distancing guidelines and forbidding certain practices which express the truths of the Orthodox faith.  If you are a Trad Cat converting, just remember that you will find the same disease in Orthodox Churches today that you are fleeing from.   Much more could be said and perhaps in time I will say them.  I wish the news were better.   jp

June 30, 2020 ~  Orthodox Church is just as compromised as the Roman Church.  Watching these jurisdictions fold one by one.  In some local churches you have to "sign in" for contact tracing and practice all the social distancing BS.  Many Orthodox think this is all good.  An indication of the pitiful level of secularization of Christians today.    

June 29, 2020 ~  I'm offering a little help.  Ask a Sedevacantist to define "Apostolic" and see if it jives with the Church's teaching.  According to sedes, Apostolicity is NOT contradicted by A) "bishops" who lack power to teach, govern and sanctify the Church or B) an episcopacy that disappeared more than half a century ago.   If anyone does not understand why both proposition equal defection of the church before you try to explain it to them then it's probably not worth  your time debating the subject.  It's like trying to argue with an R & R trad about whether a Vicar of Christ must also be a Catholic.   

June 29, 2020 ~  I just read a twitter thread involving a Sedevacantist disciple of the Dimond sect.  Apparently his opponent was a former supporter who was poking holes in the sect member's positions. For example, he pointed out how his sect doesn't have an episcopacy.   Game over right there.  As I was breezing through the thread I wondered why this guy was even wasting time with a MHFM disciple?   I've said it before and will say it again: any Sedevacantist, and I do not care to what tribe he or she belongs, who cannot name a single bishop in the entire free world who possesses the power to teach, govern, and sanctify the flock of Christ does not understand Roman Catholicism period.  HINT: That's ALL Sedevacantists.  For this reason alone Sedevacantism = DEFECTION.      

June 28, 2020 ~  I've been watching this dude (RFB) for the past few months  

May 25, 2020 ~Do NOT wear a mask in public unless you absolutely must.  





May 23, 2020 ~  One of the things I value most in life in America is freedom of speech.  That's why I have this website.  I like to speak my mind on controversial issues.  Contrarily, I do not like being told that I cannot speak my mind and I think censorship = communism.  That being said, and against the advice of some Orthodox Christians, I wanted to speak my mind on the closing of churches and shutting off of the Holy Mysteries during this pandemic.  Pathetic is the first word that comes to my mind.  The other day I was waiting for a Dr. apt. thinking about the cowardice of the Orthodox bishops who closed the churches.  Do they realize what their message is to the faithful?  It is that Churches and Mysteries (Sacraments) are dispensable, inessential, and dangerous to human health.  We should and must, as responsible citizens, shut church down for our safety.  The most important messages emanating from the hierarchy are "stay home and stay safe" and "at any cost do not offend your neighbor, especially those who are not Orthodox."  What a complete joke this has been and my feelings would be no different if the pandemic was real.   This entire situation has placed me at odds with at least one local priest and it's tragic.  I made two posts by Fr. Peter Heers because he is one of only a few Orthodox clergy standing up and teaching Orthodoxy instead of secular fear-mongering nonsense.   ~ jp


May 17, 2020 ~  I just added this video below.  Mr. Dershowitz has news for all US Citizens.  

May 16, 2020 ~ I wear my face mask in my car


May 9, 2020 ~ Once again Father Peter Heers puts out an important reflection on current events:




April 29, 2020 ~  The following video is another "must-see."  Two MDs give a press conference on COVID19.  Predictably, YOUTUBE pulled the video because these MDs contradict the fear-mongering agenda.  Here are two links where this interview can still be watched for the time being:

April 28, 2020~ Yesterday I saw two different people driving alone wearing a mask.  What the ...%$@! Presumably to prevent infecting themselves?  Also, yesterday, I was in Home Depot checkout line without a mask.  When I arrived at the clerk and touched the same checkout equipment that the last guy touched, I heard some jerk way back (due to mandatory 6 ft customer spacing) yell out "no mask!!"   I didn't say anything only because I didn't feel like starring in a YouTube video brawling over a mask in public.   But here is where we have arrived in 2020.  Invasion of the Body Snatchers.  If you go out without a mask the pod people will point you out &  alert the others that a human has been spotted!     

April 26, 2020 ~ There has been talk about the SSPX sexual abuse scandals.  No surprise to me.  One talking Sede head is trying to say this sort of thing isn't found in Sedevacantist circles but only in the SSPX & Novus Ordo.  Not so.  I was in the Traditional Catholic movement.  This kind of problem exists there too.  I could drop a few names but that's not my M.O.  Refuting Sedevacantism should be enough to keep people away from that cast of characters.


April 21, 2020 ~ The below link was removed by YouTube.   Here is an alternative link:

Must see video.  Let the naysayers scared to death for their precious safety from the flu spend some time reading the Rockefeller document she cites and wake the hell up.  

April 19, 2020 ~  Step by step, inch by inch, it's coming...

April 18, 2020 ~ After several years recommending Orthodox reading & video material against the claims of the Roman church as well as LARPing Ortho watchdog, another self-appointed “exposer” and YouTuber  (who I won’t name) finally found his true calling and defected to “traditional” Catholicism.  Now he’s on a mission to attack the Orthodox Church and convert people to some version of "traditional" Catholicism.  So far he hasn’t disclosed which schismatic traditional catholic sect he joined but his reasons for defecting were made clear.   He wrote:

“There are serious doctrinal and historical problems with Eastern Orthodoxy. Even among the Orthodox, there is no agreement if the distinction between energy and essence is formal or material. Their system is a mess. This is what happens when you don't have the head of the church.”

Someone should tell this confused lost brother that traditional Catholics have been in schism with the past 6 heads of the Roman church since the mid-20th Century.  But perhaps it's better to let him figure that one out for himself.   For now,  what is important to this man are 3D statues that you can actually feel and hug as opposed to the simple 2-dimensional Icons used in the Orthodox Church for 2,000 years and lots of marian apparitions.  In his latest video he claims “Our Lady” of LaSallette predicted the Coronavirus.   Wow.  So this man threw the Orthodox faith into the trash in exchange for marian apparitions including at least one that was condemned by the traditional Catholic Church.  This is a spiritual tragedy.  Judging by his video history of “exposing” others and his present choice of company (a sect he once criticized as not operating on the “Love Frequency”) it shouldn’t take long before he starts “exposing” traditional Catholics.   That’s what this guy is all about.  He’ll fit right in with that crowd.  This should serve as a lesson for all of us of what can happen to people who spend more time “exposing” others than working out their own salvation.  Don’t be surprised if he goes sola scriptura Protestant after his honeymoon with Rome ends.  Kyrie Eleison.    

April 15, 2020 ~ Here is how the game is played.  First the government creates a pandemic and uses its other arm in the media to work everyone up into frenzy.  Once most of the population is too scared of the boogie man to leave their homes or breathe open air (unless to tattletale on their neighbors) and the other portion of the population gets so pissed off that they rally and protest to get their lost freedoms back, the next phase is ready for delivery.  This is all anticipated.  Then comes the laws and “health” mandates they wanted all along. 

April 13, 2020 ~ Ladies and gentlemen, have you figured out what is really going on yet?  This has nothing to do with a virus.  This is a coup.  We're going down.   

March 31, 2020 ~  "It's better to die on your feet than on your knees" ~ Statement from President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus regarding the government responses to the Corona Pandemic.   

March 31, 2020~ People fall for the same lie time and again.  I'm going on record saying that this so-called pandemic is a fake.  Yeah there is probably a virus and it is killing people but so does the flu- every year!  So does heart disease and stroke and diabetes and cancer and automobile accidents.  Get the point?  Look, I've been watching this thing unfold with great interest because I suspected it was a psyop from day one.  I recognized the signs.  Each day I grow more confident in that suspicion.  Entire countries and states are now under lock-down & surveillance by our corrupt governments because of a flu.  People are out of their minds with hysteria and panic just like they were with 911.  I've seen this script before.  I lived through it.  Congratulations to Henry Makow PhD for nailing it with another timely article "911 Again- We're Trapped on the 94th Floor."  People need to wake up.  This is a coup.  

March 30, 2020 ~  Orthodox convert Reader Paul Trinca had some wise words about CV19 and Masonry in his latest FB post.  I'm linking it here.   



















** Many Orthodox Churches are suspending services due to the threat of a virus.  This greatly disappointments me.  Should faith bow down before the world?  Never.  Open the Churches!  Let the government officials come and arrest us. 

March 21, 2020 ~ Dean Koontz's 1981 novel "The Eyes of Darkness" was about a bio-weapon Coronavirus pandemic that originates in a Wuhan military lab.  See HERE.  This reminded me of the Oklahoma City Bombing.  A few years prior to the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building, the governor's brother wrote a novel titled "The Final Jihad" in which the story and characters of the real bombing mirrored.  see HERE.    


March 18, 2020 ~  Update from France:


"President Macron went on television last night and stated we’re at war with “COVID-19” so that he could shut everything down, including the borders, and forcing citizens to stay home except for 3 things: getting groceries, gas, and/or medical related assistance / necessities. As of noon today if someone plans on leaving their residence they need to fill out a form stating that they’re going out to do one of those three things and if they get caught socializing or doing anything else than those 3 things, by the patrolling police, then there is a hefty fine to pay. Repeat violators can even be arrested. Oh, there is a 4 thing that doesn’t need any permission; which is walking the dog but not speaking with anyone.  The stores here are in the same shape as those in the US (and Venezuela J) … the shelves are empty. My wife went to the store this morning, arriving a half hour before opening time and there was already a long line of people waiting to get in. And then they were only allowing a few people to go inside at a time, which meant that it took over two hours to do what normally can be done in 15 minutes. The grocery stores are loving this pandemic as they’re selling out everything they put on the shelves. People are hoarding commodities. It’s really causing a panic in some parts of the country."

March 17, 2020 ~ Based on the reports I have read, the CV does not warrant the kind of gestapo lock-down we are now experiencing, not just in the US but abroad.  If the seasonal flu is more lethal than the CV, then the reaction phase thus far is disproportionate to the problem by a long shot.  Therefore, it is most reasonable to ask the question: is something far bigger about to go down?     

March 15, 2020 ~ Corona Virus.  All indications are that our lives about to change significantly...again.  Not due to the virus itself but rather the solution.  Problem-Reaction-Solution.  Virus created (Problem) generates hysteria & panic (reaction) calls for the next level of control / mandatory compliance on numerous levels (solution).  It is my opinion that this new global threat is no accident.  David Icke gives what I think is an excellent analysis here.  

March 12, 2020 ~ Those who are chasing apparitions & miracles and allowing them to determine their faith positions have been deceived.  It is spiritual delusion.  Almost all tradcats are in this state.  In these days, probably more so than any time in history, that road is deadly. 

February 24, 2020 ~  Case studies on how the Catholic church handled public heresy in history here.

February 13, 2020 ~  “We, then, both priests and people, have a right to know whence our pastors have received their power. From whose hand have they received the keys? If their mission comes from the apostolic see, let us honor and obey them, for they are sent to us by Jesus Christ, who has invested them, through Peter, with His own authority. If they claim our obedience without having been sent by the bishop of Rome, we must refuse to receive them for they are not acknowledged by Christ as His ministers. The holy anointing may have conferred on them the sacred character of the episcopate: it matters not; they must be as aliens to us, for they have not been sent, they are not pastors.” ~ Dom Guéranger


“Those who invent doctrines unheard of before are not the successors of the Apostles. Novelty and error are children of the same father - the father of lies. Those who have lost the line of valid ministers leading back to apostolic times cannot plead the possession of Apostolicity. Where there is no ordination, no priesthood, no authority, no power, Apostolicity is out of the question. Even if valid orders exist, where jurisdiction is lacking there is no real Apostolicity. Schism, as well as heresy, destroys apostolic succession. [The Pillar and Ground of the Truth by Father Thomas Cox (Imprimatur and Copyright, 1900), page 173]


“...bishops who have been neither named nor confirmed by the Apostolic See...enjoy no powers of teaching or of jurisdiction since jurisdiction passes to bishops only through the Roman Pontiff.” Pius XII Ad Apostolorum Principis

February 8, 2020 ~  In my book Q & A written a few years ago, I mentioned the very real possibility that the sede movement could be part of the controlled opposition.  At some point in the future I will share my reasons.   

February 8, 2020 ~ If any former tradcats proficient in Church Latin would like to translate some texts into English contact me at   

February 7, 2020~  WHO SENT YOU?  All Sedevacantists relegate the church's 4th mark - Apostolic - to the realm of accidents.  Amazingly, these sects actually convince their disciples that the episcopal order with both formal and material elements is unnecessary to the church of Christ.  Who needs bishops right?  Authority?  You mean there must always be people who hold mission to teach, govern, and sanctify the church?  Nah, that was just something the church needed to get off the ground in its beginning but it is not so needed anymore right?  Fools.  Anyone who teaches this nonsense is a stupid ass.  The sede who claims the church has neither A. bishops with the ordinary power of the apostles (Mission & Jurisdiction) or B. no identifiable bishop in the free world proves that he does not understand Roman Catholicism period.  The Church was founded on authority.  Therefore, always ask the fool who his bishop is and how he has jurisdiction.  If he can't name a bishop or prove that such a bishop has the church's indefectible 4th mark Apostolicity (both orders and authority), and you choose to follow the sect then you are a damn fool too.  In that case you and the heretic deserve each other.  If you want to be a Roman Catholic then you have an OBLIGATION, and this is not a helpful tip or suggestion but an absolute mandate, to ask anyone who comes at you claiming to speak or teach on behalf of the Church "WHO SENT YOU?"  This is how you will expose a fraud in just 3 words.   


PS ... be prepared to hear this asinine Sede response "but this is the great apostasy and its been foretold."  No it is not foretold that the church would lose any of those things that belong to its essential constitution.  And it sort of annoys me that I still have to tell knuckleheads who ought to know better by now that authority is one of those things that belongs to the church's essence and can never be wanting. Not for an hour, a day, a week, or 65 years.  That's what essential means people.  If the church could lose apostolicity then it would be defectible and it certainly wouldn't be the church founded by Christ.  Now today, with rare exception, even the Sede clergy will tell you they have zero authority.  These men, by their own admission, are not sanctioned by the Church to teach, govern, and sanctify.  In other words they are not RC bishops because they lack what is essential to the episcopal order in a church that claims to be one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.  Hello?  Starting to get it yet?  If not then you are probably not someone who can be helped.  Look, if you are a sedevacantist and cannot account for the living ,visibly united, apostolic government of the RCC, with provable, indisputable continuity with the Diocese of Rome, then you got nothing.  Zip, zero, nada and I can't believe I am arguing points so fundamental to Roman Catholicism that even Pope Pachamama Francis wouldn't dispute.  


February 2, 2020 ~  I received a petition to open up the debate floor with a certain Sedevacantist again.  The writer claims to be wrestling with Sedevacantism VS Orthodox Christianity.  Here is a portion of my response to the guy: 

My arguments against Sedevacantism are grounded in the indefectibility of the church...  As for Orthodoxy, I don't debate it with trads.  Not that I couldn't but I don't see the point in debating Orthodoxy against schismatics whose existence validates Orthodoxy even before any arguments are heard.  The only debate that would make sense to me would be between a real Roman Catholic under the pope and an Orthodox Christian.  But that debate would be over as soon as the Orthodox Christian starts getting into Vatican II. 

January 23, 2020 ~  The Sedevacantist movement is showing signs of collapsing.  Many of the gatekeepers / establishment are in damage control mode. In desperation they are pumping out anti-Orthodox videos in order to frighten TradCats from looking East.  Why? Because they know when people open themselves up to truth they will find a door that leads out of the darkness they hold them in.  Meanwhile their disciples have been instructed to bombard social media in order to recruit newbies and replace their depleting numbers. 

Orthodox Christians, if you find yourselves tangled up with an individual Sede who keeps coming at you, remember that he is a victim of a spiritual sickness and needs help.  While these people must be refuted with sound doctrine and truth (at times harshly since this is the only language they comprehend)  in most cases that is not enough.  They require deliverance.  Refute his arguments (if that is your thing) but the most effective refutation is one that employs prayer.  Many of these fanatical Sedes will one day be Orthodox Christians but do not underestimate the real enemy of truth which is not flesh and blood.  This is not to say that you should continuously engage the same heretic; once may be all that is required.  But if every Orthodox Christian says a short prayer for the conversion of the next Sede he encounters, that individual Sedevacantist will be prayed for many times over in due time.  A simple prayer like "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on that soul and save him" is all that is required.  This is how the Sede Virus will be conquered and the Orthodox Church will continue to grow.  It has already begun.  

* In addition, let the sedevacantists provide a magisterial teaching that instructs or permits Catholics to break unity with the Roman see.  This teaching will not be found in post-East - West schism Roman Catholicism because it does not exist.  Roman Catholic knows that unity with the Roman see is a mandatory external criterion in all times and places as it is rooted in the indefectibility of the church.   Conversely, breaking unity with the Roman see is always an external criterion for schism.   


As I wrote before, if one cannot in good conscience maintain unity with the apostolic see it is because 1. he is in error or 2. the see defected from the faith.  If number 1 then the schismatic must confess and enter into communion at once.  If number 2, then he adds the sin of heresy to his sin of schism for denying the indefectibility of the church.  As my good friend at the Crossroads warns at the end of all of his video productions "What you believe will decide the road you take...the choice is yours to make...choose wisely, your salvation depends on it."   

January 15, 2020 ~  The next sedevacantist teacher / preacher / prophet who claims that his sect possesses the three external bonds of unity is either ignorant or outright lying to stay in business.  He can't possess them.  Schism by nature rejects the foundation of unity.  Schismatics will claim they do not reject this foundation but in praxis they do for they do not hold communion with the Roman see.  

January 14, 2020 ~  Sedevacantist apologist Steve Speray just published a post on the papacy.  The gist of the post is that anti-sedes fail to make the proper distinctions.  What's funny is that Speray's article omits two-thirds of the doctrine of unity.  Speray mentions unity of faith (which sedes still lack) but where's the rest?  How come Speray didn't mention that there are three external bonds of unity in the RCC?  It wouldn't be because Sedevacantists cannot account for them now would it?     


Here's a "proper distinction" that Speray conveniently omitted from his piece: 


"For this reason, as the unity of the faith is of necessity required for the unity of the church, inasmuch as it is the body of the faithful, so also for this same unity, inasmuch as the Church is a divinely constituted society, unity of government, which effects and involves unity of communion, is necessary jure divino."  ~ Satis Cognitum

Oops.  Speray failed to mention a couple of things.  Unfortunately these belong to the essential constitution of the RCC.  Huge omissions like this are inexcusable.  This is why nobody should follow, trust, or support a sedevacantist.    

“This established, the reason becomes evident why the constitution of the church is papal, not simply Presbyterian or episcopal, and why the church of Rome must be regarded as the mother and mistress of all the churches.  The Church as visible must have a visible centre of unity, a central visible life from which all in the visible order takes its rise.  But without the pope and the Roman see, made one in spiritual marriage, this visible centre, this visible central life is not conceivable. Without the papal constitution, there would be nothing in the visible order to represent the invisible unity; which would be tantamount to saying that there is no visible church at all.  But this again would, on the principles we have established, be saying that there is for us no medium of access to the invisible church, and therefore there is and can be no spiritual regeneration or new birth.  We should be as to the spiritual life, practically, as if Christ had not been incarnated, and there were no church.  It follows from this that the papacy is fundamental, essential to the very conception of the church in the visible order; and without it, the visible church could neither be nor be conceived.” ~ Orestes Brownson


January 8, 2020 ~ Ask any Sedevacantist why they are not in communion with the Roman see and you will learn that they cannot really answer the question without contradicting themselves.  It is probably the one question they hate more than any other.     

For Christmas my wife bought me  "The Fix Is In: The Showbiz Manipulations of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NASCAR " by Brian Tuohy.  Good book for people who want to be red-pilled on college and pro sports.   As a Buffalo sports fan, I'm tempted to start my own show where people in this town can go for honest debate and commentary.  Sports enthusiasts should have an independent platform.  The radio guys and beat reporters of major sports franchises are shills.  Like all media in the modern world, their job is to control what you think and stymie critical thinking and dissenting opinions.  Local sports coverage is a sham; these folks are in bed with players, managers, and owners.   Former Bill Steve Tasker seems to be picking up on the funny business.  Lately he's been dropping little remarks on his program about last minute NFL heroics and officiating.  Be careful Steve or you might be looking for a job.      

January 1, 2020 ~ I've been saying for many years the time is quickly approaching that we will no longer be able to have access to many freedoms that we have all enjoyed.  All of us who lived through the truth movement era were privileged to see and learn so many things that were not available to previous generations.  Throughout the years I have told people with whom I corresponded to make hard copies and DVDs of the great writings and documentaries from these years because one day soon they will all be gone.  In my state of New York, people who stand on biblical principles of truth and or have different opinions on secular historical events will be made into bigots and haters.  You will not be able to exercise the freedom of speech and you will be trained on how to think "correctly."  Even many alternative health care sites that used to exist are disappearing.   Authors, writers, bloggers etc. will have to monitor their own work for potential "hate speech."   Those who refuse to comply will face criminal prosecution.   

December 31, 2019 ~ As I say often, in the ongoing war between Sedevacantists and Recognize & Resist traditionalists, both sides are often right and wrong.  While doing some research for some upcoming writings, I visited Sedevacantist apologist Steven Speray's blog in search of one particular post he wrote against the "Recognize & Resist" authors of "True or False Pope."  In that post, Speray caught the R & R apologists distorting the meaning of "public defection from the faith" as found in Canon 188.4 of the 1917 code of canon law.  In sum, John Salza & Robert Siscoe claimed that "public defection" is only applicable to Catholics who formally and intentionally join a non-Catholic religion or sect.  But as Steve proves in his post found HERE, Salza & Siscoe are wrong, at least according to the sources Speray cites in the article.  One need not formally join a non-Catholic sect to be considered a public defector from the faith.  Whether or not Salza & Siscoe conceded this point to the Sedevacantist I do not know, but if not, they really should.  Good work by Speray on this one.  Now if we can just get Speray to admit that public defection of the Roman see including the Roman Pontiff and all the bishops, priests and people conjoined with him in the unity of the faith and communion makes himself a heretic and a schismatic ...     


December 28, 2019 ~  Sedevacantism can be refuted in a number of ways, not just one.  It is a smoke and mirror position that is very easily exposed once you know some fundamentals.  Most of the newbie Sede recruits (often post-pubescents who watched a recruitment video) do not know the basics and they will not learn them from their cult leaders.   But they are going nowhere fast.  Eventually most of them will figure out that Sedevacantism has always been at the service of the Orthodox Christian Church.  Then they will thank God for allowing them to travel the tradcat road in order to find it.  

December 26, 2019 ~ In case anyone is wondering, all proceeds from book sales are being deposited into a fund for the upcoming sedevacantist conclave to be held at my home.  

December 25, 2019 ~ Christ is Born- Glorify Him!

December 24, 2019 ~  Last week Jay Dyer debated Giuseppe "Kurgan" Filotto found here.  I never heard of Filotto until the pre-fight hype.  He's a Sedeprivationist (Partial-Pope theorist).  This ridiculous position is that popes exist without the Primacy.  Why? Because then they can claim material papal succession exists and that a bunch of heretics can elect a true pope one day.  In other words it is a theory that extends the fantasy.  As for the debate, Giuseppe had no business stepping into that ring.  After weeks of trash talking and insulting Jay (and me) and working the crowd up in anticipation of a blockbuster fight the guy showed up and shit himself in the ring.  From what I read, even Sedevacantists were embarrassed that such a poor candidate attempted to represent them.  Some of the things this guy is saying is unbelievably embarrassing.  For just one example, “all bishops are part of the Roman Curia.”  He actually showed up to the debate not knowing what Denzinger was.  Yet, in one of his extremely arrogant pre-debate videos against Dyer, this guy says he has a plan to restore the Catholic Church.  No doubt people will follow him.  Even now, after his embarrassing performance in the Dyer debate the man's mouth keeps running.  That's because his ego far surprasses his comprehension of his own stated positions and his narcissistic personality disorder prevents him from realizing it.  Dyer spoke the truth at around the 35 min. mark when he said “this guy is off the charts arrogant.”  Yep.  Textbook narcissist folks.  I hope Kurgan keeps coming because people like him best expose Sedevacantism for what it is- delusion, prelest, vanity.  

December 23, 2019 ~ I don’t spend much time on Recognize & Resist traddies.  It’s not that their positions don’t require refutation, they do, but in my opinion, the Sedevacantists do it well enough without my input.  Moreover, as I wrote in my book, I never really struggled with R & R like I did with Sedevacantism so my interest in that was never there.  I saw disobedience to the Holy See as folly very early on and this has never changed.  If individuals, subordinates including laymen have to sift the teachings of the Holy See then the raison d'être of this institution is obsolete.  I don’t care how many hundreds of pages one can procure in defense of this absurd position, it is ass-backwards nonsense to me and always will be.  There are only two choices: complete and full submission to Vatican II / Holy See or schism.  Everything else is a garbage position that can only fool people who are excessively hormonal and suffer deficiency in comprehension of the church’s essential constitution.    

December 19, 2019 ~  As 2019 winds down I have a lot of things on my mind, some of which I hope to record as articles.  I enjoy writing because it helps people, especially other authors who “borrow” my work.  In fact I have a few new pieces in the works that might come out just in time to make it into a new 3-part R & R book I understand is in production. 


On another note, a while back a Sedevacantist prophet posted a link to some writings by Orestes Brownson that supposedly refuted Orthodox Christianity.  At that time I pointed out that Brownson's work on the constitution of the Church annihilates schismatic Sedevacantists.  Sedevacantism, just like Protestantism, is essentially a philosophical error that assumes that unity of type is sufficient for unity of composition. Sedevacantists do not quite understand in what unity consists or they would easily see why their position destroys it.   If I find time I’d like to explain this in more detail and prove that the only remedy for Sedevacantists to be Roman Catholic is to abandon their schismatic positions and align themselves with Vatican II and the Roman Pontiff.     

December 8, 2019 ~ It’s funny (to me) when Sedes (usually newly infected) criticize me with statements like “Pontrello doesn’t understand the Catholic Church or Sedevacantism” when with few exceptions I can argue their positions better than they can.   Some of the newbies don’t realize that once upon a time I was a deeply invested Sedevacantist just like them.  Somewhere around my house I have several large banker boxes filled with material including a huge folder containing letters I wrote in defense of the sect as well as "urgent" conversion appeals.  I pray that these deluded people will soon realize that I left Sedevacantism when I realized Sedevacantism could not save Roman Catholicism; it exposes it.  

Sylvia Brown pandemic.jpg

December 3, 2019 ~  Jay Dyer recently did a nice presentation on Sedevacantism that featured my book found here: .   Evidently this provoked some Sedevacantist backlash.   Now Jay better watch out because cyber assassin Dr. Evil is coming after him.  Even more scary  is Dr. Evil's weapon - Partial Pope Theory (popes without Peter's Mojo).    









December 2, 2019 ~  I have two new pieces near completion.  The first is on the subject of "perpetual succession."  The 2nd piece addresses theologian Dorsch on the See of Rome during papal interregnums.   My plan is to have these completed and published in the near future. 

November 23, 2019 ~ November book sales have now exceeded September.  Again, many thanks to all the people who purchased and recommended The Sedevacantist Delusion over the past 4 plus years.  Special mention belongs to Jay Dyer and the Crossroads at 23rd Street- two individuals who helped put my unknown self-published book on the map.  Be sure to check out their work at and  And visit their You Tube channels.

November 11, 2019 ~  Here are a few snippets of an email I recently sent to an individual: 

....As I said to you previously, I am not a guide for Orthodox Christians (where to go, what to do, apologetics, instruction, etc.)  Others have come to me for advice on the Orthodox Church and I have declined and advised them to go to the Church for the help they need.  I said as much to you.  I write because I like to write but I don't pretend to be anything more than a layman with an opinion.  I am an Orthodox pilgrim whose present mindset is that I should be instructed not instruct.  


You asked for my opinion and I gave it to you.  I said I believed you were on the right path.  If you want to learn then you should really get off the tradcat blogs and actually experience the Orthodox faith by participating in the life of the church.  Attend Saturday Vespers and Divine Liturgies etc.  If Orthodoxy does not appeal to you then you are searching for something other than the original Christian gospel....


...Just remember you have to work out your own salvation like me.  Go back to the traditional Catholics if that is where your heart is but just don't come back to me with their poison.  I am really not interested in listening to rash judgments and criticisms of the Orthdox Church from cynical sedes and disgruntled tradcats who know nothing about the Orthodox faith.  These fools do not even understand Roman Catholicism but yet they're out there "debunking" Orthodoxy.  I warned you to stay away from those people.  Other than this there is nothing more I can offer you at this time....    

Dr. Evil.jpg

November 4, 2019 ~ A central government belongs to the essential constitution of the RCC.  This government which possesses apostolic authority is indefectible.  Ask any sedevacantist where the government of the RCC is today and where it has been for the past 61 years.  The moment you realize that  he cannot provide you with this answer, you should flee from him as fast as you can.    

October 21, 2019~  Thank you everyone who purchased and recommended my book.   This past month of September was my best month for book sales.  I never expected this project to continue growing four years later.  I have much gratitude.   And thanks to everyone who posted a nice review on  

October 19, 2019~  I found him.  Sedevacantists rejoice your darkness is over and now you can congratulate yourselves for preserving during this trial of the great apostasy.  God has delivered your guy and he goes by the name of Pope Boniface X.  You are hereby instructed to make contact with the real Holy See and subject yourselves immediately.   This is NOT a joke.  This is about your eternal salvation.  Because I care about you I am including relevant information from the Roman Pontiff's web-page: 


Only those who hold the Catholic Faith whole and inviolate, and who are in submission to the true Pontiff, are in the way of salvation. The rest will depart into everlasting flames and there will be no respite for them. Boniface X commands all those who hold the dogmas of faith, and who wish to submit to the true Pope, to register with your name and address. If you do not wish to register because you fear a future persecution, you must still contact us and at least give us a way to contact you. To register or for all other questions contact the Apostolic See on the internet at

Twitter Account

Telephone Number +1 (321) 549-8841. There is no live attendant. If the call is not answered and you receive the standard greeting, leave a legitimate voice message and indicate why you believe it cannot be handled via e-mail or letter, and someone from The Apostolic See will return your telephone call. E-mail or written correspondence is strongly preferred.

Mailing Address Coming Soon (10/12/19)


His Holiness's website:

Folks, this is Sedevacantism taken to its logical conclusion. 

October 18, 2019 ~  A Sedevacantist live action role player claims Sedevacantists have miracles.  Here they are...

1.  "Fr. Jacqmin, a sedevacantist priest ordained by Bp. Lefebvre, has a miraculous Host in his possession." 

2.  "Bp. Moses Carmona has an uncorrupted body more than 25 years after his death." 

3.  "It is said that Abbé Vérité saw the Virgin Mary when he died."

But the above Sede source left out a whole bunch of other miracles.  For example, he forgot about all of the miraculous Sede popes.  Not sure how he missed Bishop Frank "play with guns, boys, and drugs" Schuckardt's miraculous papal coronation or the Palmarian Catholics' visions and miracles. 

October 12, 2019 ~  Tonight I was reading an exchange between a Sede and a non-Sede Catholic.  The Sede, a Dimond bro disciple, kept trying to get the non-Sede to debate but the non-Sede refused to engage him.  The non-Sede's response was as follows: 


"I believe that what afflicts Sedevacantists is a prelest or a spell of the Enemy which they cannot be freed from except through humility. Arguing with them is like arguing with a sick man who refuses to go to the doctor-utterly futile, which is why I refuse to debate you sir..."

Truth.  Many times I have thought the same thoughts which is why I posted his response.   You cannot defeat a Sede with intellectual arguments alone.     

October 2, 2019 ~ Someone sent me the following paragraph from "The Catechism Explained" published in 1899: 

"If, however, a man, through no fault of his own, remains outside the Church, he may be saved if he lead a God-fearing life; for such a one is to all intents and purposes a member of the Catholic Church." 

Invincible Ignorance contradicts the dogma "no salvation outside the Church" yet both are official doctrines of the same church. 

September 28, 2019 ~  Somebody dug this up and I wanted to share it.  Check out Pope Eugene IV's declaration against circumcision in his Bull of Union with the Copts during the ecumenical council of Florence:


The Holy Roman Church firmly believes, professes and teaches that the legal prescriptions of the Old Testament or the Mosaic law, which are divided into ceremonies, holy sacrifices and sacraments, because they were instituted to signify something in the future, although they were adequate for the divine cult of that age, once our Lord Jesus Christ who was signified by them had come, came to an end and the sacraments of the new Testament had their beginning. Whoever, after the Passion, places his hope in the legal prescriptions and submits himself to them as necessary for salvation and as if faith in Christ without them could not save, sins mortally. It does not deny that from Christ's passion until the promulgation of the Gospel they could have been retained, provided they were in no way believed to be necessary for salvation. But it asserts that after the promulgation of the gospel they cannot be observed without loss of eternal salvation. Therefore it denounces all who after that time observe circumcision, the [Jewish] sabbath and other legal prescriptions as strangers to the faith of Christ and unable to share in eternal salvation, unless they recoil at some time from these errors. Therefore it strictly orders all who glory in the name of Christian, not to practise circumcision either before or after baptism, since whether or not they place their hope in it, it cannot possibly be observed without loss of eternal salvation.

Eugenius IV, Pope (1990) [1442]. Ecumenical Council of Florence (1438-1445): Session 11—4 February 1442; Bull of union with the Copts". In Norman P. Tanner (ed.). Decrees of the ecumenical councils. 2 volumes (in Greek and Latin). Washington, DCGeorgetown University PressISBN 0-87840-490-2LCCN 90003209. Retrieved 2008-04-10.

Oh boy.  The TradCats have another infallible dilemma.  Pick the solution from the following:

1. Eugene IV was not using his superpowers of infallibility but was only expressing his private fallible opinion.

2. Eugene IV was not aware at that time (As with Geocentrism and Gallileo) that circumcision falls under the realm of science and medicine which are not subjects that fall under the Church's teaching authority. 

3. Eugene IV was teaching ex cathedra but the condemnation of the practice of circumcision must be understood in the way the Church understands this not as private individuals.  In other words dogma evolves and changes with the times and circumstances.  

4.  Pope Eugene IV was a heretic antipope so his teachings don't count anymore. 

5.  Every circumcised Christian is going to hell, especially if they had no say in the matter (their parents circumcised them as children).  

September 6, 2019 ~  I'm well-aware of the Feeneyite explanation for Pius IX's teachings on invincible ignorance; I used to defend him too.  Doesn't matter to me how Feeneyites spin their arguments.  Who are they?  Traditional Catholicism in all of its forms and variations is a schismatic movement.  These people are severed from the Roman See and are outside their church willingly.  What matters is what the Holy See teaches today.  See what the modernist church teaches on invincible ignorance HERE.  The post V2 Roman Catholic Church teaches exactly what Pius IX taught- those who die outside the church can be saved.   To me it doesn't matter that this teaching contradicts Roman dogma.  It just proves my point that the whole Roman system is contradictory and that includes the traditionalist schismatic movement that it created.   Feeneyites ought to condemn Pius IX who taught invincible ignorance in multiple writings to remain consistent.  Why do they bend over backwards to spare Pius IX?  Because they need his Vatican I.  Hypocrites. 

September 3, 2019 ~  

In Jeremy Austin’s video explaining why he quit MHFM he brings up the issue of Pope Pius IX and his teaching of salvation by invincible ignorance.  In Singluare Quidem, Pius IX wrote: 

“The Church clearly declares that the only hope of salvation for mankind is placed in the Christian faith, which teaches the truth, scatters the darkness of ignorance by the splendor of its light, and works through love.  This hope of salvation is placed in the Catholic Church which, in preserving the true worship, is the solid home of this faith and the temple of God.  Outside of the Church, nobody can hope for life or salvation unless he is excused through ignorance beyond his control.”

How to explain this one away?  Here’s how a Home Aloner tried to spin it:


“Key word, “hope”; he teaches not that they may attain to salvation, only that they can hope for it.  They can hope they come to the faith so they may attain it.” 

Really?  Then why would they need to be "excused?"  Pius IX is speaking about those who die outside the Church not those who presently live outside the Church or the sentence doesn't make sense.  Pius IX taught that there remains hope for life and salvation for those who die outside the Church.  What does this mean?  It means that pagans, Jews, and other non-Christians can be saved.  Wow.  And that is why some Sedevacantists have employed their special powers to undo Pius IX’s pontificate, pushing the vacancy back to the 1800s.  Any modern day Sedevacantist Feeneyite who refuses to judge Pius IX as a heretic and push the vacancy backwards is a hypocrite.    

August 19, 2019 Evening ~  I just finished reading Cyprian's Unity of the Church in its entirety.  I read this years ago and it was instrumental in helping me come out of the Sede cult.  I took time out to read his treatise again because a certain Sedevacantist self-appointed  "teacher "has been quoting the saint in an attempt to refute Orthodox Christianity.  As usual this Sedevacantist has refuted himself and his Sede buddies by quoting Cyprian.  Do these people read these documents they quote from?  For starters, Cyprian's treatise is on unity of the Church not authority of the Church but as usual papists see everything with papal lenses.   Cyprian's whole treatise is about the evil of schism.  He lambastes schismatic sedes including their pseudo -bishops who stole episcopal consecrations.  It should be difficult to read this excellent treatise and hold a Roman Catholic perspective and yet remain a Sedevacantist or R & R traditionalist.  But most of these people have an illness that blocks perception of their own contradictions.  

August 19, 2019 ~ Did St. Cyprian teach papal supremacy?  No.  Even in two versions of his writing "De Catholicae Ecclesiae Unitate " chapter 4, one of which has been suspect of authenticity, he never once speaks of Peter's authority over the Apostles.  The saint writes "Certainly the rest of the apostles were that which Peter also was, endued with equal partnership both of honour and office."  There you have it in the words of Cyprian himself.  For a good and concise treatment of Cyprian see here.  Furthermore,  when Sedevacantists attempt to quote from fathers of the Church they usually cut off their noses to spite their faces.  In this case, Cyprian's whole treatise is on the unity of the Church, to which Sedes and other trads exist in contradiction.  Therefore, if the spin Sedes place on Cyprian's treatise were true then the saint condemns them as schismatics for "deserting the chair of peter on which the church was founded."  

August 16, 2019~  RC trads have been criticizing the Orthodox faith because the canonical Ortho Churches have many Freemasons and modernists among their ranks.  My response: What, you thought only the Roman Catholic Church would be infiltrated and subverted?  I answered this question in my Q & A three years ago.  ALL churches are under assault.  This is a world revolution not just  Roman Catholic.   The enemy, although based in one ethno-religious affiliation is legion, hidden, and immune from public identification and criticism due to its control of information.  Rogue tradcats are impotent because their infrastructure collapsed.  A unified Christian resistance cannot be based on "papacy of desire."  Rome has fallen and Western Christianity in general is a mess.  True Christianity can only survive through the orthodox faith of the East.   

Note:  A reader pointed out an interesting Wikipedia article on Orestes Brownson.  The article describes Brownson's liberal leanings towards the end of his life:  


"In 1860, he announced that the Catholic Church must progress towards a welcoming intellectual environment. He argued forcefully and eloquently that "neither the friends nor the enemies of religion have anything to fear from adopting the great principle of civil and religious liberty, and asserting a free Church in a free State."[22] Brownson noted with dismay how few European Catholics supported abolition, and applauded liberal Catholics like Montalembert for being "the only Catholics in Europe who sympathize with the loyal people of the Union."[23] He posited that conscience must remain free to believe as it decides and religion regards the spiritual not the civil realm. The State should protect such a right and restrict itself to governance of the external realm. He thus adopted a new form of liberalism that remained with him until his death,[24] although his enthusiasm for such a liberalism must be balanced by a near simultaneous and unambiguous repudiation of liberalism which he expressed in the resuscitated Quarterly Review in 1873.[25] There he rejected the kind of liberalism that makes "this world and its interests supreme."  


Note that both "religious liberty" and "Americanism" were condemned heresies by the Holy See, most notably under Popes Pius IX and Leo XIII respectively.   Will Sedevacantists call the intellectual Catholic giant Orestes Brownson a heretic?  

August 12, 2019 ~ I just added links to the last article including Guettee's book "The Papacy: Its Historic Origin and Primitive Relations with the Eastern Church.  Also see this link for Orthodox VS Roman Catholic articles books and other informative reading recommendations.  

July 30, 2019 ~  There is really nothing new going on in tradcat fantasy land.  A few new names out there with recycled heresies slightly repackaged.  I hear there’s a new Home Alone Feeneyite making noise.  This guy (anonymous just like all of the Catholic saints) is trying to convince his takers that there is not an infallible doctrine stating there must always be bishops or a hierarchy.  Another anonymous  una cum / partial papist / science trad is out there challenging Feeneyites to debate him.  Last but not least at least one person infected with the Sede Virus is accusing me of being a KGB (and Mossad) intelligence agent assigned to pluck weak traditionalists from the remnant true church.  Outstanding research.  I'm bored with traditional Catholicism. 

July 22, 2019 ~ I just corrected a typo in the article "Dictatus Papae."  Popes deposing emperors was unheard of in the first 11 Centuries.  

July 19, 2019 ~  I just added a short clip on the Medjugorje hoax immediately following the Palmarian whackos.  

July 11, 2019 ~ I have been researching a lot of subjects.  What a rabbit hole it is to delve into history of the papacy.   How anyone can uphold the Vatican I dogmas of the papacy after researching history is staggering.  What a mind screw Catholics were subjected to.    


By the way, Pope Leo V was another deposed pope and there are more yet.  Interestingly, Leo V was deposed by an antipope who made himself pope (Christopher) and who was later recognized as legitimate by his successors.  Pope Christopher was then deposed by his successor Sergious III who while pope had Leo V and Christopher murdered in prison.  What is pretty funny is that all three popes are recognized as legitimate popes (some papal lists have Christopher as an antipope but that is inconsistent).  What is important is that in Sedevacantist Fantasy Land, the papists insist that popes cannot be deposed or removed from office.  I swear these people do not read history.  Like the modernists who think Roman Catholicism began at Vatican II, Sedes (except Richard Ibranyi who is obviously one of the two "witnesses of the apocalypse") think Roman Catholicism began with Pius IX.  Dare I mention Emperor Leo VI's 4th marriage that was approved by the pope in violation of church canons?  I'll save that for another occasion.    


June 7 2019 ~ Did the real 8th Ecumenical Council: Constantinople IV (879/880) condemn the Filioque addition and doctrine?  Read about it here.


June 26, 2019 ~ In AD 1075, as part of the Gregorian reforms Gregory VII issued his famous "Dictatus Papae" containing 27 statements of powers arrogated to the pope.   There is more to say about this document but in brief I single out a few items and pose the question: Do Traditional Catholics still believe them? 

1. That the Roman church was founded by God alone.

19. That he (Roman Pontiff) can be judged by no one.

22. That the Roman Church has never erred, nor ever, by the witness of Scripture, shall err to all eternity.

23. That the Roman Pontiff, if canonically ordained, is undoubtedly sanctified by the merits of St. Peter; of this St. Ennodius, Bishop of Pavia, is witness, many Holy Fathers are agreeable and it is contained in the decrees of Pope Symmachus the Saint.


June 21, 2019 ~  It didn’t take long for Jeremy Austin’s detractors to surface following his conversion and corresponding video.  One individual severely infected with the Sede Virus, Mr. Fide Catholica, wrote a condescending letter about Jeremy.  This haughty individual concluded that Jeremy's mistake was his failure to join Fide Catholica’s self-made remnant sedevacantist internet church club and save himself when he still had the chance.  Had he only done that instead of remaining with MHFM’s self-made remnant sedevacantist end-times church club, Jeremy would now be safe in the “true” church.  In other words Jeremy Austin supported the wrong schism. 


When I first read Fide Catholica’s letter and the corresponding reader comments I wondered if Jeremy Austin would respond.  But then something very predictable occurred to Fide Catholica which reminded me that responding to victims of the Sede Virus is usually unnecessary.  You see, Mr. Fide Catholica’s remnant catholic sedevacantist internet church was suddenly attacked by another remnant catholic sedevacantist internet church.  So what began as a discussion about Jeremy Austin quickly escalated into a theological squabble between two warring sede sects who proceeded to hurl insults and charges of heresy against each other.   Before long, anyone reading the exchange would have no clue that the original thread was about Jeremy Austin.   This was so funny to me that I laughed out loud.  Jeremy’s case was won without having to say a word in his own defense. 


If Jeremy wanted to have some fun with his new antagonist Fide Catholica he would lure him into a debate with Peter Dimond on baptism of desire & invincible ignorance.   Such a debate, if independently conducted and moderated (so Dimond could not doctor it up later) would expose the RCC for teaching both mutually exclusive doctrines “infallibly” throughout its evolutionary history.   

If Mr. Fide Catholica wishes to remain a believer in Jesus Christ and the original church entrusted to the Apostles he will have no choice but to abandon “papacy of desire” and humbly follow Jeremy’s lead.  This is the inevitable path for people who honestly seek the truth and more and more Christians are discovering it with each passing day.  Fide Catholica has demonstrated a good understanding of the real enemies of Christ and their choke-hold on this present world so I am optimistic he will eventually find his way out of the heresy of “papism” and put his ambitions to better use.   This will occur when he wakes up to the fact that he was sandbagged by his papacy.    

June 16, 2019 ~ Congratulations to Mr. Jeremy Austin, owner of for exiting the dark world of Sedevacantism.  Many thanks to him for promoting my book.


June 15, 2019 ~ “This first great council of the Church, called to deal with the Arian heresy, became a blueprint for the remaining six ecumenical councils: they were all called by the Roman Emperor, they were all held in the east, all the proceedings were conducted in Greek, they were overwhelmingly attended by eastern bishops, and papal legates came representing the pope.  The pope never attended an ecumenical council.  In fact, the Second Ecumenical Council (First Constantinople) was called without the knowledge of the Pope, and in the case of the Fourth and Fifth Ecumenical Councils (Chalcedon and Constantinople II) against his express wishes.”  ~ Exerpt from Michael Whelton’s “Two Paths: Papal Monarchy - Collegial Tradition”

June 12, 2019 ~ "For before he was called Simon. Now this name of Peter was given him by the Lord, and that in a figure, that he should signify the Church. For seeing that Christ is the rock (Petra), Peter is the Christian people. For the rock (Petra) is the original name. Therefore Peter is so called from the rock; not the rock from Peter; as Christ is not called Christ from the Christian, but the Christian from Christ. Therefore, he says, You are Peter; and upon this Rock which you have confessed, upon this Rock which you have acknowledged, saying, You are the Christ, the Son of the living God, will I build My Church; that is upon Myself, the Son of the living God, will I build My Church. I will build you upon Myself, not Myself upon you.  For men who wished to be built upon men, said, I am of Paul; and I of Apollos; and I of Cephas, who is Peter. But others who did not wish to be built upon Peter, but upon the Rock, said, But I am of Christ." ~ St. Augustine (Greatest Doctor of the Roman Catholic Church)

June 8, 2019 ~  Some sede writers have been driving home this point:  "Sedevacantism is the diagnosis not a solution." Nice try but they're dead wrong.  The correct diagnosis for the Roman Catholic Church following Vatican II is "defection."  This is the only reason traditional Catholicism exists.   

June 5, 2019 (May 7, 2019) ~  Congratulations to Mr. Jeremy Austin, owner of for exiting the dark world of Sedevacantism.  Many thanks to him for promoting my book.


May 12, 2019 ~  I remain skeptical about view counts for YouTube videos of some organizations.  Ever wonder how some YouTubers get their view counts to miraculously jump to tens of thousands in only a few short weeks?  Here's one way to do it: 

April 23, 2019 ~ My revised article "Devolution of the Papacy" has been made into video by "The Crossroads at 23rd Street."  The video link is

4/18/19 ~  I have not been writing as much due to the Great Lent and extra demands on my time.  If you have not visited an Orthodox parish for Holy Week (our Holy Week is the week after the Roman Catholics') try to do so.     

February 20, 2019- Some popular personalities in the end-times Remnant Catholic Sedevacantist churches tried to "expose" and refute Jay Dyer recently with proof-texts.  Here are Jay's responses:

February 13, 2019- A friend loaned me his copies of Michael Whelton's books "Two Paths" & "Popes & Patriarchs."  I highly recommend both books for traditional Catholics.  They are hard-hitting but also easy reads for those who don't have the time or patience for heavy theological treatises.  

February 10, 2019 ~ I was recently involved in a debate with Steven Speray that turned sour as these things often do.  I posted a reader comment that was insulting to Steve and I also wrote a satire that went too far.  Last night I pulled them from my website and wrote to Steve to apologize.  Steve accepted my apology without hesitation and reciprocated the gesture on his blog.   I also pulled my articles in order to review their content.  I will re-post most of them after I am able to clean them up a bit; others may be permanently retired.   Although Steve and I disagree on major issues that warrant public debate, I believe he is a good man who loves the Lord.  It takes a lot of courage to stand up for faith in public especially if the person doing it has a wife, family, or a career that could suffer for it.  I apologize to Steve for anything I wrote that insulted his character or reputation.  That being said, I believe in good, honest debate.  Each side's arguments should be heard so that people who are in search of the truth in these confusing times can choose their path.  

December 23,2018~  FYI:  Jay Dyer of has been punishing Roman Catholic heretical doctrines severely for some time now.  Catholics who remain confused on doctrines such as absolute divine simplicity, energy / essence distinction, and filioque might want to have a look at his works. 

December 19, 2018 - Last evening I happened to catch mega-star preacher televangelist John Hagee on television.  If anyone has not seen this man before, they owe it to themselves to tune in to one of his electrifying performances.  He is by far one of the most gifted preachers out there today.   Unfortunately, just about every word that comes out of his lying mouth is Zionist propaganda.  This man is truly a false prophet and mega-deceiver of Christians.  The Christian Zionist movement may be one of the greatest deceptions going.        

December 3, 2018- Yesterday I posted a study on divorce and remarriage in the Latin West.  Many trad Cats are hung up on the absolute indissolubility of marriage and for that reason, cannot fathom conversion to Orthodox Christianity, which allows up to 3 marriages.  ​​A Roman Catholic website reiterates the Church's official teaching as follows:

"According to the Catholic doctrine, a consummated marriage between two baptized persons is absolutely indissoluble so long as both persons live. Neither the Church nor the State has the power to dissolve the marriage; only the death of one of the spouses dissolves the marriage. And because marriage is exclusive to only one other person at a time, no person who is presently married can marry another person. Therefore, if a married couple acquires a civil divorce from a judge, that divorce is such only in the eyes of the State and its laws. The couple remains truly married before God, and before the Church until one spouse dies, even though the State declares it dissolved and no longer recognizes the marriage. So if upon obtaining a civil divorce one spouse goes before a judge or a Protestant pastor, and ‘marries’ a third party while the other spouse is alive, the new union is not a marriage, even if the State calls it a marriage and treats it like a marriage. Moreover, having sexual relations with a third party, while one’s spouse remains alive, is an act of adultery. For this reason, even if a judge grants a person a legal divorce from his spouse, and he then enters a civil marriage with a third party, every sexual act with that third party is an act of adultery and therefore a grave sin imperiling the souls of those engaged in that act." ( 

The historical case for absolute indissolubility of marriage is examined in the article.  Also be sure to read the author's addendum article .

July 6, 2018-  Some bloggers are naming me as the editor / owner of the website and its related YouTube channel "Defending the Faith."  I am not the editor / owner of the site.   

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