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Dialogue with a MFHM Disciple

John pontrello

February 8, 2020

The following dialogue is real.  I am posting it because it is a great example of the beliefs held by a disciple of the Sedevacantist sect called MFHM.  The interrogator here is asking a MFHM disciple about the necessity of bishops in the true Church of Christ.  Here is the short exchange…



Q. Am I to understand Bishops are superfluous in your ecclesiology?


A. no..... but they also are not absolutely necessary for the Church to continue.


Q.  So Bishops aren't essential for the existence of the Church?


A. no if that were the case then the Church would have ceased to exist during the Arian crisis


Q.  You hold that there was not one Bishop in the Arian crisis and that even the Pope fell out of the Church?


A.  no, but you are arguing that bishops are absolutely necessary and if that is the case then the Church would have been destroyed long ago..... during the Arian Crisis or the Great Western Schism where there was so much confusion that nobody knew who the actual bishops were.


jp:  It is always great when Sedevacantists take some time out and condescend to answer questions.  You can learn a lot about their religion and where they received their education.  What did we just learn here?  We learned that bishops as well as popes are not absolutely necessary for the church to continue.  We also learned that priests and sacraments are not necessary either since they both come from bishops.  In sum, this is a church that has no need for popes, hierarchy, bishops, priests, and with the exception of baptism and matrimony, the other 5 sacraments.  And these are the kinds of idiots spamming social media and harassing people about joining their church. 


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