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Miscellaneous Comments

"Congratulations for your book, John!. It is very clear, understandable and of easy reading. I can say that your book literally destroys the Sedevacantist position to smithereens!"  ~ C.A.C.

August 7, 2018 

"I am indebted to the 2,000 year witness of the East, St. Antony's Monastery in Florence, AZ where I visited more than once, countless scholars and faithful Orthodox and ultimately John Pontrello, who's book, "The Sedevacantist Delusion" helped me blow the lid off of sedevacantism once and for all and walk away from the mess that is traditional Catholicism vs. modernist Post-Vatican II Catholicism. He eloquently wrote about and answered so many questions I had been storing up but could not accurately explain because I was either afraid to say it, reviled for my persistence and accused of heresy and schism among other accusations."  ~ May 23, 2018

At last ... a book that tells it like it is. The Dimond brothers (MHFM) are going to have a hard and frustrating time refuting this but unfortunately I'm sure they will none-the-less give it a try.  My sincere congratulations to the author. I can only hope that this book will be translated into French ... very soon!  ~ January 4, 2016

A masterpiece of our times! ~ February 1, 2016

At last a voice that clearly and intelligently refutes sedevacantism but at the same time does not exhonorate the Roman Cathoilc Church from its share of the blame for the unfortunate creation of such heretical sects. ~ February 10, 2016


An excellent book that saved me and my family from the limbo of papism.  Laying our pride aside and seeking the truth of Church history is eye opening... Years of research and inner struggles were finally healed. Christ preserved his Church and it remains a moving target for the Devil that can never be overcome... Contrary to the Roman claims I once praised.  John C. Pontrello's book cannot be refuted.. even by the most invested stalwart sedavacantists like my former self.  Personally I have made the journey to Orthodoxy.. and can never and will never look back.  ~ May 28, 2016

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