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December 9, 2022 

John C. Pontrello


I want to clarify my November 30, 2022 post.  It sure sounds like doomsday fear mongering.  It may have turned a lot of people off too.  But I stand by it.  Above all else, I understand that when a cabal of powerful people place such immense importance on something, that they are willing to help achieve it with their life’s work and wealth even while knowing that they would not be alive to witness it’s fulfillment, then you better believe that all of the means for attaining that end will be implemented.


Our rulers share a common ideology which they have felt pleased to make known time and again.  One principal tenet is that it is solely man’s own ingenuities that can sustain and govern the world.   From this error, hosts of others are born which have found their way into all aspects of society beginning with education.  If mankind is just a plague upon the earth that pollutes the environment, destroys the ecological systems, wastes natural resources, and irresponsibly overpopulates the planet, all of which has brought the world to the brink of imminent destruction, then man must intervene.  The old system failed they say.  A new age has come, a great reset of the world must happen.  The God delusion is over.  Man is man’s savior now.   A chosen people will rule.   

The product they are selling is a world free of hatred, racism, disease, pollution, materialism, and waste, while simultaneously promising equality for all.   Man will achieve this, they promise, but not without our cooperation.   The planet is in immediate danger and urgent measures to save it are needed now.  Our sacrifices are required.   And with decades of public education behind them, the people are ready to do their part to bring about their vision.  This, of course is the same old Communist lie, only this time it is intended for the entire world.   


One critical aspect of the present agenda is rapid global depopulation, followed by measures to control birth rates.  Our rulers want us to believe that there are way too many people on earth and that our current population must be decimated if there is to be any chance of saving the planet.  I hope you are getting where I am going with this.  Reducing the global population is not something our global rulers will propose and debate at future earth summits and Bilderberger conventions.   No, this was already decided.  The plan is being executed.  We are, right now, being culled.  If you don’t believe it, it’s because they engineered this plan specifically so you wouldn’t.


And yet, a plan of this magnitude must necessarily be visible or out in the open and yet convincingly sold to the masses as something benevolent and humanitarian.   The real purpose of the plan must be concealed.  Deception is integral to its success.  The goal is to get you to do what you would never do and never know you did it.   The 2020 pandemic and vaccination program launched a critical phase of the operation.   The people were tricked into lining up to take one for the team.  We’re all in this together.  

Now, if you are a person who believes a surprise global pandemic came about organically and that the pharmaceutical companies in conjunction with world governments, rushed to our aid in order to save humanity by turning the world upside down and then creating a vaccine on the spot then you will dismiss what I have just said and consider it fear mongering nonsense.  And you will be numbered in the overwhelming majority.  But you have already taken two poisons- the first being the Kool Aid you drank when you accepted the narrative and the second being the series of vaccines you have and / or continue to accept into your body.   In reality, this whole operation was never intended to save you, it was designed to shorten your natural life.  

There is no escaping what is happening now and where it is taking us.   This thing is irreversible.  It must run its course.  Oh but your guns!  Lol.  Your guns are useless and so is all of your self-defense, martial arts, and kickboxing training.  They’re not worried about you, tough guy.  They’ve prepared for this for far longer than you and I have been alive.  This is a spiritual war, possibly the beginnings of the big one Christians have read about and anticipated for two thousand years. 

At the end of the day, we are all vulnerable to the powers that be, myself included.  Some of us may have dodged a round or two, but we are up against an evil far greater than most of us could imagine.  The good that should come from this is our ever mindedness of our inevitable end to this life, sooner or later, and our spiritual preparation for death.  I hope my writings have made clear my belief that Jesus was the Christ and Son of the Living God, and that He founded a visible, hierarchical society of men with divine authority, in order to transmit the fruits of His redemption to all generations until the consummation of the world.  I believe this same society continues to exist to this very day in what is known as the Orthodox Church.  I believe the Orthodox Church is The Way.  You of course, are free to choose a different way.  For me, a different way is another present danger I choose to avoid.  

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