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Catechism of the Sedevacantist Church (CSC)

Catechism Lessons for the End-Times Remnant Catholic Sedevacantist Church

December 31, 2019


CSC 222:  Judging the Dead


Sec 1: Praying for the Dead


The Dead 

… It’s so hard sometimes to go through a day without grieving or feeling horrible at the thought of the death of a loved one. This is even harder when there is strong reason to believe that the decedent is now Hell.  I’m sure that Satan uses the death of a family member or friend to ensnare souls into falling further into sin, whether it be by depression, drunkenness, self-pity, rage, spite, malice, etc..  But my main concern is not about “learning to cope” or coddling oneself, -as if I must somehow get over the death. I am only concerned and very pained by the fact that I most definitely believe that some of the dead that I knew are in Hell.  

I don’t at all wish to intervene with their just punishments, I am only grieved by the fact that they lead a bad life and are suffering in Hell. Is it offensive to God to still pray for mercy for the soul of someone who almost certainly is in Hell? 

… I want to be sure whether it is okay to pray for the dead if they died a sinful death and most likely are in Hell… Thank you for all of the hard work, time and effort that MHFM has done throughout the years. 


MHFM: To your question: it's forbidden to pray for people who die outside the Catholic faith or in a clear state of mortal sin. 

St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, Suppl. Q. 71, A. 5: “Gregory says (Moral xxxiv. 19): There is the same reason for not praying then (namely after the judgment day) for men condemned to everlasting fire, as there is now for not praying for the devil and has angels who are sentenced to eternal punishment, and for this reason the saints do not pray for dead unbelieving and wicked men, because, forsooth, knowing them to be already condemned to eternal punishment, they shrink from pleading for them by the merit of their prayers before they are summoned to the presence of the Judge.”*


JP COMMENT:  Got that Alex?  If the saints (in heaven) know in advance (before that soul is summoned before the judge) who will be damned, obviously Sedevacantists on earth know it first.  Duh.  Here dumb ass, read the rest of the catechism lesson before you ask stupid questions...

The CSC’s footnotes to this section are as follows:


  • Sedevacantists know where souls are after death because they put them there. (CSC 103)  

  • If there is a question about the state of a particular soul after death, it is to be brought before Sedevacantists who will render the judgment.  (CSC 115).  Once judgment has been made it may not be doubted or questioned. 

  • Anyone caught (or suspected of) hoping or praying for a soul's salvation, or in any way relying upon God’s mercy to that end, after a Sedevacantist has rendered judgment of damnation, is anathema.


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