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An Essay

John C. Pontrello

April 19, 2018


















     Over the past thirteen years, nothing has occupied my time and attention more than religion.  From the Novus Ordo - to traditional Catholicism - to no man’s land - to Orthodox Christianity - it has been an incredible journey.  But even before traditional Catholicism began there was 911.  I've been meaning to say something on the subject for a long time. 


     I’ll never forget the first time I could see that the Twin Towers were blown to smithereens.  I can’t explain how or why we can suddenly see when we had been blind, all I know is it happens.  My awakening came in 2006.  It was Professor James Fetzer who was my first teacher.  During the next several years I became an expert on 911. I studied every detail about the event including the melting point of steel and the probabilities of that spectacular flight descent that ended with the plane blowing right through multiple reinforced super-walls on the ground floor of the Pentagon.  Naturally, as I was a financial advisor at the time, I was particularly interested in the unusual stock market activity in the days leading up to 911.  Who made the AA put options the days prior to 911? 


     Everything about the inconsistencies concerning the official narrative came so easy to me.  It was like one of those magic eye puzzles; once you spot the image, it is impossible not to see it again.  What was not easy was trying to understand why this was so difficult for everyone else.  “They blew the towers!” I told everyone, thinking all would see it clearly.  “Whatever John!”  “You’re crazy John!”  “You’re sick John!” “If you hate our country so much get the #@!% out!”  These were some of the kinder responses I received; most people ignored me.  Wow that hurt but I got used to it fast.  I had no choice but to grow thick skin or God forbid I would end up like them- ignorant & happy.  No thanks, I choose awake & super pissed off. 

     In some instances, lifelong relationships were permanently destroyed because of my beliefs about 911, especially if someone knew someone who knew someone who knew someone who served in the military.  And if that person were a son or daughter? Forget about it.  Never question the government’s motives in the presence of veterans or military families unless you are prepared to brawl.  No matter how well you explain that your problem isn't with the soldiers who fight our wars but rather with our owners who arrange them,  they can't hear you.  Regardless of the audience, we are simply not allowed to ask questions about 911.  My life became more complicated as I found my way into Sedevacantism the following year.  The Sedevacantists are a traditional Catholic sect that formed in response to the modernist Vatican II revolution.  My beliefs about 911 and the Roman Catholic Church would socially quarantine me for years to come. 


     As time went on, I began to grow disillusioned with people.  Back when I used to debate on these subjects, one of my regular antagonists was an elderly Catholic gentleman who strongly disagreed with me on both Vatican II and 911.  One time he agreed to carefully watch all the WTC  Building 7 footage I sent him.  After watching everything he finally wrote back to me with supreme confidence, “I admit that the collapse of WTC Building 7 looks EXACTLY like a controlled demolition … but I’ll bet my entire life savings that it wasn’t.”  It was repeated experiences like this which convinced me that most people are liars.  It is so true.  Look, when people watch the film of World Trade Center Building #7 drop into its own footprint in less than 8 seconds and obstinately deny that it is a controlled demolition there is no excuse for them. Even after the BBC's Jane Standley read her script early and announced that WTC 7 had fallen 20 minutes before it actually did, most people that I knew still couldn't admit it.  Even still, it would be several more years before I would pretty much give up on people.  I don’t give up on anything easily but there comes a time when you just have to do what you have to do to protect your sanity.  How ironic that it is the people who refuse to be told what to think and who actually do it for themselves who are often labeled insane. 


     One of my problems is that I care about the truth.  Once I see it, I am compelled to share it.  It is my nature.  Most people are not like me and they don’t appreciate people who think critically about themselves and the world around them.  We don’t mean it but we are like rain on a good parade.  For example, this past NFL season I concluded that NFL games are rigged.  I suspected the fix was in a long time ago but I just didn’t want to believe it.  As someone who played the game for 4 years and who loves the sport, why would I?  It is way more fun to believe.  Isn’t that how it is for most people?  Instinctively, we know something isn’t right but we choose not to believe it?  We come up with all kinds of excuses when things don’t quite add up, like blaming referees. “Those damn refs didn’t want Buffalo to win!”  Referees are perennial scapegoats in pro sports, especially here in Buffalo.  But what about when a player gives away the con, as happened this past playoff season when Saints defensive back Marcus Williams tackled the air in order to allow Vikings receiver Stephon Diggs to fulfill the script of “the Minneapolis Miracle?”  Miracle?  I’m not sure what was more obvious, Saints pass rusher Cameron Jordan not trying to sack Keenum or Williams diving out of Diggs’ way and taking out his own guy.  That was it for me.  Games are not legitimate competitions.  Pro sports = entertainment = $$$.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still watch and enjoy NFL games next season because I enjoy entertainment but I’ll never again believe that outcomes of NFL seasons are left to chance. 

     Human beings fall for the big lie all the time, especially concerning religion and politics. “We would have overturned abortion if it weren’t for that senator switching sides at the last moment!”  Yeah, we’ll fix the problem next election right?  And don’t even get me started on religion.  The deafening silence of Christian Church leaders on the absurdities of the official 911 story deserves a separate article.  What I am trying to say is people want to be deluded.  We like it so much that we will even believe things that a child knows are impossible. 


     In my lifetime, there is simply no better example of man’s desire to be deceived than the “terrorist attacks” of 911.  At least with the NFL, athletes really perform, the hits are real, and players sustain injuries.  And one can always argue that a football player whiffed on the most important tackle of his career due to the sheer speed of the game.  But 911?   Come on.  Back in the day, I used to ask people “I’m curious, what part of the official story do you believe? Was it the hijacker’s passport found on the street?”  What lunacy the American people are eager to believe.  One can’t even produce evidence of a real plane at the alleged crash zones. Well, to be fair there were planes; we all saw them … on TV.  But those planes had to be digitally inserted there.  I know, this is where I’ll lose readers but look, if anyone thinks digital planes are far-fetched, he or she will first have to demonstrate how a real plane can vanish into a steel framed building without a trace of collision / impact, plow through tons of solid steel and concrete, and then exit the other side of the building with its plastic nose in pristine condition.  Any takers?

     I haven’t looked seriously into the 911 hoax for many years but when I was still gathering information I couldn’t find a better documentary than Ace Baker’s 8 –part series 911 the Great American Psy-Opera. The whole series is excellent but parts 6, 7, and 8 are must-sees.  Another one of my favorite 911 videos was “911 is the Litmus Test.”  The author sends a chilling message to all of us:  who we are as individuals can be determined by our position on 911. 

    Today, 18 years after the great American psy-op was foisted upon an incredibly gullible American population, the overwhelming majority still believe the official story about 19 Arab hijackers, a couple of box cutters, “let’s roll”, and building *cough* collapses.  Although I am tempted to call the US population stupid, deep down I know that our nation's collective perception of 911 is more complex than that.  Our blindness cannot be attributed as much to stupidity as to an act of the will.  Some might prefer to call it classic denial. 

     I’m not going to sugar coat it- the implications of the real 911 story are enormous.  I get why people want to run and hide on this one but I’ll never respect them, especially when they throw honest people under the bus in order to save themselves.  What cowardly and selfish people Americans are.  Yes the implications of 911 are pretty scary but understanding this world-changing historical event is critical if we hope to understand the modern world.  If, in 2001, the “powers that be” could successfully insert digital airplanes on live TV, what are they capable of doing with today’s technology?  Moreover, if we can’t see through 911 how are we going to see other things perhaps even more critical yet to come?  Times are getting weirder by the day. 

     Not long ago I received a message from an old friend whom I hadn’t heard from in years, “Hey Ponch, I just wanted to apologize for doubting you about 911…”   I was gladdened to receive his message, not just because he's an old friend but also because it means people are still waking up after all these years.  Although this person is relatively new to this subject he is already feeling the heavy weight of disapproval from his family and friends.  If he didn't know there is a steep price to pay for pursuing truth he is about to find out.  The world will try to beat him down.  It will insult him with names like "conspiracy theorist."   People like us are called all kinds of names.  I call them crowd noise.  If we remain steadfast the noise eventually fades.  


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