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Shroud Hoax?

John C. Pontrello

February 6, 2020



















3D image of Shroud


Notice how the elbows do not rest on the surface.  In order to achieve this position, arms  and shoulders must be extended which requires the use of muscles (to reach & sustain).  This is difficult even with elbows off the surface and most likely impossible with elbows touching.  ~ jp


Years ago, after my Sede road trip ended, I was wandering in a spiritual desert in search of faith again.  At that time I began taking a skeptical approach to several of the Church's prominent miracles.  I found many problems, including Fatima (which I wrote about but never published).  Another  I endeavored to look into was the Shroud of Turin.  During my search and study I found a piece that posed a problem for the Shroud's authenticity.  It doesn't bring me joy to ruin faith for people.  However, when fake miracles keep people bound to phony belief systems, especially fanatical end-times wacko sects, perhaps they are worth noting.  

As the below article will explain, the position of the man depicted on the shroud would seem impossible for a normal human to assume.  I tried the experiment myself and on others and concluded that unless the proportion of one's arms to his torso and legs is that of an ape, this should be impossible.  It remains to be seen how a human can lie on a hard surface with elbows resting on the floor and manage to get his hands to rest comfortably over his genital area.  The only explanation that could possibly work for what we see in the image is if Christ's head and arms were somehow propped up so as to enable reaching below the waist but I did not find this theory supported.  The above 3D image of the head shows some lifting of the head but the arms are notably distorted.   


The author of the piece presents a very likely explanation for the super-stretch pose.  In his view, which I share, it is the artist's sense of modesty and respect for such a revered figure as Jesus Christ.  This makes perfect sense because it has never been appropriate to depict Christ's genitals on any image, statue, or icon despite the fact that Christ was likely crucified naked.   The shroud should be no different.  

Miracles are part of Christian history but so are forgeries and hoaxes and unscrupulous men who desire to deceive.  If your faith is based on some apparition or miracle you're probably setting yourself up for a big disappointment.  The whole article is found HERE  

Shroud 3D Image shrunk.jpg
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