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July 17, 2021 ~  This is a very good documentary about one of the very first Sedevacantist organizations, which exists today as the CMRI.  The documentary illustrates what the defection of Rome has produced in one form or another for the past 56 + years. 

The origin of the Sedevacantist movement is very important to understand because it clearly demonstrates an inherent sickness, which cannot be attributed to the movement of the Holy Spirit who would have raised up saintly men to lead the church.  Contrarily, we find a plethora of megalomaniacs and frauds...from the beginning.    

Behind the exterior trappings of piety and tradition the signs have always been present to stay far away from these organizations and the charlatans who promote them.  I think of traditional Catholic thinkers such as the late W. F. Strojie, who pointed out the warning signs early on.  It's no surprise that you don't find his name in trad circles.  Strojie had a gift of discernment and exposed these frauds long ago.   I'm grateful to W. F. Strojie's daughter who sent me a bound collection of all of her father's letters many years ago.  They were a valuable resource to me on my journey out of traditional Catholicism.  


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