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Boniface X Submit or Die


John C. Pontrello

October 19, 2019

I found him.  Sedevacantists rejoice your darkness is over and now you can congratulate yourselves for preserving during this trial of the great apostasy.  God has delivered your guy and he goes by the name of Pope Boniface XYou are hereby instructed to make contact with the real Holy See and subject yourselves immediately.   This is NOT a joke.  This is about your eternal salvation.  Because I care about you I am including relevant information from the Roman Pontiff's web-page: 


Only those who hold the Catholic Faith whole and inviolate, and who are in submission to the true Pontiff, are in the way of salvation. The rest will depart into everlasting flames and there will be no respite for them. Boniface X commands all those who hold the dogmas of faith, and who wish to submit to the true Pope, to register with your name and address. If you do not wish to register because you fear a future persecution, you must still contact us and at least give us a way to contact you. To register or for all other questions contact the Apostolic See on the internet at

Twitter Account

Telephone Number +1 (321) 549-8841. There is no live attendant. If the call is not answered and you receive the standard greeting, leave a legitimate voice message and indicate why you believe it cannot be handled via e-mail or letter, and someone from The Apostolic See will return your telephone call. E-mail or written correspondence is strongly preferred.

Mailing Address Coming Soon (10/12/19)


His Holiness's website:

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