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September 5, 2020 Letter

I’ve been very critical of the so-called canonical Orthodox jurisdictions.  They deserve it.  Until recently I’ve been less critical of the faithful but they must be called out too.  It’s always our job to hold our leaders accountable.  Growing up as a Catholic I witnessed the consequences of ignoring problems, in many cases for decades.  One example is the abuse facilitated by the perverts in high places.  Just about every parish I was ever involved with had a scandal involving a sexual deviant who had been deliberately placed there as a sort of asylum after having committed a series of crimes in other parishes.  These crimes and cover-ups were unconscionable.  But I also saw the faithful excuse the perpetrators time and again. In fact, I grew up in an era where parents blamed victims if and when a clergyman was accused of something. 

This problem of the faithful not holding their clergy accountable didn’t vanish when I became a traditional Catholic.  In some respects it was worse because the faithful were already in a desperate position and couldn’t afford to lose even one man in a cassock.  But this goes beyond crimes of sexual immorality.  I wrote about this in other places on my website.  In one piece I wrote that TradCats need to stop supporting their clergy until they produce meaningful results.  I specifically targeted the SSPX because these R&R trads have never solved the real problems afflicting the Catholic Church. Year after year, decade after decade, these so-called R & R trads stick to the same impotent script.  This is a give-away for anyone with a brain.  The same applies to the Sedes, who love to see themselves as operating on a higher ground than their rivals in the R&R camps.  Nevertheless, year after year, decade after decade, Sedevacantists continue their charade without possessing the four marks of the church or any of its essential defining characteristics.   I have exposed these movements time and again and yet they continue to receive member support.  Now I’m on the Eastern front and see similar problems with the faithful refusing to hold their leaders accountable.  This trend must end. 

I was reluctant to convert to Orthodox Christianity for many years because I was already aware of the many problems in the American jurisdictions.  Nevertheless, I could not deny what both my studies and experiences proved to me time and again- If Christianity is true then Orthodoxy is true.  After my baptism I was determined not to “church chase” again if this were possible.  And as a new convert I allowed myself considerable leeway so as to learn the faith before I jumped to conclusions on the things I was seeing and experiencing that seemed “off.”   But everything changed when the COVID Scamdemic hit.  I caught on faster than most people because I have a sharp discerning mind.  I see things relatively quickly compared to many other people.  But I also feel that sede converts such as myself have an advantage over many cradle Orthodox as well as Protestants and Novus Ordo Catholic converts.  We are already fine-tuned and fire tested when we arrive here.  We have already studied what happened to the Catholic Church from the inside out and we are astutely aware of the enemies that have done this.  So when a Sede convert comes into an Orthodox parish and learns that they commune and bury Masons for example, his alarm sirens immediately sound off.  


As this COVID thing unfolded I began to grow irritated by the Orthodox faithful who remained on board with this contrived psychological operation.   I have been observing them during this manufactured crisis and see that *some* don’t like that their bishops canceled Holy Week services and closed the churches for the first time in history.  *Some* still don’t like that masks are required and that venerating Icons etc. are forbidden etc.  Yet, week after week they obediently show up with their mind control devices over their faces.   This is a very serious problem.  Others are bound and determined to really show the hierarchy they mean business when they come to Church and “rebelliously” wear their face diapers around their necks instead of over their noses and mouths.  Do you see what I am talking about?  They deceive themselves by thinking they can resist the Communists while supporting Communists.  They are not much different than the tradcat papists who bash the Holy Father in front of his picture hanging in the church vestibule.  At the end of the day you have accomplished nothing.  You lose.  If they really wanted to send an effective message they would organize a rally in the church parking lot before Sunday services and toss their slave devices into a bonfire before entering the church.  And if they are not welcome inside?  Oh well.   The bishops will get the message.  Wishful thinking I know.  Most would rather see guys like me thrown into the bonfire for not wearing their safety equipment in public.  I know I am the minority which is why I take the same position as that of the Commies in Office.  For the last few months I have elected to STAY HOME & STAY SAFE!  But this has absolutely nothing to do with COVID.  I don’t stay home because I’m scared of dying from a virus.  I stay home because going to my local canonical ortho parish has become bad for my spiritual health.  I refuse to be a partaker of this charade in church.  And I also know that supporting this nonsense in any way shape or form is just plain wrong.  Hey, I don’t kid myself. Nobody misses me.  It’s not like I am so important that the Church will suffer because I won’t show up in my slave diaper.   But as I said elsewhere my conscience is clean and giving this thing support, especially financial, is not something I can do and still look in the mirror.  If more people thought like me it would cause real change to occur.  Why? Because nothing produces results faster and more effectively than refusing to participate in and support a hoax.  It’s when we acquiesce and make compromises with the enemy that we do the most damage to ourselves and the church. 

The clergy shouldn’t be allowed to have it both ways - serving God and mammon and the faithful actually hold the power to force them to pick one or the other.  By far, one of the most powerful weapons we wield is withholding money.  Money "makes the world go round" and most of the mainline churches are no exception.  Withholding financial support sends a very powerful message and hits them where it gets noticed fast- the parish treasury.  But I am not blind to the needs of the faithful.   We require the Church.  Therefore, instead of thinking we can’t survive without our compromised churches, we ought to re-examine our faith in God’s providence over our lives.   He will not leave us orphans.  And so we must search for the churches that are standing up against this tyranny and who aren’t afraid to speak truth to power.  There are some Orthodox clergy who see what is going on and who are standing up for Christ, we must find and support them.  Otherwise what have we accomplished?  If we support a clergyman who espouses heresy why in the world should we be surprised when heresy persists in that parish?  The troublesome priest or bishop must be confronted and rejected if he persists in his errors.  But if we continue to drop our tithes in the bucket we help the problem along.  It is sheer folly to think we are going to “convert” these men from their errors by continuing to show up and support their parishes.  As I said, that is the mistake the R & R papist traddies have made since their movement was created.  They still sing the same old tune: "if we just “resist” the parts of Vatican II and the pope's teachings that we don't like, we can save them."  This mindset is a complete failure.


To date, the strongest voices against the Communist takeover of America (and actually entire countries) comes from Protestants.  Check out the work from Chuck Baldwin here.  That’s what I am talking about.  I do not agree with this man's theology etc. but he knows a scam operation when he sees one and he instructs his congregation accordingly.  I sent this video to an Orthodox friend and asked him why our bishops don’t sound like that guy or this guy.  As an Orthodox faithful who has evangelized Protestants and Roman Catholics, I am both embarrassed and ashamed of the hierarchies and I cannot help but applaud the Protestant communities who refuse to succumb to the corrupt state.   I think it is very sad state of affairs when Orthodox Christians have to watch Protestant preachers leading the way.  Why are they saying and doing what Orthodox bishops should be saying and doing?   Meanwhile, my local Orthodox clergy are amping up their preaching on the new COVID religion and its antisocial distancing disciplines from the pulpits and in their monthly newsletters.  The latest monthly parish newsletter I received even had a special one page color graph of when the faithful MUST wear masks and when they can quietly remove them.  With regarding the mask requirement, this idiot priest who was installed at this parish even added this manipulative mind control phrase to the page- “Thank you for caring for YOUR community at St. XXXXX.”   I can only hope some recipient had the good sense to respond by telling this guy to take his mask and shove it.   But nobody will.  They cannot perceive how they are being conned by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 


If I were appointed as a leader of all the disenfranchised Ortho laymen I would organize a nationwide boycott of all of the Orthodox jurisdictions that are in any way supportive of this Communist coup.  My message would be clear:  "We ain’t coming and neither are our wallets until you stand up for Christ."  In the meantime we can GATHER TOGETHER for Reader Services until we find real faithful servants of Christ.  That’s how you get results friends. You stop supporting heresy, blasphemy, and faithless garbage directives from men who have zero qualifications on these subjects in the first place.  Sorry but NO bishop has authority to mandate that you or I wear a face covering in Church.   You don’t support these fools; you support those who stand up for Christ and for what is left of our freedom.  But I am not an appointed leader so I just look after my own affairs.  Besides, nobody would follow a rebel like me.  From personal experience I can tell you that the vast majority of Ortho laymen are fully on board with the Scamdemic and see their antisocial distancing clergy as heroes.  That’s how far gone they are.  At any rate, people have asked and my answer is that I ain’t participating in this antichrist psychological operation in a Christian Church and that is that.  It’s bad enough I have to do it in public if I want to buy necessities and receive services.  And just wait until you see what’s coming soon.  Here's a glimpse.  Some of us will be on the run.  There once was a time that you could count on churches as places of safety and shelter from oppression but not anymore.  Priests like the one mentioned above will rat you out to the local authorities in an instant and pat themselves on the back for being such upstanding citizens. 

It is my hope that the Orthodox faithful will wake up to what is really going on here and understand that this has never been about a virus or slowing its spread.  Never.  May they then have the courage to inform their bishop that they will not be back until he stops supporting the NWO agenda.  If the faithful refuse to do this, so be it, but I’ve seen this movie before. I know how it ends.  I promise the faithful that serious spiritual abuse is coming fast upon them.  Any acquiescence to unjust authority is a slippery slope.  Today it’s blasphemy in sterilized or disposable spoons and in 6 months it will be denial of church entry without their Certificate Of Vaccination IDentification.  Now is the time for the faithful to draw the line before it’s too late. 

Orthodoxy is under assault from within.  She has been heavily infiltrated folks.  The faithful must understand this.  Like Vatican II and 911 the COVID scamdemic should be understood as an opportunity to spot the Judases in your church. ~  jp

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