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John C. Pontrello

December 10, 2019


Are you worried about falling into the end-times deception and losing your salvation?  Do you suffer night terrors about the Apocalypse? Are you afraid you might accidentally follow the Antichrist and his false prophet?  Do you suffer from panic attacks and overall salvation anxiety concerning the end-times?  If so, worry no more because Steve Speray’s got your back!  After decades of intense research Steve has solved the great mysteries of the Apocalypse and now he's making this soul saving information available just for YOU.  


“This means that Antichrist and the False Prophet have probably manifested and are in the world. Check out my book “The Key to the Apocalypse” and find out who I believe the Antichrist and False Prophet are.” ~Steven Speray




Yes you read it correctly.  Steve knows who the Antichrist and the false prophet are but unfortunately you don’t get to find out this juicy bit of salvation information unless you buy Steve’s book.  It only costs $18.37 plus S & H.  Never before has salvation been so affordable.  AND if you order right NOW Steve will throw in an autographed picture just in time for Christmas.  Don’t wait for eternal salvation folks.  SMOKE THE ANTICHRIST BEFORE HE SMOKES YOU.  Order YOUR $alvation today! 

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