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John C. Ponrello 

November 28, 2022

Once and a while the sedevacantist who runs this website: God's Catholic Dogma ( contacts me.  His name is Mike Bizzaro.  Unlike most sedevacantists, Bizzaro pushes the alleged papal vacancy back from 1958 to 1914.  Why 1914?  Because Bizzaro had to remove people, places, and things that contradicted him.  One series of publications that were deemed problematic to Bizzaro (and all sedevacantists) is the Catholic Encyclopedia published between 1905-1914.  Specifically, Bizzaro had to try to find a way to contend with the Catholic Church’s teaching on Indefectibility of the Church.  How would he do it?  Well, like all sedevacantists, he simply erases undesirables from the body of the church retroactively.  In this case, Pope Benedict XV was extracted.    

Richard Ibranyi, of course is the current record holder, by pushing the alleged papal vacancy back to the 12th century.  Give Bizzaro enough time and he’ll compete.  He has the same disease.  Actually, I already instigated it by sending Bizzaro some teachings of Pius IX on Invincible Ignorance.  I want to see if Bizzaro will be consistent and use his same methodology on Pius IX as he did for Benedict XV.  If so, Pius IX should be erased for teaching salvation outside the church via invincible ignorance.  But that’s not all Pius IX did.  He also presided over Vatican I which taught the indefectibility of the Roman Church.  Oops.  Tough one for Bizzaro because he thinks Indefectibility was a 20th Century modernist innovation.  It has also been established that Pius IX was a Freemason in his youth.  His defenders claim he denounced the lodge later but then why did he, as Pope Pius IX, donate what came to be known as “the pope stone” for the construction of the giant Masonic dick statue known as the Washington Monument?  That’s a strange thing for a Catholic Pope to do (before Vatican II) when Masonry was deemed the number one enemy of the Catholic Church.  I wonder what Bizzaro thinks about that?  Will he erase a few more papacies and push the vacancy back to 1854?  I don’t know but since we ‘re talking about a guy who already removed a whole chunk of the Church over an encyclopedia, he probably should roll it all back another century and update his website again. 


I’ve had much to say about guys like Bizzaro in the past.  I’ve hit a few of them over the years.  I was going to do a more detailed piece on Bizzaro but then decided it’s really not worth the effort.  Instead, I took a few of his “dogmas” from his website to demonstrate his incredibly poor understanding of the nature and constitution of the “true” church of Christ.  In most cases I won’t even give citations because I’ve done it elsewhere.  Here we go.  Again, I will take the position of a Catholic defending the Roman Catholic Church against a schismatic.  Bizzaro’s statements are in black font and mine will be in red. 

“December 8, 1965 -- The day that Catholic Jurisdiction disappeared from the world (but not the Catholic Church).”  

HERESY.  Jurisdiction = Authority.  Authority belongs to the divine constitution of the Church. There is no such a thing as a Catholic Church lacking authority- Ever, not even for a day.   


“After this date, there was not a single Catholic Bishop in the world who could Ordain priests ... since they were *all* automatically excommunicated for heresy.”   

HERESY: As with authority, the episcopacy, from whence it derives, belongs to the essential constitution of the church. If bishops disappear the church is over.  I wonder if Bizzaro realizes he will also have to erase the Council of Trent?   Someone should tell him.

“The (apparent) Bishops *all* approved the "vatican-2 council" documents ... which are overflowing with heresy against Catholic Dogma.”  

HERESY:  Once again Pius IX will be a problem for Bizzaro…see his encyclical Etsi Multa.  I covered Etsi Multa here and here.


“Between 1914 and 1965, the number of Bishops capable of granting Jurisdiction ... had already fallen to a vanishingly small number (see Section 20).   Despite this Dogmatic fact, you can still be fully Catholic, so you'll have some chance of getting to Heaven.”      

HERESY: Bishops and sacraments are aspects of the Church’s Four Marks (One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic) and cannot go away.  These are the means Christ instituted for man’s salvation.

“the Catholic Church losing it's physical properties.”   

HERESY:  the Church is both visible and invisible.  Accordingly, there are properties and attributes that belong to the very constitution of the Church and none of them can be lost.

Pope Leo XIII covers this in Satis Cognito.  Pope Leo XIII may have to be extracted from Bizzaro’s invisible church even before Pius IX.     


“The Catholic Church ... is back in people's houses ... like it was in the First Century (but without Mass, Confession, or Priests).   Scriptures identifying the fact ... that God's Catholic Church was only in houses ... well before its formal buildings.” 

HERESY:  When the Catholic Church was found in peoples’ houses in the first century, there were also bishops, priests, sacraments and a pope.  In other words the church’s attributes and properties existed then as they must now.  But not in Bizzaro’s church.

“The Catholic Dogma on Papal elections prove that ... re-establishing the Papacy and Catholic priesthood is not possible.”   

HERESY:  Neither the papacy nor the priesthood could ever need “re-establishing.” The Church is immutable and again, the priesthood belongs to the essential constitution of the Church.

“The Dogma defines that the Pope must be elected by the Cardinals, of which there are none. The Dogma states that when Christ returns it will only be for the judgement ... not for re-establishing the priesthood.” 

HERESY: there could never be a need to re-establish the priesthood and even if for some reason priests did become extinct, the bishops could simply ordain more priests.  Second, the Church will always retain its capacity to elect a successor to Peter.  The successor to Peter is the foundation of the RCC.  Bizzaro thinks the church = a list of dogmas which predate 1915. 

“Sources of Dogma ... that the Papacy, Catholic Bishops, and Priests Offices ... will not be re-established before the end of the world.   You can still be Catholic so that you may have some chance of getting to Heaven.”   

HERESY:  Already covered.  

“Against the "indefectibility" hoax ... it is a non-Catholic, soul damning fraud. The proximate cause for the popularization of the "indefectibility" hoax is the non-Catholic "Catholic Encyclopedia".   The "indefectibility" heresy completely rejects the mountain of Catholic infallible Dogma on Automatic Excommunication for heresy.   The effect of this hoax: It makes people think Satan's vatican-2 heretic cult (founded in 1965) is the Catholic Church (founded in 33 A.D.).”  

HERESY: Indefectibility wasn’t invented in the 20th Century.  It derives from Scripture and ancient teachings that the purity of the Catholic Faith has and always will be retained in the see of Rome. 


“the Catholic Church lost all of its properties to the vatican-2 cult in 1965.”

HERESY:  It is an article of the faith that the Church is One, Holy, Catholic, & Apostolic.  Bizzaro claims these marks are gone after 1965.

“The Office of the Papacy fell vacant in 1914”

STUPIDITY:  Bizzaro picked this date because he needed to get rid of the Catholic Encyclopedia’s teachings on indefectibility.  I reminded him that he should re-evaluate Pius IX’s teachings on Invincible Ignorance and pick a new date for his alleged vacancy. 


Against the "canon law" hoax ... the Catholic Church has ... no "canon law".”  

HERESY:  The Church founded as a society necessitates that it was founded with authority.  The Church is permanently endowed with a mission to teach, govern, and sanctify.  As part of the church’s permanence of government, it possesses a three-fold power: legislative, judicial, and coercitive.  Furthermore, the church’s power to teach, govern, and sanctify derives from Apostolicity which Bizzaro disappeared from the RCC on some arbitrary day between 1915 and 1965. 

* Amendment:  I think Bizzaro means there is no official codified code of canon law since the first comprehensive one of its kind was officially promulgated in 1917.  However, canon law most certainly existed up that point in history.  Canon law, which is the Church's legal system (that includes what I wrote above) derives from "canons" which date to the earliest councils.  The actual term "canon law" has been in regular use since the 12th Century.   Again the Church has always possessed authority and an organized government and it must always possess these as to claim otherwise would be to deny the immutability of the Church as founded by Christ.  Therefore, Bizzaro denies the existence, indefectibility, and perpetuity of the true Church.  All he has remaining is his website.  His website is where he directs inquirers who wish to convert to his invisible impotent internet church club.  

Conclusion:  Mike Bizzaro is another sedevacantist who doesn’t understand the Roman Catholic Church.  The short list above that I picked off his website only scratches the surface of this guy’s profound ignorance.  I can’t fathom the number of hours he must have spent building his website.  And for what?  In his deluded mind he’s saving souls.  In reality, Bizzaro strikes me as a man cying for help.  He's stuck on a revolving ride and doesn't know how to get off.   Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult to help people that have progressed to Bizzaro’s stage of the Sede Virus.  It is indeed a disease.  

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