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John C. Pontrello

December 27, 2021


My wife and I try to watch movies but we usually end up watching trailers instead.  More often than not after we watch a trailer I’ll ask “so do you want to watch this one?”  and she’ll reply “why? we just saw the whole movie” and we’ll laugh and move on to the next one.  While watching movie trailers throughout the pandemic we noticed a large number of pandemic films produced in the past couple of decades. There must be dozens of these films, some low budget, and this is no accident.  The government’s branch of entertainment has been working hard to prime us for the current Covid narrative for decades.   This is what is called “predictive programming.” 

Predictive Programming:  “Predictive Programming is theory that the government or other higher-ups are using fictional movies or books as a mass mind control tool to make the population more accepting of planned future events. This was first described and proposed by researcher Alan Watt who defines Predictive programming as “Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance and commotion.” (Wood) Then it was popularized by Alex Jones and David Icke. The most notable cases of predictive programing are the examples found in the Simpsons, The Dark Night Rises, The Hunger Games, and the oldest being from Futility. Information can be found on blog posts and many conspiracy theorists have either made videos on it or have spoken on the subject.

People who believe in this theory are mostly conspiracy theorists who think there will be a totalitarian government takeover, or on the more mild side, theorists who believe tragic events are an inside job or completely fake.”


Most people in the truth world understand that governments use predictive programming to prepare us to accept events to come.  It’s a common opinion in these circles that the evil doers have a certain code they must adhere to which forecasts their agendas but I think this is a myth. These people are scum and they couldn’t care less about codes and fair warning.  Predictive programming is not used to forecast what will happen but rather what they want us to believe is happening when an event unfolds.  The pre-conditioning will then serve as “the company line” and also the point from which their false opposition appointees are not allowed to diverge.  Take the events of 911 for example.  There were abundant predictions of the event in the entertainment world and the fake media.  Some readers may recall the now famous pilot episode “The Lone Gunman“ which foreshadowed the official narrative of 911 about a hijacked plane flying into the WTC six months before the event.  The hijacked planes (or remote controlled planes) narrative is what we were pre-conditioned us to accept and of course it was immensely successful.  Even today I have difficulty telling people who know all about the 911 false flag that the planes were digitally inserted on live TV.  With successful predictive programming the official narrative literally becomes sealed in the subconscious mind before the event occurs and the victims cannot process a different narrative going forward regardless of the facts.  This is a type of hypnotism.  Again, predictive programming is a technique that tricks our minds to accept a false narrative when the actual event occurs.  We find this again today with the so-called Covid19 pandemic.  All of the movies and novels based on a pandemic have been used to set the stage for the current COVID 19 narrative.  The company line is that there is a killer respiratory virus called Covid 19 on the loose.  Did this virus accidentally escape from a Wuhan laboratory?  Was this virus deliberately released?  How about all of the gain of function research that was somehow leaked to the public?  These are a sample of questions that are permitted to be discussed.  But what if none of this was true at all? 

I’ve been skeptical of a virus since this operation began, even after I became extremely sick back in May-June of this year.  I had the Covid symptoms including a fever that lasted almost three weeks and bi-lateral pneumonia that was so severe my wife thought I might not recover.  Hence, if anyone should buy the virus narrative it’s me.  But I've had a difficult time swallowing it and as time went on I became increasingly suspicious that we are being played.  For one thing, I could never accept the idea that the evil men orchestrating this operation would allow a dangerous virus to escape in the real world (assuming germ theory is real).  For one thing it could not be controlled and that would entail too many variables which could potentially backfire on the conspirators.  But what really drove my skepticism is the fact that no one has been able to prove the virus actually exists.  Come again?  Yes, researchers have discovered, some quite early on, that there is no such thing as the SARS COV 2 virus in reality.  The virus only exists in a computer model.  I recently posted a video of a researcher who submitted requests for proof of virus isolation to 137 institutions in over 25 countries and not a single institution could produce it.  Not one.  Think about this folks.  We are allegedly two years into a massive global pandemic and yet not one person in the world has isolated this virus?  No chance.  People are getting sick but it isn’t a virus causing it.   If we are to navigate this thing then we need to start thinking on a whole new level concerning the so-called pandemic.  We have been trained to look left when the trick is pulled off stage right.

For many months I’ve been researching other possibilities for the symptoms many are seeing and experiencing.  One culprit that continues to surface in my research is graphene.  Readers may recall that a certain brand of face mask was removed from the market in two countries (Canada and Spain) because they were discovered to contain graphene which could be breathed into the lungs and cause acute respiratory illness.  Well imagine that?  The most popular safety protocol mandated by the state was actually causing sickness.  Well, it turns out that face-masks are not the only consumer product that contains graphene.  It’s found in a plethora of products including the very things we are told we must use to protect ourselves from the virus.  These include nasal swabs in test kits and vaccines.  Vaccines?  Yes. Spanish researchers have analyzed vials of Moderna, Pfizer, J&J, and Astra Zeneca and found the predominant ingredient is none other than graphene.  You won’t hear about this on the lying news but this is huge.  Furthermore, it has also been suggested that this substance is found in chemtrails which could explain why many people (including those who don’t wear masks) have had bilateral pneumonia, even during warmer months when flus are scarce. 

Why graphene though?  If someone wanted to kill off humanity they could use other methods that do not require compliance.   That is certainly true but if the intention is not to wipe out the whole population at once but rather to greatly reduce and control it then graphene fits the bill.  Graphene has properties that work in tandem with electromagnet frequencies and it allows for a host of uses pertaining to tracking, tracing and remote activation.  This means that there will be survivors.  And it looks as though those who survive the poisonous injections will be neurologically altered.  Science fiction you say?  No, this is reality.  After delving into this subject, which includes perusing several studies and patents, this technology is for real and I believe it’s in play.   Hence the virus narrative would be a smokescreen for what is really being done to us.  A great culling is underway and it appears that we are being poisoned. 


In conclusion I’d like to pass info along to you by a team of Spanish researchers who were doing work on graphene and EMFs.  The Spanish website “La Quinta Calumna" (The 5th Column) can be found HERE.  You can also watch very informative videos on Bitchute by keying in “La Quinta Columna” where much of what I have just said will be treated in greater detail.  To be certain there is much more to learn on this developing story but I believe the men at La Quinta Columna are cracking the code. 

NOTE:  Just as I was about to publish this short piece I learned that Henry Makow of, published the following on the same subject.  Here is Henry’s summary: 


The Covid Vaccine- 5G Connection

 1. In general the Acute Irradiation Syndrome ARS could cause the same or similar symptoms as covid. Last year La Quinta Columna and some other independent researchers discovered the link between the release of 5G and the "new sickness". But LQC  went further, they discovered that in Spain (maybe in Italy too) 5G antennas were placed next to elderly homes and schools, even local laws were changed in order to achieve that.

2. People who were inoculated with graphene oxide covid "vaccines"  are more susceptible of suffering "covid" symptoms because the graphene oxyde works as a toxic inside the human body causing similar symptoms as the Acute Irradiation Syndrome ARS, but its toxicity is even worse when the nanoparticles are irradiated with microwaves.  Most of the people who got the covid illness in 2020 were previously "vaccinated" in fall-winter 2019 with the seasonal flu injection. (as suggested  in one article posted in in march or april 2020) LQC analized some of these jabs with a microscope and their discovery was that in fact these jabs cointained grephene oxyde too.

3. Graphene oxyde is present in all covid-19 jabs (no exception) because, its purpose is not only  to link our brains to the artificial intelligence through 5G, but to hack our thoughts, feelings, emotions and to manipulate the human mind, to disconnect the divine link between the human body and God, modificating the neuronal synapse and destroying our RNA-DNA (setting us up as "humans 2.0" ) and finally to depopulate the planet via destroying our immune system and intoxicating our bodies.

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